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Chapter 1: Prologue

The journey began through a portal…

It started out so simple, after Orihime had been taken to Hueco Mundo by Aizen, Ichigo decided to go and rescue her. As he was about to go through the portal that Urahara provided, Chad, Uryū, and Tatsuki showed up in order to help him rescue their friend. Ichigo argued that they couldn't go against the arrancar that they were too strong for them, that they would be killed. However Chad's upgraded Brazo Derecha de Gigante (Right Arm of the Giant) and Tatsuki's newly created leg armor convinced him otherwise.

When they finally managed to geo through the garganta portal created by Urahara, they encountered two low-level arrancar created by Aizen to stop all intruders. As Ichigo was going to fight them, Tatsuki, Chad, and Uryū stopped him and said to let them demonstrate their new powers for him.

After managing to escape from the collapsing tunnel, things seemed to be better when Rukia and Renji appeared and froze the guardian of Las Noches, Lunuganga, solid. However after that, things just seemed to go downhill with the appearance of four arrancars, numeros to be exact.


"Damn it!" Ichigo cursed, as his opponent once again fled under the dunes. While he wasn't strong enough to seriously hurt him, it was starting to get annoying that every time he went to attack, the arrancar would flee underground. Getting frustrated, Ichigo slammed Zangetsu into the sands and shouted, "Come on up and fight me you coward!"

Tatsuki was having a different problem. This arrancar seemed to also fight with his legs like her and so far neither had managed to injure the other.

"You know, for a human, you are quite peculiar," the arrancar said blocking one of Tatsuki's kicks while at the same time having one of his blocked.

"If I wanted your compliments, I would have asked!" Tatsuki replied angrily, trying to sneak up behind the arrancar for a devastating roundhouse kick to the arrancar's neck with a burst of speed. Surprisingly, the arrancar managed to block it without looking at her.

"Now, now, no need to be hasty. Lets try to have some fun before I kill you for daring to stand against Aizen-sama," the arrancar smugly stated while at the same time managing to get under Tatsuki's guard and hitting her with a strong kick to the stomach, sending her flying across the dunes and impacting the sand.

"TATSUKI!!" shouted Ichigo as he ran to try and help her.

"I thought you wanted me to fight you and to stop being a coward?" the arrancar he was fight said bursting out of the sand in front of him with his zanpakuto aiming for his heart.

'Damn, I can't fight him and help Tatsuki at the same time,' thought Ichigo while blocking the strike with the broad side of his sword. Looking to his left, Ichigo noticed that Chad and Uryū were running circles around their opponent with Chad fighting close and mid-range and Uryū fighting long-range and managing to keep the arrancar on her toes. Renji and Rukia were faring just as well, with their opponent bleeding heavily and panting on one knee.

"Renji, go help Tatsuki!" Ichigo said while, once again, trying to hit his opponent.

"Sure thing Ichi-" Renji started to say but was cut off as a green blur flew by his face and with a devastating punch, the arrancar that was fighting Tatsuki was sent flying into the walls of Las Noches.

"No one hurts my friends," Nel Tu yelled at the arrancar as he picked himself up and out of the hole in the wall.

Notching another arrow and firing at the arrancar, making her jump out of the way and right to Chad, Uryū asked, "Nel, I thought you didn't remember anything about your life here?"

"I didn't, but when I saw Ichigo's friend in trouble, I suddenly remembered how to fight, " Nel replied without taking her eyes off the arrancar in the wall.

"You Bitch! How dare you hurt me-" the arrancar started to yell before he was brutally cut off by a kick to back of the head, courtesy of Tatsuki's foot.

"HA! That'll teach you to keep your eyes on your opponent!" said Tatsuki pointing at the arrancar who was having trouble getting up.

"Rosanio!" screamed the arrancar that Ichigo was fighting who flew out of the sand towards Tatsuki. "Die bitch!" he yelled, preparing to strike her back with his zanpakuto.

"I don't think so," Ichigo calmly said while holding the arrancar's wrist, "Now, with you not being able to go anywhere, I can finally pay you back for all the frustration you gave me."

The arrancar eyes widen, noticing the rise in Ichigo's spiritual pressure, and started desperately trying to pry his wrist out of Ichigo's grip. "Let me go! Let me go!" he started shouting but to no avail.

