Author's note – I apologize for the grammar issues in earlier chapters, even I cringe at reading it now that my grammar has since improved. I guess the consolation is I know I used spell check and I always have checked it to the best of my ability.

Hollow Hugs
~De Damesele~

The screams of two girls from upstairs caused Renji and Ichigo to flinch and look up the stairs. Toshiro pulled the cloth back over his eyes and let out a deep sigh while the four boy's who lived at the house frowned and shook their heads. The two girls though didn't react at all. The red head pulled out his Soul Candy and used it to pop out of his body while Ichigo looked around in panic. He then pointed his finger at a device on the table. "Toshiro... can I borrow this."

The boy pulled the cloth back to pear out with one bright teal eye. "Sure... if you're not worried about germs. I'll need to was it after you're done because I do have such issues."

"What ever." Ichigo popped the candy out of his mouth and hurried after Renji.

The four males who lived in the house felt their jaws drop while the two females watched in horror. What they thought was Renji suddenly lay down on the coffee table letting out a cat like sound. "I think I'll stay here and wait for master."

On the other hand the orange teen blinked a couple of times. "What should I do?"

"What order to I usually give?"

"Oh yeah." Ichigo's body then moved to the hall closet and slipped in. "I'm hidden."

Noi shook her head. "While I take back that they aren't in a gang they're obviously taking drugs." The female then paused before looking at Toshiro. "I believe that the drug that one person took was one of the items on your person."

"Oh, that wasn't a drug." The small taicho plopped the wet cloth back onto his forehead. "It is honestly best that none of you know the truth."

"I'm hidden."

Kyohei shook his head. "No you aren't. I'm sorry to say this Noi, but if these guys are on drugs I'm wondering if your cousin is as well with that crazy story she's telling people."

"I told you that it isn't a drug." The small taicho let out a sigh.

"I'm hidden."

"Shut up already!" The taller blond turned to glare at Toshiro. "How can that not be drugs?"

"You assume that Inoue Orihime is on drugs and yet don't assume that a certain female friend of yours is on drugs. People can act strange just because they're strange... though I will freely admit this isn't the way either one of these act normally. But it isn't do to a drug. It's one of those things you don't want to have explained."

The blond shook his head before heading after the two he hadn't realized had left the room. "Since they're incapable of handling the Sunako situation I will."

Yuki frowned. "Are we sure we want him handling this considering he's the one that almost pulled Toshiro-kun's arms out of his socket. Perhaps we should sent..." The boy stopped short when Renji's gigai suddenly sat on all fours like a cat and started batting an orange from the fruit bowl back and forth. "...Noi."


What Renji and Ichigo saw when they opened the door was not at all what they expected to see. The two ran up and swung the door open to a nearly pitch black room. The light from the TV fell upon Rukia and Orihime who were sitting on the floor as well as another figure. Something came onto the screen causing Rukia and Orihime to let out a scream again. As the two girls hugged each other the figure in the chair turned.

The next thing Renji and Ichigo knew they were involuntarily screaming as well as hugging each other. The figure then spoke. "More ghosties?"

"Run!" Ichigo's words caused Renji to suddenly bolt with him while the chair scrapped along the floor. Footsteps were heard behind them as well as in front of them from around the corner. Kyohei rounded the corner. The orange haired teen waved his hand. "Move! Move! Oh come on and move!"

Instead of the young man moving for them the Shinigami and Substitute Shinigami found themselves crashing into the other person, knocking him to the ground. The young man pushed himself up, frowning as he did so. "Seriously! What is... Sunako! Why are you running at me!"

"Ghosties! I want to hug the ghosties!"

"We don't want to be hugged by you! You freak!" Renji was the first up and then Ichigo causing Kyohei to feel the weight that had been on top of him disappear, only to have Sunako come running over him stepping on his stomach as she did so.

The blond yelled then, irritated that the female of the house was running a muck again. "Sunako!" He chased after her, his face twisted up in irritation. "Seriously! There is nothing there!"

An expensive vase suddenly lifted up. If Kyohei had been able to see what was going on he would have been able to see that see that Renji had grabbed the vase and was throwing it. However, in his eyes the vase was lifted up through some psychic phenomenon. The vase went hurtling at Sunako, only for her to dodge the vase and it come crashing into him. "Sunako!"

He lunged forward, grabbing her around the waist while she screeched at the top of her lungs. "No! The ghosties!"

Sunako's nails dug into the wood work as she tried to prevent her housemate from dragging her down the stairs. "I can't leave you up here with ghosts! We need to get an exorcist!"

"Hey! I'm not some evil spirit!" Ichigo glared at the man. "You really shouldn't talk about the supernatural if you don't know what you're talking about."

"He can't hear you!" Renji's laugh was complimented by him pointing his finger at Kyohei.

"Come on. We can't have you getting possessed again."

"I stand correct. Sounds like he knows something and they have experienced the paranormal before." The orange haired teen shook his head and crossed his arms. "At least she's not chasing us anymore."

"Kurosaki-kun? What's going on?" Orihime walked up with Rukia as if nothing had happened.

