Bad Dreams and Not Knowing Where I Was

So there I was on the 6th of August, just sitting there, and staring outside my bedroom window. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I have had mixed emotions about here ever since she left me standing alone on half blood hill. Why can't I stop thinking about her? I asked myself.

"Maybe because you love her," a voice replied.

Yea, you're probably ri-, WHAT!!! Who the heck are you?

"That isn't important. I'm telling you what you really need to hear and how you really feel."

It is important and You- Your wrong, Annabeth and I are just friends.

"You just keep telling yourself that"

Get out my HEAD!!! With that I concentrated until I had completely blocked the mysterious voice. But I still couldn't stop thinking about her. Her soft, beautiful golden hair, her stormy gray eyes, her tender, light complexion. I just couldn't stop.

"Percy, dinner," a voice beamed from the kitchen.

"Coming Mom." After I finished eating I took a shower and went to bed. That's when I had yet another dream.

A scratchy metal voice laughed, "You are brave young one, but you should learn to stay out of other people's lives." That's when I realized Kronos was speaking to me. Just the thought of him made my legs tremble. And in a year I would have to make the ultimate decision, whether to save or destroy the Gods. "I have the perfect place to send you to," and with that I was transported to another area, one with large white columns. I then knew where I was… Olympus. Something was different though, the place was in rubble, like someone had ran a bulldozer through(A/N Mortals can't bring Bulldozers to Olympus). Then I saw her, Annabeth, but she was being dragged by her hair. "Kampe, you monstrosity," but all she did was pull Annabeth up and smile.

"Now, Perseus Jackson, son of the sea god, watch your precious loved one die by my hand," she started raising one of her poisoned swords to Annabeth's throat.

"No!" I screamed trying to run over to Annabeth, but as usual, I couldn't move. I tried running as fast as I could but the only thing that came of it was making my legs feel like lead. That was when I started to cry. Yes, Perseus Jackson can cry, but hey, I thought I was about to lose the one I loved and I couldn't do anything about it. Wait, did I just say I loved her, oh now is not the time to debate over something like that. Kampe's sword was touching Annabeth's throat now. "Die, daughter of Athena," and I awoke drenched in sweat, crying, dumbstruck, and not knowing where I was.

"Percy what happened, are you alright?" my mom questioned. "I heard you yelling all the way in my room, you were crying and pleading Kampe not to do it, "Please, Please don't hurt her, don't kill Annabeth." Please tell me, is everything alright?" She looked on the verge of tears.

"Yes mom, it was just a bad dream, now why don't you go back to bed, you too Paul," who just happened to be standing outside my door watching my mom sympathize with me, but the weird thing was he had a confusing look on his face, almost a grin. Then I remembered, he didn't know who Annabeth was. With that they left back to their bedroom.

I almost forgot, see, Paul is my mom's new fiancé. He asked her to marry him on my fifteenth birthday, which Annabeth hadn't bothered to show up or give me a call. I just rolled over in my sweat stained sheets, knowing that I wouldn't be able to get any sleep.

I woke up the next morning to a loud alarm clock. Damn, I forgot, I had school today. I hate Wednesdays. After about thirty minutes of just lying there I decided to get out of bed and took a shower.