Just a little one-shot cause I was sick of doing math homework. Enjoy!

It started off like any other normal night. Edward had to work late at the hospital and I was in the tub taking a nice, long, hot bubble bath. I was just sitting there listening to some music with the candles lit until the door flew open.

There stood Edward and it was quite obvious that little Eddie was having a big problem. He came over to the edge of the tub, leaned down, and without saying a word, scooped me up out of it and ran into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed.

"Edward, what is going on?!" he was over at the dresser rummaging through the drawers. "Why did you insist on interrupting my bath?"

"Because, I had a day that was harder than I am and because you're my wife, it's your job to make me feel better." He climbed back on the bed with a paddle in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other. He rolled me onto my stomach and chained my hands above my head. "But don't worry. This isn't going to be just my night to be dominated. I love making you feel good."

He got up and I watched as he striped all his clothes off and got back on the bed. I was so hot it was almost painful. He ran his hands down the entire backside off my body. I felt his weight shift and then I felt his hot breath on the side of my face.

"Not a sound." He whispered in my ear.

His weight shifted again and then I felt it. The paddle came down hard on my backside. I lurched but didn't say a word. It didn't feel bad at first, but then I was starting to wonder how bad of a day he really had. He normally never hit me more than four of five times, and he was now moving on to the seventh. Each hit was getting harder each time as well.

The tears were now coming, and I was keeping my head stuffed into the pillow so he couldn't see the tears over hear the little whimpers of pain. But even that didn't last long. He moved on to the twelfth hit and that's when everything changed.

It was so hard. I screamed and loud. My legs flailed in the air. The tears were pouring down my cheeks. I felt a warm wetness in between my butt cheeks.

"Edward! Quit! Please! Let me out of these things now!" he saw my face and immediately obliged. I shot up and ran painfully to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and sure enough, there was blood oozing out of a giant cut between my butt cheeks. Edward came running in and saw the blood. He looked horrified as he saw the blood run down my legs and drip onto the floor.

"Oh My God! Bella I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." He was now crying too. He ran to the shower and turned the cold water on. He gently picked me up and sat me down on my knees in the shower so I was leaning against the seat. He climbed in after me and used the wash cloth to get the blood off. The cold water, even though it stung felt good against my burning bottom. After the blood was gone and the bleeding had stopped for the most part, he laid me out on the towel on the bathroom floor and used some king of body glue to seal the cut up.

He helped me get my panties and tee-shirt on and then into the bed. He rambled on and on apologizing till I told him to shut up. He kissed me and we lay back down.

"So, how was your day?"

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