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Hollow Hugs
~ Meeting Nakahara Sunako ~

When it comes to those who are indeed spiritually aware among humans that are living, it is indeed something that is in truth, quite rare. The reaction of most, as human instinct goes, is to be afraid, for humans are afraid of what is truly the unknown.

Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro was patrolling in Karakura town, the hometown of the substitute soul reaper Ichigo lived in, watching and waiting for a hollow to show up. With everything that was going on, there were lulls of silence, only to be broken by the feral cry of the soulless spirits when they came to cause destruction to the town.

As he was watching near the park, his senses tuning in to pick up on any strange aura's that belonging to the freak spirits, or any other aura that might in fact be a problem. Because of this, his mind picked up on something that caused his attention to glance around, to pick up on what seemed to be a new kind of aura, which was in a way, rather depressing.

When his eyes finally lighted upon what was causing the strange aura and had to admit that the person was indeed depressing to look at. It was a girl, possibly around the orange haired substitute's age either younger or older a bit. She wore old, baggy clothing that was stained and worn out. She also carried herself in a way that spoke of low self esteem.

One of the things he noticed about her aura was unlike other auras that spiritually unaware people couldn't pick up on, the people seemed to be noticing this aura and turning to stare at her, giving her odd looks. The looks on their faces made it seem like the girls aura was also depressing them and turning them nervous.

Out of the crowd who were passing on by while he watched, a young boy walked straight up to the girl, a ball in hand. His whole demeanor spoke of someone who was more curious then afraid of the young lady… if she could be called that. However, Toshiro found that this was the way it was, much to his annoyance, with most four or five year olds in this kind of situation.

"Hi miss? Why's a ghost like you doing around here?" The boy suddenly commented. This caused Toshiro's mouth to open a bit in shock, but only slightly. It was obvious to him that the girl was defiantly not a ghost, though some soul reapers he knew would take it that way. The girl was noticeable by the general population for one thing. On top of that, there was no chain coming from her chest.

"That girl has legs sweetheart," the boy's mother replied, giving one of the signs that someone was a ghost, at least for those who had never seen a real one. The boy took his mother's hand and they began to walk off. The girl suddenly began to cackle in a fashion that could possibly speak of insanity or a fever.

When this happened, all the people around, excluding Toshiro in his gigai, looked at her with disgust and fear. Just as quickly, as they looked at her, every single one of them turned and walked in the opposite direction of the girl, leaving the shinigami captain and the crackling girl alone. It felt like an ominous wind was blowing, but Toshiro felt he had to do something bout the situation… she might actually attract a hollow.

With his eyes narrowed, he crossed the street to the park to confront her. He was surprised she didn't see him coming, due to the fact his white hair and teal eyes rather tended to stand out in comparison to others, something that was rather obvious to him. However, the person of interest was in her own little world, oblivious to everything.

"You do realize that you're causing a considerable amount of commotion," the boy shinigami suddenly stated as he stepped right in front of her. This caused the girl to suddenly look him strait in the face, revealing that she had violet eyes. Her eyes had something disturbing to them, but this didn't set Toshiro off beat.

However, something else did. "Pretty, sparkling boy child of light…"

This caused his eyebrows to rise up, his pupil's dilating in surprise, as the statement was one that was made in a rather childish voice, not to mention he really didn't like it when people assumed certain things about him because of his stature and age. References to his age was something that he'd rather avoid. "Ch… ch…"

His sentence was interrupted by the girl suddenly getting a nose bleed… a nosebleed that some how managed to hit him… or squirt him in the face, much to his dismay and shock. On top of this, the girl instantly fainted on him, right there on the spot. He wiped the blood away from his face with the sleeve of his clothing.

He then knelt down, clicking the cleft pallet with his tongue. He then reached out and felt her forehead, making sure she didn't have a fever. To his dismay, he found that she didn't have one. He shook his head then, realizing he probably was dealing with a nut job here. He also had no clue how to wake the girl up from her stupor. "So you're just crazy, aren't you? Why do I get the feeling that someone like you will…"

His statement though was interrupted by a feral scream near by. "… most defiantly attract what I thought it would attract."

This caused him to quickly dash into the park, though he couldn't figure out what to do with the girl. He certainly had to take care of the hollow first. However… his irritation was making him want to, after he rescued her from this hollow, just to leave her there, but he knew that he would feel guilty, not to mention immature for doing that. But on top of that… something bothered him about the girl.

He then moved behind a bush to deposit his gigai so that no one would see it when he got out to fight the monstrosity that was headed his way. He got out of the gigai fairly easily, only to find to his dismay, something already hindering his movement, though he couldn't quite understand why as there was no hollow here.

"Ghostie! Ha ha! I found a ghost!" came the sudden squeal in his ear as something… no someone… no defiantly something… grabbed him and held on tight. He knew what it was, but indeed wanted to deny the truth of the matter.

"Please tell me you can't see me," came his somewhat shocked reply, not to mention one that was rather gasped out as he was having problems drawing his breath as she held on so tight. He already knew the answer though, to his question. She… the girl who was supposed to be fainted in a heap at the park… could see him. He glanced over to the entrance to confirm that she had indeed moved.

"Ghostie!" came her completely over exuberant squealing into his ear.

