My heart started to beat at the sound of her voice. It was so beautiful and silky, like she was singing in a beautiful soprano voice. I was about to say something but then it got caught in my throat. What the hell was I suppose to say? "Hey I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I'd be honored if you were my first girlfriend and you could someday make love to my virgin ass"? I don't think so. She probably wouldn't even want to go out with me. I'm sure that Mike already told her that I was a nerd and nobody liked me.

"Uh...hello? Is anyone there?" She asked.

Okay Masen. It's now or never."Uh-uh Hi!" I said too enthusiastically for my taste. Damn it! I cleared my throat."I mean hello." That's better. Not!

"Who is this?"

"Um my name is Edward Masen. I-I'm Mike's brother."

"Oh yes!" She said realizing who I was."You uh... sit next to me in Biology."

"Yes. I was actually calling to apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. I was just having an off day."

"Oh that's fine Edward."

"Thank you Bella-"

"Hey!" She cut in."How did you know that I liked to be called Bella?"

Shit! What do I say to that? Oh because Mike and I were fighting over you about ten minutes ago? I think not. "Everyone knows who you are; you are the new girl in a very small school, after all."

Shit, that sounded belittling.

"Yeah I guess you're right," she sounded embarrassed. Shit again! I knew I wasn't good at this but I didn't realize I was going to be this bad.

"So uh... the reason I called to tell you that it was just me being an ass and that it had nothing to do with you, is because when Mike told me that you wanted to apologize to me, he said that he was just going to tell you that I was acting like that because I hated you -because he is just a big fat asshole-, and I just wanted to let you know that it had nothing to do with you and that it was all me."

Shit I just said all that in the matter of five seconds. Way to let her know how nervous and how much of a nerd you are.

I heard her chuckle."Okay Edward. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see you later Edward-"

"Wait!" I practically yelled. I heard her breath hitch. Great way to scare her Edward."I-Well I- Ugh! I don't know how to say this."

"Edward are you alright?"

"Look feel free to say no."

Even though you will break my heart if you do.

"What is it Edward."

"Okay. Before I ask this I want to just say that I understand if you say no. I mean I'm a geek and not much to look at and you're so beautiful that all the guys want you at Forks High but I just want you to know how much I like you and that-."

"Edward!" She said giggling. I blushed so hard I bet she could feel the heat radiating through the phone."You're rambling."

"Sorry." I muttered.

"It's fine just... tell me what you want to tell me."

"I actually want to ask you something."


"Yeah I was uh... wondering if you would want... to g-go out w-with m-me sometime."

Shit I can't believe I stuttered!

There was a slight pause which I was sweating through the whole time."Are you serious?" She asked.

I was mortified. She couldn't believe I was even bothering to ask the question."I understand Bella," I couldn't hide the depressed and the embarrassment. "Bye."

I took the phone off my ear and was about to hand up when I heard a faint, but loud to Bella since she yelled it, "Edward wait!" I paused in shock for a second then put the phone back to my ear. "Yeah Bella?"

"Y-you never gave me a chance to answer." She said in an embarrassed but slightly amused voice.

What? Didn't her silence say it all?

"Um okay... what is your answer?" I asked, not really wanting to know anymore.

"My answer is yes."

I was stock still. Did that just happen? Did the beautiful Isabella Swan just say yes to a geek like me?


She giggled.

"I said yes Edward."

"Really?" I asked getting excited."You do?"

My voice got serious.

"This isn't a joke is it?"

She giggled some more.

"No Edward, it's not." She kept on giggling making me grin like a fool."So where do you want to go?"

"I uh... do you want to Port Angeles and see a movie?"

"Sure!" She said enthusiastically.

"Great! So what genre would you like to see?"


"Horror?" I asked confused.

"Sure. Or comedy."

I laughed. "I would count you as a romance girl."

She laughed."Well I like to read romance and classics but they're not my favourite thing to watch."

"You like to read classics? Classics are my favorite. I'm actually reading one right now."

"Oh? What are you reading?" She asked curious.

"Wuthering Heights."

"Were you reading that today in the cafeteria?" She asked.

I knitted my eyebrows."Yes. You saw me in there?"

"I couldn't take my eyes off you," she said shyly. My heart started to race and a speed that should have killed me. She saw me? Then I started to get self conscious.

"Did I look alright? You weren't looking at me because I had something in my teeth did I?"

She laughed."Edward don't worry. I was looking at you because... well I think you're very attractive. And besides, even if you did I wouldn't have been able to see it anyway because I was to far away." She laughed again.

I blushed at my stupid mistake. She was rather far away. I laughed nervously.

"Yeah I guess you're right."

"Hey I got to go make dinner for Charlie-my Dad. But I can't wait for our date. When did you want to go?"

"How about this weekend on Friday? I'll pick you up at seven."

"Okay. I'll give you the address tomorrow."

I chuckled.

"I think everyone in town knows where the Chief lives. Just hope that your house will never get egged."

"Oh." She said giggling. I smiled. I can't believe I was making her laugh this much!"Okay Edward I'll see you later."

"One more thing Bella." I said a little rushed so she wouldn't hang up.

"Yeah Edward?"

"Would you sit with me at lunch tomorrow?"

"Of course Edward. I would love to talk to you some more. You know, to get to know you better."

My smiled somehow got bigger."Great. Well I'll see you tomorrow."

She chuckled."Yep. Goodbye Edward."

"Bye." I said quietly as if in a trance, and hung up the phone. I was quiet for a moment; until I started jumping around the room like a girl and dancing like a moron. My heart was thumping loudly as my body was twisting around the room. I was glad no one was in here to see this. But when I flung myself to face the door I saw a smirking Mike trying to hold in his laughter. I guess I spoke to soon.

I continued to stare at Mike with wide, eyes hoping to God that he wouldn't say anything until he started laughing his ass off. He was laughing so hard that he doubled over as if someone hit him in the stomach, which by the way he was holding, and tears were coming out of his eyes. When he finally stopped laughing he asked, "Why so happy Edward?"

He laughed again. Then he gasped as if he figured it out, but I knew he was just mocking me."Did your balls finally drop?"

I glared at him."Shut up Mike."

He continued to laugh his head."Then why so excited?"

"Nothing. Go away!" He shrugged and then turned around to leave. Only Mike could ruin one of my happy moments.

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