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For Your Eyes Only

Any information that is disclosed is for your own personal knowledge. If you choose to reveal, said information your termination will be applied. And if you are caught, we at MASTERS have the right to deny any of our prior relationships.

Codename: ASHURA-The Chase

"We have a request from a Mistae Waters," a voice said, their face totally distorted by darkness.

"What? The acclaimed, Pokemon Aquanautist?"

"The same, it appears that she has come across information that can cure the AVS disease."

"Are you kidding? I thought it was incurable."

"It was originally thought so. But it appears she got it from the Team Rocket compound herself."

"I assume she wants protection."

"Yes, and MASTERS is going to give it to her. Getting that cure is our top priority."

"So, who are we going to assign?"

"Bring up the Agent List"

A large computer terminal rises up from the center of the room. With a low hum, the screen flips on. The Main screen fades out as the list of available agents appears. Each name holds a picture ID of all the agents.

"How about Todd Powers?"

"The Snap Master? No, he's correctly on assignment in Hollywood."

"What about Mikey Croft. I know he's kind of green, but the missions he's had so far have been accomplished perfectly."

"No. This mission is too important for a Rookie." There was a slight pause. "I think we should go with Ashura," the man stated while coming into the light, his full features now coming into view. He was a man appearing to be in his mid-twenties. Short spiky brown hair, covered his bronzed skin, his eyes narrow and sharp.

"Ashura?!?" a voice questioned.

The whole room filled with murmuring.

"You can't! You know how reckless he can be! Besides look how much his actions have sent us back in property damages. Brock I know he's your friend and all, but come on."

"I know he can be a little," Brock cleared his throat. "...unorthodox. But he does hold the best success rate among the whole division," Brock commented.

"What about the Toshiro Tower incident?" another voice inquired, which started the others to shout in agreement.

"Look it's been five years since that's happen. Ash wasn't responsible for that.

It was our fault for sending him and Gary on a mission that was way over their heads!" he shouted. The room was silent. No one challenged his claim.

"Hey what about Tracey?" a newcomer suggests.

There was no response from the whole room. "Bring up Ashura's file." Brock dismissed.

The computer screen zoomed to the center image on the screen and focused. The image was then enlarged. It held a profile shot of a young man: dark hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin. In the shot also was his Pokemon of choice, a Pikachu.

The computer reads off the information on Ashura.

Agent: Ashura

Full name: Ashura Satoshi Ketchum

Age: 21

Ht: 5ft 10

Wt: 160lbs.

Total mission sent: 1,010

Total mission completed: 1,009

Succession Rate: 99.1%

Trained Skills:

Kung Fu, Explosives, Woodland Survival tactics

Tae Kwon Do, Weapons Experts, Gymnastics,

Caperiaeria, Sharp Shooting Stealth, and Camouflage tactics

(the list goes on and on)

Ashura Ketchum, one of the top agents of MASTERS. Joined at the age of 14,

Ashura steadily rose through the ranks of MASTERS after attaining the level of Pokemon Master. His Pokemon of choice: Pikachu Lvl: yet to be determined...

"You sure you want to do this, Brock?"

"We have no other choice," Brock looked at the image of the young lady in need.

She appeared to be around his age, early twenties. Shoulder length hair, the color of the setting-sun. Aquamarine colored eyes shined under her flame-colored bangs. "Also, this might be interesting."

The woman sighed. "Where is the location of Ashura now?"

"Right now he is currently on assignment."

Elsewhere in Saffron City

The images of two shadows stood across the street from the Silph Company. At a second glance it appeared to be a young man in his early twenties, a little under six feet tall. His frame was dawning a pair of black baggy pants, a dark shirt and a black leather jacket. His once unruly black hair now fell down at about shoulder length. At his side was a little electric Pikachu. The young man adjusted his fingerless gloves so he can look at his watch.

"OK Pikachu, are they set?" the young man voice asked, eyeing his watch and then the building.

"Pika," the electric mouse replied.

"3...2...1... (beep)," he counted down, while covering his ears. The pikachu did the same.


There was a huge explosion, as the last three floors of the Silph Co. were completely destroyed. Piles of rubble and debris fell from the once flawless building upper floors.

"I think we used too much, Pikachu."

"Chu," the mouse cooed in agreement.

"Well, that should've taken care of Team Rocket," the young man concluded.

