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Summary: Mike and Edward are twins. Mike is popular while Edward is the freak. So why is it then the that new hottie Bella Swan has her eyes on the so called freak?

God this is humiliating. It is my first day of school and already I am getting stares. Some good, some not so good. When I was from Arizona, I would often get the good kind of stares from guys but I have no idea why. I was plain. I had pale skin even though when you're from Arizona you're suppose to be really tan, I am terrible at sports because I am so clumsy, I have boring brown eyes and slightly wavy brown hair and my top lip is a little bigger than my bottom. So as you can see, I am nothing really speacial to look at. The girls would constantly glare at me and even call me plain behind my back. It hurt but I got use to it.

Today was my first day at Forks High School. I've lived with my mother since I was born and now I am seventeen and a junior. My mother got remarried to a minor league baseball player, which mean that he would have to travel a lot. My mother would stay home with me but I could tell it was making her unhappy. This is where moving to Forks comes in. I moved in with my father yesterday afternoon at exactly 4:42 pm.

I decided to move in with my Dad so I could let my mom be with Phil. I also thought this was great oppurtunity do spend time with my Dad since even though I still talked to him on the phone, I still feel like I don't know him very well.

I walked into the main building, still feeling the stares burning a hole in my back, but I chose to ignore them. I taught myself how to do that and have gotten quite good at it. When I got to the desk that the secretary was at I said,"Um,...hi, I'm Bella Swan. I'm new."

The ladie's eyes brightened."Oh the cheif's daughter." Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my Dad is the cheif of police. She went on saying," We are so happy to have you here Isabella. My name is Mrs. Cope. If you need any help just tell me." she looked behind her and raised her voice to say,"Mike!"

A boy popped out from a back room. He had blonde hair and was pretty muscualr. He was wearing a football jersey. That kind of explained why he was so muscular. He had a chiseled jaw and baby blue eyes. I guess he was pretty attractive but definately not my type.

Mike came up to me with sparkling blue eyes and a smirk that didn't quite look right on him. It made him look like he had a dirty little secret. And that secret my just give me awful chills going up and down my spine.

When Mike made it in front of me he held out his hand. I reluctantly took it. "Hi I'm Mike Mason. I will be showing you around the school today. You must be Isabella."

"Oh um... just Bella."

"Bella it is then." he said in a voice that made me cringe.

"So what is your first class?" I showed him my schedule and he showed me the way to my first period which was English.


When it was lunch time Mike lead me to where he sat in the cafeteria. My eyes widened. He sat by a lot of people. He lead me to a chair that was directly next to him and I reluctantly sat down in it. I grimaced with out him noticing. Mike was sweet, but it seemed like he was trying too hard.

When he sat down next to me, he introduced me to everyone."Bella this is Lauren Mallory, Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, Tyler Crowly, Ben Cheney, Eric Yorkie, Alice Brandon, Rolsalie Hale, Jasper Whitlock, and Emmett McCartney."

"Hi nice to meet you all." I said. They all greeted me in return and started eating.

I was zoning in and out of the conversation while studying everone. Lauren was kind of cold looking. She had dirty blonde hair cut that was cut short. Jessica Stanley had chesnut colored hair. She was cute and had very white teeth. She probably used crest white strips. I looked to my right across from me and saw Alice. She had a small pixieness to her. Her hair was black and short that flipped out at the ends. It was kind of cute. Next to her was Jasper. They were holding hands. It was obvious they were a couple. Jasper that had two different shades of blonde in it. One was a little lighter than the other. Tyler was next to him talking to Jasper. He had dark skin and big lips. I looked to my direct left and saw that Ben Cheney was sitting at the far end. He had darker hair, and really bright blue eyes. Right next to me was Mike and he was a little too close for comfort. On my right was Eric Yorkie and he wouldn't stop talking about the yearbook. He had dark hair and a wide smile that made his eyes squint. Next to him was Rosalie. She was probably the most beautiful person that I have ever seen. Her hair was blonde, she was skinny and her body was to die for. Next to her was Emmett. He was big and burley but had a goofiness to him. Him and Rosalie must have been a coulpe because they were both holding hands. Finally I looked across from me to Angela. She seemed like the quietest out of the bunch, and probably the most kind. She had dark hair and plump lips and glasses that made her look rather cute.

Suddenly I caught a movement in the corner of my eye over Angela's shoulder. I looked and saw a quite handsome with glasses eating and reading quietly to himself. He had pale skin and was quite muscular but from labor not working out. He had bronze wild hair that made me want to run my fingers through it. His glasses looked so good on his face that he may as well have been modeling them for Ray Bans. He was wearing a emerald green long sleeve sweater shirt, which were pulled up to his elbow. He had jeans on and normal brown shoes. I couldn't quite see what he was reading because I was so far away.

