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Be warned this does not have a happy ending as im sure the title hints. And yes Bruce will be a little OOC.

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Fallen Knight

Bruce sat in his chair, facing the window. He stared blankly out at the city. His arms hung limply over the sides of the chair, Rachel's letter dangling from his left hand. He was tired and the weight he had to carry was becoming too much to bare. It was slowly taking everything in his life away from him. He had known there would be loses, sacrifices he would have to make. That had gone without saying. But he never once believed he would truly lose Rachel. She had been the one thing that kept him going when the beginnings of despair would creep into his mind.

He felt like everything he had been working towards was lost. He laughed mirthlessly to himself, who would he lose next? Alfred? Gordan? He didn't have anyone else left but his old friend and the commissioner. Everything was slowly falling apart, shattering like fragile glass being dropped on the polished wood floor. The small fragments were cutting him, burrowing into his skin to leave invisible scars that would haunt him the rest of his life.

His hope had been slowly ebbing away, picked off in small pieces, and now there was no more left. All that was left was a shell of what he used to be. He could see clearly now that Gotham couldn't be saved. He even went as far as to believe it didn't want to be. The people were so willing to ignore crime and look the other way, pretend like nothing was wrong and go about their lives. He had meant to inspire good, not madness. Harvey had been lost, and Rachel had died. He had failed everyone.

He was now being hunted for murders he didn't commit. Batman hadn't been the symbol he meant him to be, and now he was tired of fighting. He thought now that maybe Ra's Al Ghul had been right, and this city was so corrupt it was beyond saving, even by the batman.

These thoughts were a deadly poison, and he could feel it running through his veins. The rage and despair and grief were polluting his mind. The Unfairness of all the things that happened ate at him. In an unexpected flash of madness he stood, picking up the chair he had been sitting on and threw it hard at the window. The sounds of shattering glass echoed through the penthouse.

Rachel's letter had fallen to the floor, and it lay there forgotten. He grabbed the bottle of scotch from the table and filled a small glass. He planed to drink away his memories of Rachel and watch the city destroy itself. A twisted smile graced his lips as he remembered Harvey's words.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


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