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Author's Note
I'm going to try and add other primary antagonists besides Naruku. Rumiko Takeshi's played out formulas are going to be tweaked of course. And yes, I do use TV tropes as a guide to try and steer away/subvert certain cliche tropes. If you have complaints or want to point out derailment go to the Headscratchers section of TV Tropes. My Primary guide to read up on stupid things done and how I want to try and avoid it.

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Story Start

The Naraku body that appeared was nothing more than another one of his wooden puppets. This revelation following Naruto's following explanation calmed things down a bit. ''One of my scouts saw it all. They saw a plague of demons ravage the Taijiya village. That creature, that same Baboon was there when several villages of mine were ravaged in search for the Shikon jewel fragments.'' he continued as Yura added more wood to the fire. After the revelation everyone returned to the Taijiya village to regroup and figure out the next step of their plan. Naraku, arrogant bastard that he was only made things easier by boasting to Sango about how he had her village slaughter and how since she was useless he was going to cast her away. Though, thanks to previous experience with the jewel Naruto hastily removed it and reversed summon an old friend to tend to Sango's, thankful nonfatal injuries.

Things only grew more interesting when Sango volunteered to explain the origin of the Shikon no Tama that was created in that very village. This story was one the blond all knew too well as he was there. Midiroko who was unique that she could purify the four virtues. The Ara-mitama, Nigi-mitama, Kushi-Mitama, and Saki-Mitama. Together they were Courage, Kinship, Wisdom, and Love. Together they became one spirit, and the flesh that lived inside the heart. Throughout Sango's stories it wasn't difficult to draw the parallels between the ancient Demon and the Wild-thief Onigumo who submitted his body to Youkai to become Naraku.

Either way it didn't matter. All Naruto knew was that the Shikon no Tama needed to be reconstituted and purified. That was the only way to save Midiriko's soul. ''It appears we all have our reason to chase after Naraku. I, along with anyone under my command are willing to land aid to your quest. Despite what I am I assume there are no objections?' he asked.

Inuyasha merely derisively snorted. ''I don't care who ya' are. As long as you can fight and stay out of my way you can do whatever.'' he muttered as he crossed his arms in his sleeves.

''You'll have to excuse Inuyasha, he isn't one for matters.'' Kageome apologized. ''I am Higurashi Kagome and we'll be glad to accept your help.'' the young girl said with a slight bow as the dog demon grumbled a few rude things.

''I am Miroku, the traveling monk.'' and of course Miroku went right past Miroku, taking up both Sakura and Yura's hand. ''And would you two lovely ladies do me the honor of bearing my children?''

Both women adored a look of disbelief. ''I'm married...with children.'' Sakura answered, 'forcing' Miroku's hand away with a mini-snap.

''Touch me again Monk and I'll kill you.'' Yura hissed as she snatched her hand away. Once instructions were done everyone went about setting up camp for the night. With Yura patrolling the area and Sakura collecting herbs Naruto took to observing the members of the little group. The half demon Inuyasha was obviously the son of Inu no Taisho. He wondered what kind of life he lived.

Then there was the school girl, if not by her outfit then her attitude. He couldn't help but wonder how she got here and why she was wearing such a completely appropriate outfit? Though his interest was drawn tot he young woman who was the last of her village. She was of average height with brown eyes and long brown hair. She switched out of her black Taijiya outfit into a traditionally woman's kimono with a dark green long skirt with traditional woman's arm guards and leg guards, and straw sandals. She was off to the side and lost in her thoughts. She was obviously still in shock and having to deal with the grief of losing everything so Naruto decided to approach her.

''I understand your pain Sango-san.'' Naruto began speaking, as the dark haired hunter looked up.

''Uzumaki-sama,'' she merely said.

''Before you say anything more let me say a few things. I understand what you're going through. A madmen, just like Naraku attacked my village for the same purpose of gaining power. He caused the death of my family just like he did yours. Though there is something different from our circumstances and I can see it in your eyes. You want revenge, don't you?''

''Why shouldn't I?'' she twinged with anger. This was the first time she showed emotion besides melancholy since her fight with Inuyasha was interrupted. ''That monster slaughtered my family, wiped out my villages, and used me.'' her fist balled up in anger as fury coursed through her as she looked off into the horizon. ''I would like nothing more than kill it.''

''And you're willing to lose yourself in that vengeance?'' he questioned causing her to pause and see the serious gaze in his eyes. ''Are you willing to blacken your heart and lose yourself so when you finally gain that vengeance you are left with a void that you can't fill?''

''Then what am I suppose to do!?'' she argued.

''I'm not telling you to ignore going after Naraku. I want to kill him as well, but I'm cautioning you not to let that vengeance consume you. As you are now you won't be able to kill a demon of that power. You're strong Taijiyia, but you have a ways to go and I can help you grow stronger. And together we can kill Naraku for the right reasons.'' he assured her as Sango wrestled for indecision for a moment. A soft breeze coursed through the area as the warm orange glow of the setting sun cascaded across the destroyed ruins of the demon hunter's village.

''How? How will you go about that?'' right now Sango was still vunerable. She was open to suggestion and the promise of gaining power to defeat the demon who slaughtered her people was an offer she wasn't going to pass up.

''Your weapon, the Hiraikotsu, can I see it?'' he asked, as Sango nodded and went to retrieve her weapon. She handed the blond the weapon made from purified demon bones.

Naruto paused and took a deep breath. He stood there as a faint glow emitted from the weapon. ''Hi-rai-kotsu!" he shouted as a powerful spiral of wind encircled the weapon. With a spin he let it spun and it was sent flying. The ground under the traveling ground was uprooted and shredded apart as the flying weapon soared around in an arc and shattered several boulders that acted as markers outside the village before turning to Naruto's hand, leaving Sango in awe. ''Your weapon was made from particular demon components that have wind based properties. My primary element is wind and I can help you unlock the true power of the weapon, but that's going to require the use of chakra. Sakura, my companion can help you gain the ability to use chakra, but its going to be a rather painful process.''

''Whatever it takes. No matter how hard or brutal the training I'm willing to go through with it Uzumaki-sama.'' she replied with a determined fire in her eyes.

A smile formed on Naruto's face. ''I'm glad to hear it Sango-san.'' he replied. At the very least a small contingent of warriors could be gathered for the inevitable battle.