"Please let go," he suddenly stated, his body becoming rigid from his discomfort, the fact he really wasn't in the slight bit a fan of being touched, or the need to stop the hollow was a dire need. However, the only response he received from the unfamiliar girl, was an obnoxious high pitched giggle in his ear, not to mention the abnormally strong girl squeezed tighter.

"Please tell me you aren't working with that hollow that is coming," he suddenly became exasperated, not sure how to get out of this one.

"What's a hollow?" came her questions to his own question, not to mention she yet again hugged tighter. "Very pretty child ghostie!"

The next thing he knew, much to his annoyance, she suddenly had another nose bleed, this time hitting him in the ear. She also managed to faint away, allowing him to escape her maniac grip on his chest area, allowing his to breathe, not to mention go and investigate and dispatch the hollow. Because his gigai was hidden, he figured the girl would be fine too.

As he stepped from behind the bush, he found that the hollow was standing right in front of him, the beast like mask clicking it's jaw like mandible, trying to intimidate it's prey. However, he was in no way intimidated by this, as he has dealt with quite a few hollows in his life time. Seeing the captain's uniform, the monster however became quite excited.

"So, I get to fight a captain? What a delicious soul that must be… hee hee,"

"As if…" however, something from behind him popped up and interrupted what he had to say.

"A real life monster demon from the pits of hell! It's so gross and dark and ugly… it's beautiful!" came the familiar squeaking voice to Toshiro, much to his dismay, his anger rising at the girl. The monster was also rather taken aback at this odd demeanor, thought the shinigami was starting to thing that this was normal for this person… or persons, as he couldn't be sure if she had a split personality or not.

Because of the disturbance, both were not expecting what happened next. As they were taking in the comment of someone who should have been a bystander, the girl suddenly broke out in a run from behind the bush and ran at the hollow. Toshiro's eyes went wide at the insanity of this, only to become even more disturbed.

For the girl proceeded to glomp the leg of the hollow and drool over the monstrosity, for a lack of a better description of what she was doing. To his shock, she was also laughing gleefully. He couldn't help but go off one her as she did this, the words unexpectedly coming out of his mouth. "You stupid idiot! You can't just go and hug hollows… what am I saying…"

His stomach suddenly felt like Inoue Orihime had just fed him one of her concoctions. He had used the words hug and hollow in the same sentence. His face suddenly paled over and he had problems imagining that someone could be that crazy, not to mention everyone in soul society would never believe him if he told him. Oh, and the thoughts going through his head were rather unpleasant.

The hollow seemed to notice this and took the chance to move, giving a hard impact to Toshiro's forehead, sending him flying backwards, hard and fast, crashing into the brush and causing his body to become scraped by the branches that snapped. The bush was nearly crushed in two…

It was then that another feral scream came, but not from the hollow. Toshiro winced through the migraine that was going on and prepared to attack the hollow, but instead, much to his surprise and chagrin, adding to his mind that the girl really was insane, for the second scream had come from her.

She then spouted more of that nonsense out of her mouth, all of it becoming more crazy then the last barrage of words. She pointed her finger up at the hollow she had let go, accusingly looking at it. "You! How dare you hurt this beautiful, heavenly sent creature of light! I shall kill you!"

Toshiro then moved to draw Hyorinmaru, however, his balance was thrown off with how hard he had been hit. By the sounds and change in her voice, he felt she might defiantly have a split personally. He had to also move before she tried to fight the thing, for it sounded much like that was what she planned on ding.

However, before he could move, the girl moved first, sending her fist flying into the hollows chin, sending it up and flying. Then, as it came down, she punched again, shattering it's mask. The girl made to punch it again as the body disintegrated.

"Huh? Where'd the cool, evil creepy thing go?" she stated, returning to the voice she had been using before. Toshiro's eye began twitching from the shock of all that was happening to him He tired opening his mouth to say something to her, but found that he was having a problem coming up with something to say, the amount of shock suddenly becoming evident.

It was then that she turned and walked over to him, her eyes full of curiosity. She glanced him over real quick, then spoke up. "You're hurt…"

"I'm fine," he quickly commented.

The girl frowned at this and suddenly hit him hard on top of the head. The blow she landed was so hard that it knocked him to his knees and caused his eyes to water. This also gave her the chance to grab the back of his outfit and drag him back to his gigai.

"If ghostie is hurt, ghostie needs to go back into his dead body and become a zombie," she sighed.

This caused his eyes to blink a couple of times, his shock evident. He also began to struggle a bit, as he knew that if he got into his gigai at this point, the effects would mean he would end up passing out, and possibly a few other things, as a gigai was like a human body. Two hits to the head would defiantly not transfer well.

However, she managed to drag him over and back into it, the first thing happening when this happen was for him to have his stomach lurch and for him to dive forward to his hands and knees, vomiting on the ground, everything that he had managed to eat earlier that day to keep going energy wise.

He also then realizing that he was blacking out, which meant, to his lack of mirth, that he likely had a concussion and was at the mercy of a homicidal maniac. The whole situation was defiantly not a good one at all. The last thing he remembered was himself being lifted over her shoulder, his soul phone dropping out of his pocket and the sound of her stepping on it.

Author's note – For those who don't know Wallflower… yes… Sunako does act like this at times. She has… a very bizarre personality.