Amy writes in her diary every night. Of course she does leave out a lot of details. Amy is the type who hears only what she wants to hear. And she writes the same way. So I've decided to include here for you readers, in parenthesis, those missing details from her day.

Dear Diary,

Today was such a beautiful sunny day. Sonic called me on the phone and invited me to the beach for a picnic. ("Oh, Sonic! You're inviting me to the beach?" "Uh...I'm also inviting Tails, Cream and Cheese, Knuckles, and Big.")

I wore my yellow polka dot bikini that always makes Sonic smile. ("She wore an itsy bitsy tiny winy yellow polka dot bikini….." "Stop singing that!")

When we get to the sand Sonic grabs my hand and runs with me to the water. ("Come on, Sonic!" Amy yells dragging Sonic into the waves. "Amy! You know I hate water!")

He splashes me playfully. ("Come on! Splash me back, Sonic!" "Blubblub!" is all Sonic can say as Amy splashes salt water down his throat.)

We hold hands and dive under the waves. ("Hack…Amy…Help! Blub! I can't swim!" "Come on Sonic, let's body surf!")

A big wave came and we rode it all the way to the shore. ("Whoo hoo Sonic! Wasn't that fun? Uh….Sonic?....SONIC!!" "Blub...blub…blub…"

We were tired of playing in the water and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon on land. ("Tails, is Sonic going to be alright?" "Well Amy, he did drink a lot of salt water, but lucky for him I took a CPR class last summer." "Hack...hack…ooohhhh, I don't feel so good.")

Swimming can really bring up an appetite. Sonic loves my cooking so much; he almost ate everything I brought. ("Come on, Sonic! I brought you a huge picnic dinner!" Good thing I got Cream to cook me all this....what the?' "Hey! Big!" "Duh, Hi Amy! Your food was good, but there wasn't enough of it! Burrrrpp!")

The day was almost over and the sun was going down. Sonic pointed at the ocean. We sat there, watching the sunset. It was so magical. (Meanwhile, Big sat a few sand dunes away,"Duh, look Froggy, what a beautiful sunset! Froggy?... Where'd you go? FROGGY!!! Where are you?" "Ribbit" "Froggy, come back here")

We sat in complete silence; except my heart was beating so hard it felt like it was in my ears. Sonic turned to look at me. (Big took off running after his frog. "Froggy! It's too late to go in the water. Duh, come back!" Froggy runs toward Amy and Sonic.)

We leaned in closer and closer. This was it…the moment I was waiting for….. ("Duh, Sonic! Catch Froggy!")

Our lips were but inches away, I closed my eyes and then, we kiss. (Froggy leaped right in the middle of Sonic and Amy. "Hey! Yuck! I kissed a toad!" Amy opens her eyes. "Who are you calling a toad?" "Froggy, come back!" Big runs off after his pet frog. "Amy? What are doing with that hammer? Amy, wait! You don't understand! Help!" "Get back here!" "Amy, Ow! Careful with that thing! Ouch!" "I'll careful you!" "Duh, Froggy…where are you?" "What's going on around here?" "Knuckles, hide me!" "Knuckles, duh, catch Froggy!" "Oh dear!" "Chow chow!" "OOF!" "OW!" "Ouch….what the….hey, that's my foot!" "Duh, sorry Knuckles." "Tails, give me a lift!" "You've got it Pal!" "You get back down here right this instant! I'm not through with you yet!")

It was getting late, so Sonic walked me home. ("Fly faster Tails" "You're heavy Sonic, and she's a very good aim" Amy was throwing her pico pico at them. The last throw caused Sonic to lose his grip. "Watch out below!" Sonic fell, crashing onto Amy. "OOF!" "Amy, are you ok?" "Huh? Who? What hit me?" "Uh, here Amy, let me walk you home." Sonic helped a very dazed Amy to her feet.)

When we got to my door, Sonic kissed my hand and we said goodnight. ("Ok Amy, Uh, I'll leave you on the doorstep. I had an um, interesting time. See ya!" Sonic took off in a blue blur.

It was a truly magical night. And I can't wait till tomorrow. I wonder where Sonic will take me on our next date. Goodnight Diary.

(As Sonic was leaving a very dazed Amy, he vowed to never invite her anywhere again.)