"They should no longer be a threat to the Silph Co. President," the two walked back to his sliver convertible BMW. Top being down, the young man jumped inside the vehicle, while Pikachu hopped into the passage side. As he leaped in, the driver side visor flipped open and dropped a small picture. The picture made its way to his lap. Slowly he picked the photo up, with almost surgeon like hands. The young man looked genially at the picture.

It was image of himself, back in his trainer days. There was a slim, blue-eyed, redheaded girl beside him and a taller dark tanned boy in the back.

A smile crossed his face, as a flood of memories filled his mind, all the outdoors and camping, battling and the adventures. Contrary to belief, a small part of him wanted to relive that life all over again. And right next to him in the picture was the reason why.

It's been eight years since that last time he saw her. But since then, there hasn't been a day in that time, he hasn't thought about her...

Stopping himself before he got too involved with his emotions, the young man placed the photo back for safe keeping.

Picking up the receiver to his vid-phone, which was comfortably mounted on the dashboard, the young man dialed a series of numbers. An image of a young woman in her late twenties with strawberry red hair appeared on the screen. "Hey Joy, this is Ash. Everything at Silph Co. is under control. I'm coming in now...."

The young woman face lit up at the man's appearance. "Very good, Agent Ashura, I hope we can be expecting you soon?" she inquired.

"Yeah, I should be back at Indigo, in about 20 minutes," he said while turning the key and revving up the turbocharged engine of his car.

"That's great!" she cheered. Then she started to blush "Uhh...Ashura. I mean Ash. I was wondering...I have tickets to see the new Duplica movie...and....if you're not doing anything tonight..."

Ash's attention was diverted when he heard the sound of wheels screeching. He looked at his rearview mirror and saw three jeeps heading his and Pikachu's way.

He didn't need a second look to know they were filled with Team Rocket men.

He turned his attention back to the screen. "Hey Joy, can we talk about this later? It seems we have company."

"Oh, Gosh! Ash do you need back-up!" she asked. Her voice was filled with a little more concern that usual.

"It's no problem," he said coolly. "I should be back in about....30 minutes."

There was a sound of a bullet ricocheting off the trunk of his car. "Make that

45 minutes," he corrected himself, as he buckled up.

Joy wished him good luck as he turned off the vid-phone. Ash looked back into his rear view mirror; the three jeeps were closing on him in a V formation. The lead car had a man that climbed out of the passenger side firing an Uzi, spraying bullets ricocheting left and right off his armored vehicle. He grinned at his seemly hopeless odds at survival.

Placing the car in drive, Ashura stopped as he remembered the most important detail of all. Opening his glove compartment, he glossed over the pair of Beretta handguns in there, to pick up a pair of sunglasses. He then looked into the mirror to make sure it gave off the right effect. Satisfied, Ashura placed the car in drive and took-off seconds before the Rockets were on him.

On the seemingly peaceful Route 5 highway, a deadly game of cat and mouse was being played. The prey, one of MASTERS' most highly trained spies, Agent Ashura.

His pursuers, the ruthless members of Team Rocket.

Bullets rip through the sky, as Ashura tried to elude his captors. He looked down at his partner, Pikachu. He smiled. The electric mouse was peacefully napping. Apparently it was not worried, nor was Ash. The two have been in many scrapes together and being chased by Team Rocket wasn't anything to worry about.

The ground surrounding the vehicle is shredded with machine gun fire. If the gunman was a little more precise, they would have met their mark. Ash looked through the rearview again; three more jeeps were added to the chase. All with heavily armed Rocket members, with they're chambers aimed at him.

'This is getting dangerous,' Ash thought. 'Looks like they're serious, going to have to go on the offensive.' Concluding the thought, Ash reaches in for the

twin pair of Berettas.

"Pikachu," he said, trying to wake up the slumbering Pokemon.

One of the Pokemon's ears flops up in response.

"I need to take care of something real quick. Could you hold the wheel for a sec?" he paused for a second. "I'll through in a bottle of Heinz 57 if you do," he added trying to sweeten the deal.

Pikachu rejoiced at the naming of his craven. "PIKA! PI-CHU!" it shouted in delight, while reaching a little paw for the wheel.

Ash clutched both guns. Click! Click! The weapons were loaded. He paused for a second to make a silent prayer. Then in one swift fluid motion, Ash leapt out the side of the driver side window. Black hair caught at the mercy of the winds.

He sent a barrage of bullets soared through the air. They're sights set on Team Rocket.

