Evina opened his eyes. He looked around the room for a moment. The sunlight was glowing through the curtains over the windows. There was a certain kind of warmth that came each morning. Perhaps it came from the fact that each day was a fresh start. Each day was full of new opportunities and experiences.

He remained in bed, pondering the possible meaning of his latest dream. There were humans and the pencil and many other things that he didn't understand. He hadn't had any dreams for a long time, but he learned by now that he should try to forget them instead of worrying. His ability to see into people's minds was very disturbing, and for that reason he tried to avoid telling people about his true nature. It wasn't something they normally wanted to hear about. He never wanted to look in someone's mind before. And even if he tried, most toons still had their minds closed. He thought they would've opened after the end of the cogs but they really didn't.

He sat up sleepily with his eyes closed again. He was breathing slowly. He lowered his head and absorbed the gentle warmth that was radiating in through the window. This house was old but it was perfect for him. He didn't believe that he needed anything more. He already had everything he ever wanted, and even some stuff that he didn't want.

Fame was one of those things he decided he didn't want. It seemed to him like it never diminished. He knew it would linger for a long time, but he didn't want to accept it. There were already too many parades, autographs, TV interviews and photographers he had endured already.

The sun was not about to let him go back to sleep so he decided to get up. He had plenty of things to do like fixing the car. It wasn't going to fix itself.

He summoned his strength and stood up off the bed. He stretched and quickly got dressed. Then he walked downstairs and into the small kitchen.

To relieve the frustration from his dream, he picked up The Duckburg Chronicle, but the paper had nothing but bad news. Flippy was trying to pass laws that made no sense, and Gyro had lost his place as the top Toontown scientist years ago to Ludwig von Drake.

Evina couldn't sit down. He paced the kitchen impatiently. He didn't know what was happening to his world again but he wanted to find out. After all the work he did to save Toontown, he refused to see it fall apart again.

He walked outside into his garage and opened the door. The street was not very quiet. A few ducks were getting into their vehicles and driving to work while some younger ones were playing in the street. He got down on the skateboard and rolled under his old cruiser. It was dripping with thick, black oil and it made funny noises whenever he turned it on. Picking up a wrench, he started loosening a bolt. Then he heard a familiar voice.

"Hi there, Evina." The voice said.

Evina was startled and almost dropped the wrench on his head. He rolled out from under the car to see a light blue duck. "Oh, hi Zany." He greeted her.

"Hi, it's been a while since I last saw you." Zany continued.

"Yeah, I didn't know you lived in this neighborhood."

"I didn't know you lived here either, well, until the news revealed it." She said.

Evina tried to wipe away the grease on his face. "So, what brings you here?"

She shrugged. "I guess I don't know what to do anymore. It is summer again and I usually fought the cogs during the summer. But now that they're gone and we've all be restored to nearly infinite laff, I guess I don't have a clue what to do."

"Well I'm not doing any better than you are." Evina smiled. "But for now I'm trying to figure out some problems with my cruiser."

"Isn't it weird? I always thought that when the cogs were gone, we wouldn't have any more problems, but we still can't seem to avoid getting into trouble."

Evina sighed. "You can say that again. And I hope Toontown doesn't ever forget that. Did you read the paper?"

Zany lost her smile. "Yes, I've have." She said. "It's amazing how much we've changed."

"Yeah, I'm not a toon anymore!" Evina said.

"Well, you still look like a toon."

"Well I like to believe that I'm more toon than cog, but nobody will really know."

"You don't understand. By change, I mean our personalities have changed. Do you remember what we were like before we went on the adventure?"

Evina laughed. "I do. It's hard to believe how much we've evolved, but I think it was a good experience for us. When toons are exposed to the things that we went through, they can't avoid being changed. They sort of… adapt to being stronger and more serious."

"Yeah…" Zany replied. "Well, it looks like Gyro is coming, so I'll get out of your way."

"Bye." Evina waved as she walked away.

Gyro's spaceship landed on Evina's driveway, and he walked into the garage. He was still looking dusty and old as always. "Hi there, son."

Evina looked concerned. "You've been visiting me every day for the last few months, so where have disappeared to this whole last week?"

Gyro shrugged. "I… remembered what you said about the president, how he wanted to rule his own world. So I fixed that broken dip rocket and placed a miniature version of the president inside. Then I launched it to a deserted planet a billion miles away."

Evina took a minute to imagine it. He remembered the empty city, how it was silent and calm in the sunset. "So, the cogs are going to rebuild their world on another planet?"

"Yeah, I thought it would be best that way." Gyro smiled.

"That's cool. But have you talked to anyone else about this?"

"No, nobody knows about it yet. However, I had a conversation with Harry just a couple days ago. He said he's doing well since he moved to his private island home with Clara last month."

Evina laughed. "It's about time he took a vacation."

"Yeah, he wouldn't age if he just took his own advice. 'It's snow big deal!' There really isn't any problem that's too big to handle if we work together."

"But you've aged…"

Gyro's smile disappeared.

"I also just remembered that you haven't told me about your trip to Earth yet."

The old chicken looked extremely nervous.

Evina didn't stop. "You said there might not be happy endings forever."

Gyro gulped. "Look… I've been trying to avoid telling you this because I didn't want to worry you."

Evina paused. "Um, worry me?"

"As you know, the humans originally created us. Our tooniverse is so fragile; it's just like a sheet of paper to them. When I went to Earth I realized that the humans kind of pose a big threat to us now."


"One of them saw me when I got there. And he's worried about us."

"That's what my dream was about last night!" Evina exclaimed.

"Of course, you know what this means…" Gearloose sighed.

"Yep, this cruiser is going to have to wait." Evina said. "We're going on another adventure, right?"


"It's going to be dangerous, right?"


"We're going to need help."

"Yes, Evina, I think we've realized now that Toontown will never be free of problems."

Evina smiled. "I think that's what makes it so fun."

"Exactly. The cogs never wanted to relax, and the toons just had too much fun. Even toons can die from too much laughter. Both toons and cogs needed to learn how to change."

"So what are we waiting for?" Evina asked. "There are still so many undiscovered places. There are so many things to do. And we might even see the cogs in their new world."

"Yeah, we don't have any more time to lose." Gyro reminded him. "Just please always remember that I love you, Evina."

Evina smiled as he went up to hug him. "I love you too, dad."

No matter what would happen Evina Gearloose would always be grateful for the friends he made and the things he had accomplished. He looked back at the exciting days of the corporate robots. He loved fighting them and discovering things about them. He loved the gray skies and the silly goons. He loved his dangerous and thrilling adventures with the toons going through the forest. He loved losing battles, going sad, and going back to try again. He loved the peaceful, warm wind on the roof of the apartment in Cog Nation. He loved the colorful sunset over the Cogtropolis skyline. And those days felt like they only happened yesterday. They were the days of the cogs, just one of many adventures in the legend of a place called Toontown.