Hollow Hugs
~ Two More Reapers ~

"Hey… you two seem to know how to act like ladies," Yuki suddenly piped up. "Could you help us teach Sunako to be a lady?"

The three practically strangers except for being kidnapped by Sunako, being the cousin of Noi and being the friend of said cousin suddenly turned to the smaller blond teen, their eyes wide. Toshiro's eyes remained wide as he turned around and choose to stare at the wall. However, Rukia and Orihime gave the answer that he completely suspected. "Sure… why not."

"Because we have to get back to Karakura Town…" Toshiro muttered, "… and we don't have time for playing around with such things."

"But we could really use their help!" Yuki suddenly went all puppy eyed.

"Oh… come on Toshiro-kun!" Orihime was suddenly over where Toshiro and Rukia were, and leaned over the couch. He thought for a bit, and both girls were hopeful that he was thinking of letting them help out, but he didn't say anything.

"Hitsugaya-kun… you grew up in the Rukongai like me, right?" Rukia suddenly whispered. "So you understand that the lower down one gets, the more of a street urchin they are? So… if I can go from that, to being a noble lady?"

"All right, all right!" Toshiro pressed his cool hands to his forehead. He was tired and wanted… Matsumoto. She was always good at making him feel better, much like how a mother might do. This caused the small taicho to blink a couple of times. "Please tell me those kind of thoughts didn't pass my mind?"

"Oh but they did." Hyorinmaru stated.

"I'm going insane…" the small boy protested.

"No… your just normal…" the ice dragon laughed, making Toshiro think that his zanpaktou was even losing it.

"So… how should we start," Rukia stated, folding her arms across her chest.

"I don't know…" Orihime glanced at the ceiling. "Oh… how about cooking?"

"Well… Sunako has that one down," Takano muttered. "Don't try changing that point, because that is really good."

"Why don't we try doing something with her?" Rukia stated, causing quite a few in the room to turn pale. Sunako came down stairs with Rukia's picture now framed up.

"Would you watch this movie with me?" the girl asked.

"Sure," the two best friends chimed in. Rukia and Orihime followed the Gothic girl upstairs into her room.

"Oh no…" Noi stated. "She's going to give my dear cousin a heart attack, all that blood and gore."

"I think that Inoue-san has seen… quite a bit of blood and gore lately…" Toshiro muttered.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Noi became concerned and hurried over to where the teal eyed boy was trying to remain sane. She wasn't very happy about the whole situation.

At first, his mind didn't get around what she was saying, and when he finally spoke up, it wasn't what they expected. "Hey… those two weren't alone were they?"

Ranmaru's fiancé smiled. "There were those two boys with them. One had hair the same color as Orihime's and the other had hair the color of Ranmaru-san's."

"Abarai and Kurosaki… why aren't they here with you?" Toshiro asked, suddenly confused.

"Oh… gomen… my limo driver didn't want to give them a ride because they looked like street punks," the girl stated. "But they seemed nice enough to me."

"Do they know how to get here…" Toshiro asked.

"I believe so…" the girl smiled.

"I hope they get here soon…" Toshiro muttered.

"Remember you let Kurosaki-san and Inoue-san help with that girl?" he was reminded, which caused Toshiro to groan. Suddenly a wet rag was plopped down on his forehead, covering his eyes. He pulled it back to see the bigger of the two blond boy's above him. "When did you have time to go get this?"

"When Sunako decided to leave the kitchen alone, I decided to see how dinner was coming, and got that while I was there," the boy stated.

"And?" the other three boys asked.

"There's nothing out…" the boy suddenly whined.

"Meh…" Toshiro could careless and hoped that things wouldn't get any crazier then they all ready had. However, the doorbell rang, signaling the possibility that Ichigo and Renji were there. Yuki hurried off to answer the door. He was gone for a few minutes, when he let out a yelp and came running back.

"There are two gangster guys at the door!" the boy was suddenly hiding behind the couch, kneeling on the couch and peeking over.

