Okay so here is my first twilight fan fic. I hope you like it. If I get some positive feedback (or any at all) I would love to continue it. Anyway here is the summary.

Edward is the total player and school (and on the football team), he had make out with all the girls but he has one secret, he's a virgin. Bella is new to the school and meets him but hates his ways toward women. Will they fall in love and both experience their first time? They both attend a boarding school along with Rosalie/Emmett and Alice/Jasper. All human. With some lemons later on.

I know there have already been stories like this, but I wanted to give it a try.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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"Hey Eddie get your head in the game man!" Someone called.

I whipped my head to person who was calling me, Emmett, stupid annoying-as-hell brother. Damn it! I told him I hate that name! Currently we were at football practice, which I honestly love, not like most of the guys here. They all play for the "ladies" and to be "popular" I mean yeah those things are a bonus, but what I really love it the game. Ever since I was little my father and I used to always watch football, and I've loved it ever since.

"Yeah, yeah." I muttered.

After practice I was planning on going back to my dorm which I shared with Jasper, my sister's boyfriend. He's also on the team. I almost shared a room with Emmett till I thought of how awful that could be, I mean with his girlfriend Rosalie, they way he smells, and his love of pranks, I decided Jasper was the better choice. Anyway I was getting a drink of water when Ashley (or was it Amy) came by and pulled me down for a kiss! Honesty I wasn't surprised. I pulled away from her and tried to hide my grimace, but apparently was doing a bad job because Emmett started laughing hysterically and Jasper sent me an apologetic smile.

Amy (Ashley, whoever) was oblivious like most girls are. "You were soooo great at practice!" She finished with a giggle.

I get the "ladies" CONSTANTLY! Which isn't always a bad thing I mean some of them are great kissers and totally hot, but as soon as they talk I just want to slit their throats. Seriously I don't get how girls think making their voices high pitch could be attractive!

"Yeah, umm thanks. I have to go." I ran my hand though my sweaty hair and started to walk with Jasper back to the dorms.

"Okay, bye Eddie! Call me anytime you want some fun!" She winked then left. Thank god.

"Oh it's not too bad Edward, she was totally hot!" Jasper nudged my shoulder," Why don't you just go get laid like a normal single-football-player does?"

"Argh I have been over this millions of times! These girls are nice to make out with and stuff, but there ALL idiots, and fake. I want to wait for someone special to give it too." I responded with a little acid in my tone. "And don't even fucking think about telling Emmett how I'm still a you-know-what! He would never let me forget it! Just let him think I get some every night" .I added with a wink.

"Chill man I won't." We were silent for a few minutes. "Ah, jeez look Edward it's you fan club!"

"Hi Edward!" They all screamed.

Well even though I won't go all the way, that won't stop me from having some fun.

"Hello ladies." I responded flashing them a smile. "Sorry, but I have to go maybe I will see you guys later."

"Oh yes you will." One of the girls said. I laughed and finally made it to the dorm with Jasper.

"Oh dude, by the way, I will probably spending more time here at night." He said while getting his clothes for his shower.

"Whys that? Are you and Alice in a fight?" I hate when they get in arguments.

"No, she's got a new roommate." He said sounding annoyed.

"WHAT? WHO?" I yelled, I was completely in shock! Alice never wanted a roommate she refused when the administrators tried to force her.

"I know that's exactly what I said! But anyway its some new girl, Alice said she was really nice." He said looking down.

Hmm. A new girl huh. "Have you met her? Is she hot?" I asked suddenly intrigued.

"Yes, and hell yeah! Dude the guys are going to be all over her." My eyes widened. Jasper never talked about other girls, she must be hot. Well I will get her eventually no girl has ever resisted my charm. Then Jasper smirked.

"What?" I asked with a innocent expression.

"I know what you think but she's not like those bimbos Edward. Trust me if she was Alice would never let her live with her. I know you like a challenge, but she's going to be tough." And with that he went to the bathroom.

I took out my phone a called Alice. And after four rings, she answered. (Alice always picks up after the first)

"Hello?" She answered breathlessly.

"Yes Alice, it's me your brother." I said sarcastically.

"I know that. What do you want?" She sounded slightly annoyed.

"I heard I'm getting my roommate back. And that you got a new one." I said.

"Yes, her name is Bella and she is going to be having dinner with us at the Italian place on campus." YES! I thought internally.

"Hmm. Okay well I will see you guys ther-" I was cut off by giggling.

"Yeah, yeah. See you at six! Bella I can't belie-" Then she hung up.

Well looks like I have to get ready to meet this mysterious beauty.


"Dad stop worrying! I'm going to be fine." I whispered in his ear before he left.

"I know, I know Bells, but I'm going to miss you. I love you kiddo." He said his voice full of emotion.

"I love you too dad." And with that he was gone.

I've always wanted to go to a boarding school, and this seemed like the perfect time. My mom just got married to Phil, (My parents have been divorced since I was 10) and they wanted to travel the world. Charlie (My dad) offered to let me live with him in Fork, Washington. But I honestly hate that place. So I came here, to Green Meadow Academy. Or GMA. It's my junior year and I am scared as hell. I'm going have a roommate! What if she is some psycho serial killer, or maybe just really smelly, either way I'm afraid.

I looked around the room to my window. It was beautiful. I saw the ocean extend for miles and mile into the horizon. I was deeply in thought when I heard a high pitched voice.

"Omigosh! You must be Bella!" A little pixel like girl with spiky black hair and beautiful hazel eyes and shockingly pale skin said. She is defiantly one of the most beautiful girls I have seen.

"Yes, and you must be Alice." She ran up and gave me a hug.

"Yes I am! Oh we are going to have soooo much fun together! I can tell we are going to be great friends." She said with a smile. "Do you need help unpacking?" She looked around.

"Oh no no. I already did that." I said with a grin.

"We soooo have to go shopping soon! You need a spicier look." I grimaced- great she likes fashion, "Oh no! Not like that! It's just I love to shop! And I think we could update your look. I'm so sorry if I offended you. Please forgive me!" She pleaded.

"Alice, it's totally fine! And I would love to go shopping with you." I lied. I hate shopping. But if it makes her happy…

"Great! Okay well tonight I hope you don't mind having dinner with my boyfriend, my brothers, and one of my best friends! They would all love to meet you." She grinned.

"Umm okay…" I said. I guess I should make some friends. Maybe they will be as nice as Alice.

"Oh I pick out your outfit! And do your hair and makeup!" But before I could respond her phone rang.

"One sec!" She said to me and went through my clothes, after about 4 rings she went to answer the phone. "Its my brother. Hold on." She picked it up. "Hello?" There was a pause. "I know that." She rolled her eyes. "What do you want?" She went back to my clothes and pick out some tight low ride jeans and went back to searching. "Yes, her name is Bella and she is going to be having dinner with us at the Italian place on campus." Oh great, what if they don't like me? The other person was still talking when she slammed the draws and turned to me, ""Yeah, yeah. See you at six!" She hung up, "Bella I can't believe your clothes! We have to go shopping tomorrow and pick out some stuff for you." She went to her closet and pulled out a really cute purple blouse. "Here wears this and those jeans and some black heals."

"Umm are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes! Now go change so I can do your hair and makeup!" She yelled.

I guess I should never disagree with Alice.