The first wave of bullets hit the lead car like a hail of death. The bullets ripped through the windshield of the car, instantly impaling the driver and the passenger in back. The once transparent glass was now painted in crimson blood.

The Jeep swerves off to the side, hitting a fellow Rocket's vehicle. This in turn, made both vehicles spiral uncontrollable around the road. With another series of gunfire from the fleeing BMW, the two Jeeps were ignited into flames.

Ash flipped up his dark glasses, to grin at his handiwork. The sensation lasted for only a few moments, then he was jolted as a bullet whizzed by. Swearing, he reloaded and then continued his assault.

This was Philip's first assignment out of the Team Rocket training camp. It was a simple enough job. Only was supposed to be in-and-out, straight and easy, with little or no complications.


There were complications. A big one. Now he and the remaining members of his squad were chasing the complication. Philip had to admit though; he did drive a cool car.

Philip's admiration was shortened, as the earsplitting sound of his side window shattered. The cause, heavy gunfire. He returned fire to the speeding Sports car, but his aim was off. He never was good at moving targets.

For some reason his mind keep replaying the day he left for Team Rocket. He kept hearing his Mom's pleas. Telling him to not to turn to a life of crime. Telling him, he could make an honest living. Telling him that the path he chosen would be the death of him. He heard all this, but the opportunity to be in the infamous Team Rocket was too great. Sadly though that was the last day she ever spoke to him.

Philip's jeep received another barrage of bullets. The first was aimed at the windshield. They then passed through, wreaking more havoc. Philip then noticed a sharp pain near his heart. When he inspected it, he immediately became frantic. His once cleaned and pressed designer Team Rocket suit was not caked in blood.

He didn't need a doctor to tell it was a gunshot wound. But he had to do something. The sharp pain in his chest increased to new heights. He called out

"Help!!" but his 'friends' gave him a look that said 'You're on your own.'

The pain in his chest was tremendous. His thoughts were on his Mom again, realizing how true her words were. He cursed the day he turned his back on her.

Accepting his fate, he only regretted that he couldn't tell his Mom he was sorry. And that he loved her.

Then the all pain ceased for Philip. He gasped a few times, and then he was silent as he drew a brew breath for the last time.

While reloading for a third time, Ash started to take notice of his surroundings. The once scenic and picturesque landscape was now, changing to a more rural scene, which was a big problem. He was entering Cerulean City.

'I can't let innocent people get in the middle of this,' he thought as he took the wheel from Pikachu, who appeared relieved. He never could see over the steering wheel.

Ash decided to change his plan instead of taking on Team Rocket, he decided to lose them in the city.

You would think the streets of Cerulean were sent on blaze, do to the speeds

Ashura and his pursuers were going. Bobbing and weaving in and out alleyways, driving down one-way streets into oncoming traffic. During a final turn Ash finally found himself driving on Cerulean's main street.

"This is nuts, I'm causing more trouble in the city, than before!" he shouted, as he outflanked a slower moving car. "Hey Pikachu, any ideas on how to get out of this one?" Ash asked while slightly turning to face him.

"Kaaa" Pikachu answered, while shrugging his shoulders.

"Great...WHOA! Holy Sh-!!!!!" Ash slammed both feet on the brakes, bringing his speeding BMW to a screeching halt. The bumper was an inch away from collision. Even his sunglasses nearly flew off, due to the sudden stop.

Pikachu looked over the dashboard to see what the big problem was. His little eyes bogged out, at the sight. The two of them were stuck on one of the busiest street in Cerulean...during rush hour. There outstretched were miles and miles of cars, all unmoving, honking, and holding hundreds of stressed out drivers.

After a few minutes, three more drivers came pinning in Ash's BMW.

"Damn!! We don't have time for this," Ash looked into his rear view mirror. Team

Rocket would be on them any minute.

"There has to be a way out of this. I will not die here. I still have things to do," Ash glanced to his side. There was an alley way, a little too small for a car to travel through. An idea came to Ash's mind.

"Pikachu lets go," Ash said while gathering a few more clips and his backpack.

"Pika?" he asked looking at him questionably.

"Well, have to lose them in there," he said while pointing down the alley. He ran his hand through his black hair. "Hey Pikachu stay in my bag ok? I don't want anything happening to you little buddy."

"Chuu..." the electric mouse signed, while hoping into his partner's backpack.

Pikachu firmly secure, Ash was about to leave when he remembered something. He flipped down the driver side visor to retrieve the photo of his friends. He turned up his sunglasses and looked at the girl.

