AN: There will be vampires this chapter takes place in phoenix though and Charlie and Renee aren't divorced.

Bella POV

I can't believe it! I am finally 15!!!!! I quickly got up and brushed my teeth. Then I ran down the stairs and nearly ran over my 18 year old brother, Jasper.

"Calm down birthday girl or you might just end up killing someone" Jasper joked lightly.

He was like my favorite person ever! I mean everyone liked Jasper he had some good Charisma in him.

"Hi Jasper!" I exclaimed excitedly

"Come one we better eat those pancakes before Melody wakes up" Melody was our 2 year old sister who had a big appitite.

"Ok" I said laughing "race you there" and then without warning I sprinted to the kitchen, however Jasper caught up with me and it was a tie.

"Slow down" Our mother, Renee said. Mom then set down a plate of cookies. Jasper and I ate pretty quickly. Now we were down to one cookie. I grinned evilly and Jasper returned the smile. I lunged for the cookie but Jasper was quicker and had the cookie in his hand so I lunged for him instead. Soon we were on the ground trying to take the cookie from each other. The fight soon turned into Jasper tickling me. Just so he could use both hands, my brother put the cookie on the table.

I finally gave in and said "Fine, Fine, you can have the cookie" I said between laughs

"And?" he probed

"And I won't try to steal it"

Then he realized me. Jasper was about to take his cookie but instead found Melody sitting in a chair eating it peacefully. His expression was priceless. I literally fell to the floor laughing as he just stood there shocked. Just then Charlie came in.

"What's all the commotion?"

"Nothing" we answered in unison.

"Oh, wait." Charlie went out of the kitchen then returned with a small gift.

"Dad you shouldn't have" I said blushing.

"Oh it was nothing. Now open it up"

Wearily I opened the gift and found a beautiful bracelet It was a gold bracelet (go to this link to see how it looks: .).

"Wow. Thank you dad it's beautiful."
"Remember to thank you mother too honey."

"Okay dad" I replied with a smile.

"Come on Bella" Jasper said

Then he practically dragged me upstairs to his bedroom. He rummaged through his stuff before pulling out a box and handed it to me. I peered inside and it had nothing.

"Thank you brother dearest" I said sarcastically showing him it was empty.

"Oh! Wrong box" Jasper rummaged through his stuff again.

"Found it" he said and handed me another box. I carefully opened the box….

"Ohmygod! Thank you so much Jasper!" I said running to him and squeezing him a hug.

Inside the box was a gold locket with a silver vine design and the rose in the center was diamond rose. It had room for two pictures inside. It was so beautiful that I couldn't even describe how pretty it was. Also it matched very well with my new bracelet.

3 days later

"Bye mom, dad sis and Mel." Jasper said as he boarded the plane for Alaska.

Jasper's science class had a field trip there so he decided to go. The field trip would only be for a week.

"I promise I'll be back soon" He said. I took a picture of him as he smiled a breath taking smile. Then he was gone.

One week later

A knock was heard at our door. I ran down feeling the locket Jasper gave me hitting my chest as I ran to the door. I knew it would be Jasper. I had to show him the pictures I put in my locket. I had put one of Jasper from the airport and the second one was of Melody (aka Mel). When I opened the door and found a gloomy looking man standing there.

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed. After all I shouldn't be talking to strangers. Charlie and Renee came running down expecting to see a thief.

"What happened!"

"Stranger at the door"

"Oh! Hello there" my mother said smiling.

The stranger took a deep breath before speaking.

"Is this the Swan Residence?" He asked nervous.

"Yes" Charlie replied uncertainly.

"I have terrible new for you. Your son, Jasper Swan had gone missing the 4th day of the trip to Alaska. We tried finding him but there wasn't a single trace of him. He hasn't been heard for 3 days and we did try to find him."

He took a deep breath before continuing "We have found blood by a bridge the same day he went missing and this"

He held out Jaspers old feathered hat. I gasped

"I am Sorry ma'am. I think he is gone." With that he left.

Mom started to hyperventilate and dad was hard time too. I backed away \, shaking my head. Every step I took I thought"

I'll never get to hug him again

I'll never say I love you to him again

I'll never see him again

Never hear his voice.

I broke down screaming and crying on the floor; thrashing my hand on the hardwood floor. Just then Melody came.

"Where is Jazz?" She asked in her sweet little voice

I hugged tightly and said "don't you ever leave me Melody"

I called Jake, my boyfriend to tell him the news.


"Jake" I said my voice quivering.

"Bella? What's wrong? Is everything ok?"

"Nothing's right at all. Jasper went missing"

"What! "

"Yeah, a guy came here and said he is dead but they haven't found the body."

There was silence on the other side so I continued "But I believe he is alive"

"I'm so sorry Bella! I'll be there in a little while, Ok?" then the line went dead.

I don't think I will ever forget September 23rd.