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Chapter 1

Stupid shiny Volvo owner

My names Isabella Marie Swan, I'm 16 and I live in Phoenix. Sound familiar yet? I live with my mom Renee and step dad Phil, he's a minor baseball player and travels allot. Have you figured it out yet? Oh yeah, I have a dad called Charlie he lives in a small town called Forks. Yeah I know what you're thinking. For the record I do not know Stephenie Meyer and have never met her. I do not know anyone called Edward Cullen and nor do I have any plans to move to Forks. The books first published in 2005 made my life hell, of course I read them plainly out of interest and I did enjoy them but I'm always teased and approached by people, I've learned to dislike the books alnog with my name.

I was so frustrated by books I wrote an unpleasant e-mail to Ms. Meyer explaining my predicament. Of course I had a very apologetic E-mail back and I felt immensely guilty. Stephenie Meyer explained how this came to her in a a dream and that no offence was indented only a minor direction towards destiny? It confused me too. My dad and I have a distant relationship but I love him to bits. It's the summer holidays and hes practically begged me to visit him, in Forks. Sure that would just please everyone, Bella's off to Forks. The fourth book in the series is due out soon and I can't bare to be here. My future is what I create it. I do love my classic books and I am clumsy but I'm not the next , I've often wondered if there is a Cullen family out here just as miffed as me about their famous names.

"Bells come on! Forks can be fun. Just one week?" My dad was on the phone begging me to go all the way to visit him. The plan as always was to met in LA or some place where the residents know what sun is. Charlie has been asked to stay near Forks for the week we have planned to see each other, where you guessed it hes head of police. There's a new town festival taking place and he just HAS to be there. Who was I to argue? I might even meet my soul mate. I laughed at my own joke, okay maybe I am crazy.

"Fine, I see you in a week" I gave up trying to get out of this, how bad could this be?

The plane ride was boring and my dad meeting me from the plane was awkward to say the least. He was picking my up in the cruiser? Oh please. "Welcome to Forks" the sign read. "Welcome to Twilight, Now entering Chapter 1" I muttered to myself. The house was vaguely familiar and my room was as described in the book. I had to say I was curious to say the least about this town. Maybe I should explore, according to the book my future home. Transport? My Charlie will give me lift into town? Nope he'd ask to many questions about my curiosity. I wish one part of that book was true, I could do with a red truck about now.

"Dad I'm going out, I need some air! Need anything from town?" I yelled behind as I headed for the door.

"No. Be care full Bells" He shouted back from in front of the TV.

It was cold out, even for a July but at least it wasn't raining. It didn't take long to get into town. It was as you expect a small Town to look like, The shops in rows and the people in deep conversation with each other, very friendly. I headed for the food store, seeing that Charlie is used to microwave meals for 1, I could make dinner tonight. I wasn't planning on anything special, just something that didn't taste like plastic. I was walking through the car park when I noticed a sliver Volvo glistening. Getting out of the car was a small pixie like girl, unbelievably beautiful and smiling widely toward a tall boy, with reddish brown hair and he too was beautiful, if that was a word to describe them. I was staring when the girl looked directly at me, she looked full of kindness. I was dazed and stumbled into the shop amazed that I actually have seen people like that in real life, not in magazines. My mind had drawn a blank and I put items into my basket with really seeing what they were. I paid and left the door, still not really paying attention when I crashed into what felt like a stone wall. I fell hard into the cement floor knocking myself out. I remember seeing the pixie girl hovering over me yelling at the boy with her "Edward, help her" She yelled to him.

"Edward?" I mouthed before everything went black.

I woke up with a stinging sensation around my head and cold hands on my forehead. I fluttered my eyelashes before my surroundings came into view.

"Isabella?" This godlike man before me was asking. He was blond and had golden eyes his face was looked trustworthy and wise.

"Yes?" I sounded weakly and confused.

"Isabella, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen. My children brought you here to me, looks like you hit you're head badly." Cullen? Dr. Carlisle Cullen? No way. I'm dreaming. Where was my dream at anyway? I sat up to see seven gold eyes staring back at me.

"How'd you know who I am?" I asked

"Your purse has ID in there, I hope you don't mind us checking. How do you feel?" He voice sang at me. I looked at Carlisle, then to the pixie, then to a tall blonde boy standing a little behind her. Next to them was a huge bear like boy, with dark hair and dimples, standing just to the side of him was without a doubt the most beautifulest girl I have ever, long blonde hair and a figure to die for. My eyes fell upon the next person, Carmel hair framing a heart like face, without a doubt the mother here. Finally the model like boy with the oddest colour brown hair was standing behind of them near a grand piano. My dream wasn't very original. It had taken the books description and painted each of the Cullen's perfectly. I felt myself laughing at my delusion.

"Isabella? Are you okay?" Carlsile asked concerned and slowly, very calming. Right Bella remember the book, what are their names? Don't they have special powers also? You're dreaming.

"I'm dreaming" I laughed at them, confusion swept their faces. I tried to get up, of course with aid of Carlisle.

"Isabella, maybe you should sit down. You're not dreaming and you're head was hit hard" I looked again at the faces and back to Carlisle.

"Sure I'm not dreaming. I've invented a book in my head, I've gone crazy" I laughed at my own insanity. The pixie girl, Alice that was her name shot a questioning look to the blonde boy next to her, Jasper. I started remember the book now, the whole story and I grimaced slightly.

"Isabella?" The concerned voice rang again, his cold arms supporting me.

"Sure. So if I'm not dreaming. How are you real?" I said still very amused at my own pathetic issues.