"Wait... if I remember correctly that bratty kid referred to one of your two other friends as that earlier." Kyohei's face paled.

"What of it?" Rukia acted like everything was normal. "Does it actually have anything to do with why our movie was interrupted?"

"That..." The young male snapped his mouth shut. "They're not phased by Sunako's movies? But I thought I heard them scream." The blond took a deep breath. "I thought your two friends were down stairs. One is hiding in the closet while the other is acting like a cat."

"Oh, well... that's because..." Rukia suddenly jumped up to cover Orihime's mouth.

"It isn't as if they used a substitute soul so that they could manifest outside of their bodies in a spiritual form. Nope. Ghosts don't exist. Right Orihime." The small female gave Kyohei a big grin that told him she was faking it.

"Rukia... they've dealt with the supernatural before." Ichigo shook his head.

"What do you mean they've dealt with the supernatural before?" Rukia's head jerked to the side and her hands stopped covering Orihime's mouth.

"Maybe we should tell them after all? I mean, if they've experienced the supernatural before."

"We don't want to deal with it again."

"Yes. Well that thing seems to attract the supernatural." Renji shook his head. "I mean come on, she can see us." A smile spread across the shinigami's face. Reaching over he grabbed another vase and lifted up into the air and make it hover as if some ghost was lifting it. "Ooo... a ghost is going to get you."

"Renji... this isn't funny."

Kyohei though was startled by the fact another vase was coming after them and let go of Sunako, falling backwards down the stairs slightly. Ichigo and Renji froze for a few minutes before bolting off again, the vase crashing to the ground and breaking. Kyohei brushed himself off and cursed his sore muscles before taking off after the female. "Sunako! Get back here! Seriously!"

The other two females were hot on his heals. Rukia suddenly cupped her hands around her mouth. "Hey! Sunako! Give them both a good thrashing!"

"Aren't you supposed to be on our side!"

"Well... I don't want anyone to get hurt because I don't want to have to heal anyone up. I still have to heal up Toshiro-kun from that head injury."

"Say what?" Kyohei managed to grab Sunako by the waist again and began pulling her back down the hall to the room and down the stairs where the other household members were located. "What do you mean about healing people?"

"It's a long and complicated story that involves a sumo wrestler with a bazooka gun." Orihime smiled at him.

"Could you two possibly help me?" The male shook his head. "Or should I say four?

"Unfortunately you are in close proximity to her so I can't use any kido spells."

"What are you! Some kind of magical girl? Are you going to transform?"

"I wish! It would be chappy themed!" Rukia's comment caused the blond's eyebrow to twitch.

Ichigo shook his head. "Yeah... that's not surprising."

Kyohei continued to pull Sunako down the stairs. He arrived down stairs and looked at the others in the room. "So... any of you want to help?"

"Why did the girls scream?" Noi folded her arms across her chest. "You wouldn't happen to be the jerk you always are?"

"They screamed before I even went up. They screamed twice before I got there."

"We screamed because the movie was so amazingly scary!" Rukia's hands began to fidget.

Orihime nodded her head. "Yeah... it's like those Gothic heroine stories we read. The heroine gets hurt and tortured and then she shows up with guns blazing." The female made a machine gun sound and then stopped short. "And she makes things right in the end."

"Noi..." Takengaga leaned back in his seat. "Is the reason you're so good with Sunako because your relative also has her eccentricities?"

"Well... possibly." The female in question blinked a couple of times. "But it isn't as if you guys don't have your issues."

Renji let out a sigh as he headed to his gigai that was on the table still playing with the orange. "Seriously... this..."

"Ghosties need to go back into their zombie bodies!" Sunako broke away from Takano and slammed Renji into his own gigai, causing his gigai's chin to crack into the table while the green pill popped out.

Ichigo blinked a couple of times before ducking beside the couch where Sunako couldn't see him. "Hey... Toshiro... where is my body?"

"Hall closet." The small taicho spoke in a mummer.

Ichigo headed over and opened the closet, stepping in without Sunako noticing. He then came back and dropped the pill onto Toshiro's chest. It was then that Sunako noticed him. "Ghosties need to go back into their zombie bodies!"

The orange haired teen shook his arms. "Hold it! I'm already in my body! And I'm not a zombie either!"

"Sparkling person of the light..." The female's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell backwards as she fainted.

Renji sat up. "That bitch. I'm gonna... hey, what happened?"

Yuki spoke then. "This is just normal Sunako behavior. She's into monsters and other spooky stuff and then does this when she sees... well, what she calls persons of the light."

"In other words pretty people."

"Renji's too ugly." Rukia snickered. "That's why she didn't react."


"No, no. This isn't Sunako's normal behavior at all. There were weird things going on." Kyohei shook his head.

Toshiro pointed a finger at the ceiling. "I told you. The pills weren't drugs. But you of course didn't listen to me.

Author's note – Long time since updating. Blame the fact my grammar has improved and I now notice how bad it used to be. I have a poll on my profile so that I can figure out what I want to write for NaNoWriMo 2013.