"I promise I won't die. Not until I met you again," he stated while placing the picture in his jacket pocket. He then took off.

Ash ran down the alley. In the background he could hear the screaming of brakes being stomped on and the sound of several footsteps coming his way.

Ash jetted down the alley leaping over a turn over trash can. The smell of the alley could even rival the stench coming from a Muk, but Ash didn't have time to worry about that now. His only priority was to survive.

He turned down the next alley.

"Damn! Dead end," he shouted while looking back.

Ash could hear that his pursuers were getting close. He looked around. Nothing but trash, waste, and....a fire escape. Spotting his exit, Ash hurried up the fire escape ladder. The sparks of bullets hitting the metallic frame drew his attention downward. The Rockets have found him.

"Get Him!" one of the Team Rocket members cried. They all drew their arms to fire. Sparks flew again, but the fire escape's metal framework gave Ashura some protection. While keeping an eye on the Rockets below, Ash continued to make his way up the fire escape.

"Fearow! I choose you!" Ash heard from below. He saw his own shadow being cast on the wall. The source of the flash was the white light from the Pokeball being open. After three more flashes, a small squadron of Fearow had been summoned.

"Fearows! Bring me the carcass of that intruder," the Rocket commanded as they took flight. In an instant the Fearow surrounded Ashura, their talons and beaks, clawing and ripping at his flesh.

Ash covered up as much as he could, but the superior strength and speed of the birds were too much. He was about to give in to the pain, when he heard a suddenly cry from his backpack.

"PIIIIKA-CHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!" it shouted as a flash of lightening struck the swarm of bird Pokemon. They all fell to the ground, fainted if not dead, leaving the Rockets cursing at their bad luck.

"Thanks Pikachu," Ash said while taking a small breath.

"Pikaaaaa," it answered smoothly.

Ash looked at the group of Rockets below. Flipping them off, Ash continued up the ladder to the roof.

"Ok Ash, we're up here now where to go?" Ash said to himself, while scanning the rooftop. There wasn't much there: a couple of AC shafts, some chimneys, but besides that nothing.

Ash then noticed a door. He started to run towards the exit, but then the door shook. It shook again, like someone was trying to ram-it-down. 'Must be Team Rocket,' Ash perceived. And if it was, then that door wouldn't last long.

"Ok new exit," he looked all over the building. Then something caught his eye, a loud yellow shirt. It was hanging on a clothesline on the building across the street. He looked at the clothesline, then the building. Making a few mental calculations, an idea came to Ashura's mind.

Taking a few steps back to give himself proper room. He heard the crash of the rooftop door giving way.

"Get him!!!" a Rocket ordered, as five men all tried to grab Ashura.

'Big Mistake,' a mind said.

The closest guy to Ash tried to grab him in a huge bear hug. Ash ducked underneath his arms and came up from behind with a powerful back fist to the Rocket's skull. The fist was followed by a thunderous roundhouse kick that sent his opponent to the ground.

Leaping over their friend's unconscious body, two more Rockets tried to pin the target. Ash then leapt into the air doing a double kick to the Rocket's chest, stopping their motion. Then he grabbed their heads and crashes them together.


Another Rocket tried to come from behind, Ash's remedy, a back kick to the Rocket's temple. An enemy ran towards him from the side...a right cross punch. A kick came wildly Ash's way...he then ducks under and swept the weak leg.

"You guys really should practice more often," Ash jested.

"NO YOU IDIOTS!!! ALL OF YOU GRAB HIM!!!" said one of the few standing Rockets.

Then suddenly Ash was surrounded. He could see the building from across the street with the clothesline. Remembering his idea, he starts to creep toward it.

As soon as he moved, the all Rockets rushed him. Ashura was in a pileup of hands, legs and feet.

Filled with some unknown strength, Ashura broke free of all their grasps and raced to the side of the building. In one leap he was air born, his body soaring over the pavement. His momentum, carried his body far enough to the suspended clothesline across the street. Grabbing the line, he brought out his Beretta and fired a couple of shots to cut the line. The rope free of any restraints, Ash swung safely, to the ground below.

He looked up at the Team Rocket members still remaining on the build, all of they're mouths dropped. Smiling Ash continued to run down the street.

Ash he left, he swore he heard one of the Rockets yell. "WHO IS THAT GUY!?!?!"

Outside the Cerulean City Gym, a young woman walked slowly to the parking lot.

