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11. "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas

"Where the hell did you learn to fight?" gasped a winded Nite Owl, standing back to back with his squidgy faced partner. They were surrounded by knot-tops. Various knives were scattered on the rain-slick asphalt.

"Was always good at boxing," Rorschach admitted, surprising Nite Owl with a response.

"But where did you learn?" Nite Owl turned around in time to see his colleague shrug, dismissing the conversation. Nite Owl shrugged himself. "Well… I feel bad for whoever you practiced with."

"Practiced on," Rorschach corrected quietly. The bird-inspired man only looked at him for a moment… and promptly let the conversation die.

a/n: You know Dan's jealous. His Paunch of Great Justice isn't nearly as impressive as rock hard abs and a good left hook.