"Oi… we're not gangsters… how many times do I have to say that this is my natural hair color!" came the voice of Kurosaki. "Renji! You can't just barge in her like that, we weren't invited."

"When I get my hands on that brat taicho…" came Abarai's voice suddenly. "I see no sign of some scary girl!"

Oda let out a sigh and intercepted the two in the doorway, where Ichigo was trying to drag Renji back to the door. "You wouldn't happen to be friends of those to nice ladies and Sunako's ghost?"

"Ghost?" Renji was caught of guard, until Noi suddenly grabbed a pillow from the couch and began whacking him with it. "Oi!"

"I can't believe that my lovable cousin has fallen into ruffians like you!" the girl suddenly stated.

"Umm… your cousin," Ichigo raised his eyebrow, only to get hit with the pillow too.

"Orihime-chan!" the girl stated, going back to hitting the guy with tattoos again.

"Apologies for barging in like this… Rukia and Orihime kind of took of on us," Ichigo muttered.

"You would have… owe… thought that… for a mansion… with a spooky girl in it… that it would be… scarier…" Renji muttered.

"Nee… Oda… do gang members apologize for intruding like this?" Yuki muttered, still peeking over the edge of the sofa.

"No…" Tanaka muttered. "Oda can't control his girlfriend."

"That isn't the kind of relationship that we have…" the blue haired guy shook his head in dismay at the other boys comment.

"Hold on… you guys aren't gang members?" Noi blinked a couple of times. "You said brat taicho… as in…"

"Isn't it more usual to call the leader of a gang aniki, isn't it?" Ichigo shook his head, becoming irritated. "By the way… have you seen a kid with white hair?"

"Oh… Sunako's ghost," Noi pointed over to the couch. "Toshio-kun's over there…"

Renji rolled up his sleeves and began muttering under his breath. "Do you know how much trouble you made for us! Matsumoto is absolutely worried about you! I'm going to pop you on the head one!"

As he raised his hand up to punch Toshiro one, the small boy grabbed the back of the couch and suddenly swung his leg around to make contact with Renji's head, as Yuki dove out of the way. He then came back down, hard onto the couch, unable to keep his balance like he usually did. "Owe…"

"Owe? I'm the one who should be saying that!" Renji muttered, having been knocked to the ground. He made to get up and go after him again, but Ichigo grabbed his shirt. "He led us on this stupid goose chase!"

"Do you really think that he would do something like this?" Ichigo stated, then went to the other side. He pulled away the cloth that Toshiro had pulled back on and brushed away the small boy's hair to remove bruising. "You have a concussion, don't you?"

"You get hit twice in the head and I would like to see you walk away from one," Toshiro muttered.

"If you didn't go back in your gigai, it might be less of a problem," Renji muttered.

"Gigai?" Yuki had a confused look on his face.

"Uhh… Toshiro… are you hurt anywhere else," Ichigo stated.

"Hitsugaya… how many times do I have to tell you Kurosaki?" the boy muttered, looking away, in time to see Oda give him a dirty look. "I have bruising around my shoulders too, but I would rather not go into that…"

"How'd that happen," Tanaka suddenly spoke up.

"So says the person who decided to play tug-a-war with Sunako," Oda muttered.

"How'd you know about that?" the other boy asked.

"He told me when I went to go and check on him," Oda snapped. "You need to be more careful.

Renji got up and took a good look at the small taicho and began to laugh. Toshiro pulled the wet rag away from one of his eyes. "Oi… what the hell is so funny."

Of course, the clues that had been dropped didn't get through to the idiot and he was laughing at something else. "Your clothes! They're so kiddy!"

"Hey!" Yuki protested. "He's borrowing my clothes!"

"They're kiddy!" Renji laughed, causing the one teal eye that was revealed to twitch.

"Abarai… I don't feel that great. If you continue laughing, I'll have to do something," Toshiro muttered.

Suddenly, there were screams heard coming from upstairs.