Hello readers! I am so so so so sorry if you expected an update! Truth is, looking back at my stories after 3 years, I realize, my writing was rather cliché and kind of unrealistic. I am so surprised I still got such kind reviews and no flamers. Thank you so very much for that. You all could probably see what direction this is heading towards….That's right, I am officially quitting my stories. For the past two years Twilight hasn't held as much interest for my as it used too. If I continued to write now, most of it would be forced writing and no enjoyment on my part. I actually did have a plot outlined for my story Like You; it was going to be one of my best. Alas, looking back….it was completely cliché and rather far-fetched ideas. I mean reading back on Jacob's "death scene" I'm thinking "wth did I actually write that? I could have done much better and made it less…eccentric" My story Riddle's Sister was actually my favorite idea. Only thing is, I needed to improve on how I made Bellatrix and Bella into one, maybe I should have kept them separate. Maybe I'll write another Riddle's Sister with no Twilight? Who knows really? My story Devil's Spawn, was written completely on a whim, I had no direction for it to go A complete writer's block. Anyhow, maybe I'll return to writing after I master the art of good plot lines, better story introductions, and better character development. If any of you are still interested, I could tell you my brief bare skeleton plot of Like You. Just PM my new account "The Ghost King's Queen" (Yes I totally got that from Percy Jackson ;) Anyhow, THANK YOU MY REVIEWERS, THOSE WHO FAVORITED ME, AND ALL YOU READERS.