"I don't think so! Take this," Ichigo held up his zanpakuto and brought it down on the arrancar, slicing right through the chest of the arrancar and causing a wave of sand to fly out from around them. 'Finally got the little bastard,' Ichigo sighed and started walking towards Chad and Uryū, who had their opponent on her last ropes.

"You humans and shinigami think you are stronger than me? You barely defeated Rosanio and Migelen and I am stronger then both of them!" the arrancar cackled, picking herself off of the sand and drawing her sword. "Now face my true power and know fear, Cleave-" she started to say when an arrow lodged itself in her throat.

"I am neither a shinigami or a human, I am a Quincy," Uryū calmly stated while creating another arrow and taking aim at the arrancar's head. As he fired, he declared, "Don't confuse me with them." The arrancar tried to move but was too drained from the fight and couldn't call out her true form due to the arrow in her throat and could only watch as the arrow impacted her head, causing her to disintegrate into thin air.

"Oh, hey Ichigo," said Chad, as if he just noticed Ichigo was there.

Pushing his glasses back up his nose, Uryū remarked, "It seems you shinigami aren't so powerful if you couldn't fight a weak opponent like that."

"Shut up!" Ichigo yelled pointing at Uryū, who looked away disinterested, "I would have defeated him a long time before you guys if he wasn't a coward who kept hiding underground."

"Yeah Ichigo, since when were you so weak that you needed a distraction to win a fight?" Renji added in shouldering his zanpakuto while ducking under Ichigo's fist.

"Nobody asked you for your opinion so butt out Renji," Ichigo retorted and was about to throw another punch but was suddenly enveloped in a gravity-crushing hug by Nel, "Nel what are you doing? Let me at him! I'll show him how weak I am!" Ichigo said and tried to wiggle out of Nel's grip, but to no avail.

"No, Ichigo and his friends shouldn't be fighting like this. You should be getting along," Nel said with her face buried in Ichigo's back.

"Ohh, look at you now Ichigo," Renji smirked and had a devious look on his face, "Being held back by a girl."

Noticing a sudden drop in temperature, Renji turned around and saw Rukia and Tatsuki walking slowly towards him, cracking their knuckles. "What was that Renji?" Rukia said which caused Renji to start sweating and raising his hands in a surrendering gesture.

"Nothing, nothing. I didn't say anything of the sort Rukia, honest!" Renji said, trying to defuse the situation before he was killed.

"It was here that Ichigo realized he could get his revenge on Renji, "It didn't sound like nothing," He added in, scratching his chin, "it sounded like you called girls weak."

Turning around and glaring daggers at Ichigo, Renji felt a finger tapping on his shoulder and turning around, found a fist greeting his face, gift of Tatsuki, "YOU THINK US GIRLS ARE WEAK? ILL SHOW YOU!" screamed Tatsuki going after Renji, who was cradling his bleeding nose on the ground.

While they were all talking to each other, none of them noticed the slight movement of the arrancar that Ichigo fought, Milegen. 'You shinigami think that you defeated ME? I will show you and Aizen-sama my true power,' he thought while slowing drawing and bringing his zanpakuto out in front of him and pointing it towards the group, "I WILL SHOW ALL OF YOU!!! PORTAL MALDITO (Damned Gateway)!"

"What the?" was all Ichigo could say as a black spark shot out of the fallen arrancar's sword and started to form something resembling a black hole that started to slowly drag all of them in. 'Something's wrong, I can't pull away.' Ichigo thought as he was slowly, but surely, being pulled into the portal. As he looked around at the others, he noticed that Rukia was being pulled in the fastest and yelled, "Chad, grab Rukia and hold on to her!"

Nodding, Chad leapt across the sand towards the hole, grabbed Rukia, and started trying to walk away from it, struggling to not get pulled in.

"HA HA HA HA!" Migelen laughed maniacally as his lower body started disappearing like the earlier arrancar's, "Nothing can escape from my ultimate ability, it draws in anything that I deem to be an enemy. And I deem you ALL my enemies! Its too bad I won't be able to see you all die-," was all he could get out before he finished disappearing.

"That bastard…" Ichigo seethed until Uryū interrupted him.

"Ichigo, I don't see any way out of this without a high risk of damaging ourselves or the other. I believe that the best thing to do is to jump into it," Uryū said while looking straight into the portal.

"What? Do you want to kill us all?" Ichigo said, not believing what Uryū was suggesting.

"No, that arrancar never said that this thing would kill us, just that he won't see us die. I think it is an inter-dimensional portal similar to the one we took to get into Soul Society and the arrancar's garganta."