"You hit your head" The caramel haired lady chimed over to me.

"That's the exact same thing Edward says when he saves Bella from a truck" I said waving my arm and looking directly at him.

"What?" Edward asked very confused.

"Please your telling me you haven't read Twilight?" I basically screamed to them only to be answered by seven confused faces.

"Twilight, it's one of 3 books about, well you and Bella?" I was saying slowly as they were mentally incapable of understanding what I was saying.

"Please, sit down. Obviously your injuries are more serious than I first anticipated" Carlisle the doctor though I was loopy, well I am having a dream conversation with fictional characters.

"I'll prove it to you" I wriggled free of his grip and wondered over to Alice. "Alice Cullen, you don't remember you human life" They all gasped at the word human. "Your all vampires right" I said knowing that vampire's don't exist and this was my mind proving to these dream people that I am dreaming, everyone looked scared, so I continued with what ever the hell I was doing. "Alice See's the future and is married to Jasper Whitlock Hale. He can manipulate emotions, you meet Alice in a diner. You find this life hard and try to bite me on my 18th birthday. Emmett Cullen, mauled by a bear and saved by Rosalie Hale. Rosalie killed by her lowlife fiance and changed by Carlisle at first for Edward but only loved him like a brother. Esme Cullen, you killed yourself after losing your only human child, Carlisle changed then married you. Edward Cullen born in Chicago 1901, died in 1918 from Spanish influenza. Carlisle nursed first your father Edward and your mother Elizabeth until they died. Elizabeth begged Carlsile to change you, which he did making you his first new family member. You can also read mind, except mine and my blood as the Volturi called it 'sings to you'."I turned to see utter shock on each face.

"How did you? What the? How? Edward can you read her mind?" Emmett suttered out. I didn't see his answer, this isn't about me! Damn my stupid name.

"The books Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Its been making my life hell the last few years. Like I said it's about you and Bella. You haven't read it?" I was now the surprised one.

"The books are about us? How? Who's Bella?" Jasper questioned

"Isabella Marie Swan likes to be called Bella, she's 17 in the first book. Moves to Forks to live with her dad. Meets Edward who is attracted to her blood more than any other human. They fall in love and she gets bitten by a vampire called James, who has a lot to do with Alice finding out about her human life. Edward refuses to let her be changed and sucks the venom back out saving her life. They are all happily ever after until Jasper tries to kill Bella at the 18th birthday party Alice threw for her. Edward hates what he is and refuses to condemn his soul mate to this life and leaves for the best, hoping that she will live her life as humanly as possible. Leaving both of them severely broken. Bella is a pathetic shell of the human she once was and falls into the arms of Jacob Black a werewolf. Feelings develop yadda yadda. Bella jumps of a cliff, Alice See's creating Edward to go to Italy and beg the Volturi for suicide. Alice and Bella save Edward not before the Volturi demand Bella be turned." I got bored of explain this to a dream its just to weird "You know what read the books, the fourth ones due out soon. Have fun reading. I need to wake up and get medial help" I said to them and then to myself.

"Bella" Alice chimed so sweetly to me, why they calling me Bella now they only know me as Isabella? I hope they don't think that I'm THAT Bella

"Mmm" I turned to look at her.

"Your not dreaming. This isn't a book" Just what my dream would say.

Every pair of eyes blazed to me. Esme was happy? Rosalie annoyed? Emmett ecstatic? Jasper worried? Carlisle overwhelmed? Alice excited? Edward gone?

"What happens to Bella and I?" A soothing voice said from behind me, it was Edward. I jumped at his presence.

"I don't know the last book isn't out yet"

"What happens up until then? Do I hurt her? " He sounded torn and was clearly not breathing.

"No. She finally agrees to marry you." I was transfixed on Edwards eyes.

"You and Ed eh?" Emmett boomed.

"No I just sure the same name. I'm not Bella, well I am Bella but not your Bella and I'm still pretty sure I'm dreaming so I guess that your the dream Cullens" I answered my honestly. Emmett's laughter made me jump a little. "I like her" he said between laughter fits.

"Isabella Marie Swan? I think your same girl, actually I know I've seen it" Alice sang over to me, shooting a look to Edward.

I turned to see Edward smiling, this amazing crooked smile. I was as the book says dazzled. One of his cold perfect hands held my cheek. "Bella" He whispered. And then the ground came closer to my face and blackness once again covered my eyes.

I woke to find that once again I was on the super soft sofa, with Alice standing over me. I smile back at her and she helped me sit up.

"It's crazy I didn't see this coming, I still don't see you Bella. You haven't made up your mind yet. I mean I can see that your telling the truth and your our Bella but I'm stumped" What was she on about.

"What?" I asked.

"If the story is meant to take place when your 17, it's began early, your early. The story shouldn't of started now. You haven't made that choice to move to Forks yet so I can't see you or what the book says happens, I only see the choice you've made now. " She seemed to be so excited.

"Bella, where are you staying?" Esme called from the far side of the room, then I noticed it was only Esme, Alice and myself in the room.

"With my dad, Charlie. Where's everyone else?"

"They've gone to find the books your on about, I call your dad and say your here, he'll be worrying otherwise." Alice stated before dancing off.

I looked around, everything was so perfect. Grand and classy but modern. Esme was cleaning the already sparkling piano.

How crazy is this? The Cullen house? I won't pass out again. I always thought the Bella character in Twilight was over the top with her clumsiness but with these creatures I can understand why that staying conscious is hard. Man I'm going to need some serious therapy.


Wow this was SOOOOO fun to write :D