She gave a small yawn before continuing her walk. For her it had been a long day. Ten challengers came to the Gym with hopes of obtaining a Cascade Badge, too bad only one of them was awarded. But even though she won most of the battles, the day's activities were starting to take their toll.

"I must be getting old," she joked, as she walked to the lot.

As she moved she could see the reflection of her bright red hair, glinting off the metallic surface of the parked cars.

A few more minutes of walking and she finally reached her distention, a small, but extremely expensive motorcycle. She threw her leg over the side but stopped to notice her reflection in the mirror.

"I look like a mess," she complained, as she started to go through her purse.

Rummaging around she loosen a small piece of paper that fell to the ground.

Right before it hit the pavement, the paper flipped over revealing that was a group photo. Stopping everything she was previously doing, the woman went for the picture.

She looked at the three kids in the photo. One was herself, when she was much younger. Anyone could tell. The left-sided ponytail was a dead giveaway. 'What was I thinking,' she groaned.

Behind her in the picture, was Brock. That reminded her. She hadn't seen Brock in a long time. 'I wonder what he's been up too.'

The third person, the one standing right next to her was a small boy. Around her age, dark hair, brown eyes. To anyone one else, he would appear like a normal kid. But to her....he was so much more.

Misty could feel the tears coming. She didn't care. Nobody would know. So she let them fall. She didn't know why but every time she looked at the picture...no at the boy. There was always a deep pain in her heart. 'I still love him,' she reasoned.

There was a small breeze that went through the air that sent a shock through her body. She hugged her arms close to her as an attempt to stay warm. See looked out into the distance. The sun was setting.

She looked at it, as if she was in a dream. "He use to like watching the sunset with me," she whispered to herself.

Drying her eyes, she started her bike.

For some reason, she thought she heard running footsteps. From behind her she felt something big fall on top of her. The combined weight sent both of them and the bike to the ground.

Regaining her senses Misty looked up. She was face to face with a young man, probably in his late teens, early twenties. He was dressed in all black and had dark shoulder length hair. She couldn't tell about his eyes though, he wore sunglasses. But if he didn't wear the glasses she would say he was cute.

"Ow...Would you mind?" she complained while pushing him off.

"Oh, I'm sorry miss. I guess I wasn't looking were I was going," he apologized.

"Are you hurt?" he asked while flipping up his dark glasses.

Misty was speechless. She had never seen such beautiful dark eyes in her life.

They almost reminded her of....

"No, I'm fine," she answered with a smile.

He helped her up to her feet. "I'm really sorry," he apologized again. "I've been told that sometimes I can be really clumsy," he added while blushing. He didn't know why he was so nervous around her. It was not like he knew her....right?

"Who would ever say that?" she asked with a small smile. She knew she was flirting but what the hell.

"Well I-" He started to say, but then his attention was drawn elsewhere.

Down the street from the two, a small army of suited men were coming their way.

"There he is!" one of the men shrieked, while drawing out a small pistol.

"Get down!" the young Man ordered to Misty, while throwing her to the ground.

She could hear the shattering of the car next to her window. Closing her eyes, she prayed that she would lived to see the young man another day.

Her prayer was cut short though, as she heard the sound of her bike starting.

She looked up and saw the young man in black on her bike.

"Hey!!!" she yelled.

"I'm sorry. I have to draw them away," he stated. "I'll return it someday!!!" he

shouted as he took off on her bike. He went down the street in the direction of the suited men. Knocking them all over like a set of rolling pins. The young man made a left turn, and then he was gone.

Misty couldn't believe it. "TWO!! TWO, BIKES STOLEN FROM ME!" she shouted. "WHAT AM I CURSED!!!" She shouted to the high heavens.

'Great' Ash thought. 'Now I owe two bikes to two girls. Why can't things ever go my way?' He groaned. But then he grew a big grin. 'But God, she was cute....'

Ash dreamily rode down streets; the bike hugged every curve on the road. Ash looked out the corner of his eyes to spot a road sign.

Indigo Plateau.......10 miles.

He held the clutch, switched gears and speeded off down the streets.

Keeping a mild speed, Ash relaxed a little. 'Team Rocket must be miles behind me,' he thought as made another turn.

He then noticed a tree falling in the distance. Ash accelerated the bike, barely missing the fallen tree. Ash swirled the bike to the side to figure out what happen. Then he heard more rustling, from the trees. Suddenly a blinding light shined through the forests, as a huge monster truck crashed onto the road.