Ichigo sighed and looking around at his friends; Renji was the closest to the portal and Chad wasn't moving any farther from it, Nel was holding onto his arm trying to not get dragged in, which caused them both to get pulled towards it. Ichigo turned towards Tatsuki, who was faring the best of them by digging her legs into the sands as an anchor. Making up his mind, Ichigo yelled, "Everybody listen up! Uryū thinks that this thing may be a portal and won't kill us. He thinks that we should just jump into it."

"What?" Tatsuki shouted over the roar of the portal, "You want us to go INTO that thing? Are you crazy?"

"Precisely," Uryū said, trying to run damage control, "We have two choices here, either all of us get dragged in or we're ripped apart trying to get away from it."

"I'm up for it," Renji decided looking at the portal and tensed his body, " If your wrong and it kills me, I'm going to come back and kill you both!" he shouted and jumped into the hole, disappearing as soon as he touched it.

"See ya you bastard, don't die on me," Tatsuki shouted and leapt out of the ground to the portal at the same time that Chad hefted Rukia onto his shoulder and ran into it without a second glance over his shoulder.

Uryū sighed and began to jump towards the portal when Ichigo said, "Aren't you going to say anything?"

Smirking, Uryū turned around in midair and before he disappeared said: "Why, there's nothing worth saying to you."

Unable to respond to the veiled insult in time, Ichigo let out a breath and turning to Nel on his arm, said, "Are you ready Nel?" Getting a swift nod in response, Ichigo leapt, and with Nel still attached to his arm, disappeared along with the portal.


Opening his eyes, the first thing that Ichigo noticed was that the black hole he went into wasn't black, but filled with a green light and streams of a darker green. The second thing that he noticed that Nel was no longer attached to his arm and nobody else was around either. The third thing that he noticed was a white light that was growing as he approached it. "Well," he said with conviction, "Lets see where this takes me."


All over Azeroth, from the night elves in Darnassus to the humans in Stormwind, it was felt: the raw, unimaginable power of a cross-dimensional magic portal. As it was felt, seven beams of light appeared at different places around Azeroth and crashed into the ground. And all over Azeroth, different beings had different reactions and responses to the phenomenon.

Deep within the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus, Fandral Staghelm was meditating when he felt it. "What is this feeling, this power? I can feel at least five different sources and two of them feel like that of a demon and rival the Deceiver in power!" Getting up and walking out of the enclave, Staghelm mused, "I must look into this…" and started towards the Temple of the Moon.

High on the bluffs of Mulgore, stood the proud city of the Tauren, Thunder Bluff. In the middle of the city, Hamuul Runetotem, student of the great druid Malfurion Stormrage, woke up from his mediation in a cold sweat. 'What was that vision I had?' Walking out onto the main bluff, Hamuul couldn't get the image from his vision out of his head. 'What does the skull of a ram and a woman have to do with anything?' As he kept walking, he couldn't help but mutter, "I hope this vision is just that, a vision."

Under the ruined city of Lordaeron, Sylvanas Windrunner, de facto leader of the Forsaken was deep in thought when she felt it, the power of a paladin. While that in of itself was nothing, the type of power was intriguing her. Closing her eyes and meditating, she felt that this paladin was very powerful, not as powerful as her, but still very powerful. Turning towards her guards, she said, "Get me two of our best scouts, I have something for them to do…"

In the Dragonblight at the top of the Wyrmrest Temple, Alexstrasza was the first of the aspects to notice the new arrivals. Turning towards her consort, Korialstrasz, she worriedly stated, "Do you feel that, beings with powers I've never encountered before. If this power falls into the wrong hands, it could doom all of Azeroth." Walking towards the edge of the tower, she finished without turning around, "we may have to convince Malygos of this threat to Azeroth in order to have a unified front. The worst thing we can do right now is worry about the Scourge, the Blue Dragonflight, and these new arrivals."

On the uppermost section of Northrend, stood the central fortress of one of the most powerful beings on Azeroth. Surrounded by miles of ice and rock stood Icecrown Citadel, guarded by thousands of undead all serving one purpose: to prevent anyone and anything from getting through. At the very top of Icecrown Citadel, sat the Lich King, who slowly opened his eyes. Resting his head on his hand, he pondered, "What is this power that I feel. It is simply magnificent, rivaling even my own. But it does not feel familiar or that of the legion. I must find out more before it becomes a danger to my plans…"


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