Get Your Own Damn Popcorn by AndromedaMarine

John hugged the bowl of deliciously buttered popcorn closer to his chest. "No!" He dodged another attempt to snatch away the snack and Rodney stumbled into the wall. "Get your own damn popcorn!"

"Come on, Sheppard! I haven't had popcorn in years!"

"That's your problem, not mine, now isn't it?" John retorted, flicking an un-buttered kernel at the astrophysicist's forehead. "Settle down and let me watch Slumdog Millionaire in peace."

Rodney snorted. "I will never give you peace, Sheppard. When will you figure that out?" As John flumped onto the couch Rodney made another grab for the popcorn.

"Did you not hear me the first time? Get your own damn popcorn!"

Elizabeth peeked her head into the makeshift home theatre. "What's the movie?" she asked and Rodney froze posed to strike at the popcorn bowl again. "Rodney, what on Earth are you doing?" She walked into the darkened room. "I do believe Colonel Sheppard has sole possession of the popcorn. I wouldn't interfere."

Rodney crumbled and fell back into his chair. "Doesn't mean I can't try..."

The expedition leader's eyebrow went up as she eased herself next to John on the loveseat.

"McKay, if you're going to keep being the loudest thing in the room I'd like to watch this movie in silence." He stared at Rodney with his lips pulled in a tight line. "It means leave. Please leave."

"Fine. I'm getting my own popcorn and pulling another all-nighter to save the world." He stalked out of the dim theatre, leaving John and Elizabeth alone in the silence of the paused movie.

Their arms just barely touched and when they heard Rodney's steps die away in the distance they both seemed to relax. John lifted his arm and placed it around her shoulders, pulling her against his side. "I thought he'd never leave..." He twisted his head to kiss her temple. "Up for a Rodney-free movie night?"

"Sounds wonderful." Inconspicuously Elizabeth's hand inched towards the bowl situated on John's lap. The popcorn had been beckoning her name ever since she smelled it from down the hall on her way to work overtime. Typical. Hoping to claim victory with patience she rested her hand on her boyfriend's thigh. She leaned up to capture his lips as one hand dipped into the bowl and seized a good-sized portion of popcorn. She sat back.

"As amazing as that was, my dear, I'm a member of the military. I know when you're stealing. Get your own damn popcorn," he said with a stupid grin on his face.

Elizabeth smiled sweetly and ate the kernels while staring him in the eye. "I sanctioned the delivery of said popcorn. So, therefore, it's mine. I'm the one holding the right to tell you: get your own damn popcorn."