He must have felt my eyes on him because he looked up from what he was reading and at me. I as quickly as I could looked down and somewhere else. But before I did I couldn't help but notice his striking green eyes that his glasses were hiding. Even from here I could see them. I was afraid that if I was ever too close to him and was looking in his eyes, I would faint.

Mike saw my action."Bella are you alright."

"Oh yeah um... who is that over there."

"Who? Him by the window?" I nodded my head yes. Mike scoffed."My freak of a brother."

My eyes widened in shock."He's your brother?"

Mike chuckled."Yeah I know I can't believe we're related either. He is my twin brother Edward. I'm glad I got all the good looks." I rolled my eyes. Edward was way more attractive to me than Mike.

"You are so right Mike." I heard Jessica's uppity voice say.

"Oh most definately." Lauren's nassally voice said.

I tried not to look confused. How could he be so great looking to them? It was probably because he was a jock. Yeah in a way he was good looking but not to me. Edward looked like a god compaired to any boy that was here. I already knew that for a fact even though I haven't seen everybody yet. He was just that good looking.

"Yeah poor guy." Mike said mocking sympathy. "Too bad he didn't get some good looks. He's never had a date. It would probably help if he would take his nose out of a book once in a while. Ha ha. I think he's gay." everyone at the table started laughing, ecspecially Lauren and Jessica, but not me. I don't think it's funny. First of all it's wrong to make fun of gay people, it's not like they can help it, and two I don't think she be talking because I think Edward is the one that got all the looks.

Mike turned back to me and continued. He put his arm around my shoulder."But don't worry babe. I'm not." I couldn't help but cringe away. I heard the suggestiveness in his voice. I knew for a fact that I would never want to go out or even be with Mike.

I looked back at the table that Edward was sitting at. When I did he seemed to feel my eyes again and looked at me. I didn't looked away this time even though I was pretending to look outside rather than at him. He kept looking at me. I couldn't help but look into his eyes. What I saw made me sad. All I saw was longing and sadness in his eyes. I wanted to go over there and hug him, ask him what was wrong. Anything but see that look on his face. It didn't look right for a god to look sad. It was all so wrong.

"Come on Bella." Mike said brining my attention back to him. "I have Biology with you next." I don't even know how he already memorized my schedule. I got out of my chair and headed towards Biology.


I walked up to the teacher's desk in the Biology room. When I walked in I saw Edward was sitting at a table all by himself looking sad. When he locked eyes with me, he glanced quickly to the empty seat then gulped. What was that about? I decided to ignore it and talk to the teacher. He told me to go sit at the only available seat that was next to Edward.

I started to walk towards the table. Edward's eyes widened and he gulped. I noticed his breathing start to labor and get more shallower the more closer I got to him. When I sat down he immediatly scooted his stool as far away from me as he could. His fists were clenced and his breathing was still shallow. I wanted to ask if he was okay, to make sure he wasn't haveing a heart attack or asthma attack or anything. But I didn't because I would think if he was he would be asking for help or taking out an inhaler. His head was turned away from me and his jaw was clenched. I saw his adam's apple go up and down from when he gulped again.

He remained like this through out the whole class, still facing away from me. Right when the bell rang he fast as lightening grabbed all his things and raced out the door. I looked after his with a confused look on my face.

"Told you he was a freak." I heard in my ear. I jumped. I looked over and saw Mike.

"Come." he said. "We should get to Gym. The coach will kill me if I don't get changed on time, but you probably don't have to change today or participate." I breathed out a sigh of relief. Gym plus me plus cluminess equels collision.

I was stilll confused to why Edward was acting like that. Had I smelled? Did I offend him by staring at him at lunch today.

"Do you know what was wrong with Edward today?" I asked Mike.

"No. He's just a freak Bella. I would advise you not to talk to him. He would just weird you out."

"Look. Can you do me a favor and tell Edward that I am sorry if I offended him in any way?"

"It probably was nothing Bella don't fret."

"Just do it... please." I gave him the most pleading eyes ever. I didn't want this god named Edward to hate me.

We were finally at the gym doors when he said."I understand why you don't want to talk to him, so okay, I will tell him, anything for you." he smirked and then went into the boy's locker room.

I shivered at Mike's attempt to flirt with me. It was creepy. In my opinion Mike is the one that is the creeper, not Edward. I didn't want to talk to Edward myself because I was too shy to talk to someone as good looking as him.

I sighed and walked into the class I hate most.

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