"Oh Hell," Ash groaned as he revved up the motorcycles engine, and then sped off.

The truck burned rubber as it chased after Ashura.

Although he had the truck down for speed, the truck's size and power was more than enough to end Ash's life.

To the sides of him there were flashes of white light, as the Rocket's Pokemon joined the fray.

Ash counted about 3 Fearows, 2 Pidgeottos, and 2 Butterfree. Any one of the three could do the job, but the combination was overkill.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted to his bag. "PIKACHU!!!" 'He must be a sleep again.' Ash sighed. "Hey look!!! An over turned truck of Ketchup!!"

"PIKA!!PIKA!!" his tiny friend chirped, while popping his head out the bag.

"Chuuuu..." it sorrowful cried.

"I'm sorry Pikachu. I just needed your help." Pikachu turned its head to see what the problem was. About seven flying Pokemon coming they're way fast. It flared its cheeks with electricity. Pikachu was upset, but it found that charring Team Rocket was great way to feel better.

The squadron of Pidgeottos swooped down to the bike's left. Flapping all of they're wings profusely, they were attempting a group 'Gust attack' on their target.

Pikachu spotted this a mile away and charged a nice 'Thundershock.' He released the electric blast, but was amazed that the Pidgeottos used agility to dodge the attack.

Changing their agenda, the two Butterfree swooped down to Pikachu, both fluttering their beautiful but deadly wings, while casting 'Sleep Powder.'

Ash held his breath, waiting for the dusk to past and Pikachu dove back into the backpack to shield itself. It decided to charge inside the bag to surprise the Butterfree.

Pikachu sprang from the backpack, "PIKA-CHUUUUUUU!!!!!!" Electricity flaring towards open air. The Butterfree regrouped with the rest of the flying Pokemon.

"CHU!!" he cursed.

"Calm down, Pikachu," Ash said trying to soothe his partner. "These Pokemon are not your normal Team Rocket trained bunch. We are going to use something they haven't seen before." An idea came to Ash. "Hey try Final Storm."

Pikachu grinned. It always did like how Pikapi thought.

Pikachu then leapt on top of Ash's head. Standing in that position, brought back some many memories. Pikachu liked the bag, but kind of missed riding on

Ash's famous Pokemon League Hat.

Pikachu then jumped off Ash's head and landed on the ground. Ash swerved the bike to the side and stopped. The aerial assaulting Pokemon flew around the electric mouse wait for its attack.

Pikachu just stood there; it was totally oblivious to the flying terrors. He stood on to its hid legs and crouched forward. Small sparks of electricity fizzed down from his cheeks, as currents of blue and silver energy stream around his body. The streams of energy increased to it took the form of a flowing orb of electricity surrounding Pikachu. Stray bolts of lighting flashed in the air as the orb of powerful electricity levitated into the air.

The Butterfree, seeing that they were totally outmatched by the Pikachu, started to make a retreat, but suddenly a sliver ray of light flashed onto the Butterfree. Ashes were their only remains. The other Pokemon froze; they didn't know what to do.

The orb of electrical power increased in size again. The erratic bolts of light seem as they had no target, just were randomly destroying any object.

From the center of all the power a voice cried in a huge voice, "CHUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then a tidal wave of power and electrical light blasted toward the helpless attackers. They were bombarded with the electrical attack that was equal to a compressed megaton bomb.

The remains of the Pokemon fell to the earth as the globe of unworldly strength continued to the second target.

The remaining members of Team Rocket turned the corner in their huge monster truck. They were greeted with the heavenly light of the 'Final Storm.' The orb of electricity drew in the truck and it's passengers into its flight. Their screams could be heard for miles.

Pikachu descended from the air. It scratched behind its ear a little, then turned to Ash. "Pikachu!"

Ash chuckled. "Yeah, I don't think they liked that either. Come on, Joy is going to have a fit. We are already two hours late," Pikachu sighed, then scurry over to his master's bag pack for some well deserved rest.

Ash turned to look at the bike...or what was left of it.

There were only charred remains of a frame, melted rubber and a license plate.

"Oh man, not again," Ash sighed. "I really have to talk to Pikachu about his aim," he groaned.

Ash then looked to a nearby road sign.

Indigo Plateau.........5 ml.

"Great. I guess we walk the rest of the way," Ash sighed as he lonely walked down the road to his headquarters.

Mission to be continued.......