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Rose knocked on the door in front of her, "Doctor?"

There was still no response, taking a deep breath she turned the knob on the door she had never opened before on the TARDIS. This was his bedroom, and she felt like she was invading it. But he had been in there for eight hours.

No way could he sleep that long.

She peeked inside the door and saw the form of him lying in the bed, the covers over him lifting and falling in rhythm to his breathing. She took a tentative step inside the room, "Doctor?"

All she got in return was the continue of rhythmic breathing. She slowly made her way into the room and over to him. When she got to the bed only his head was sticking out of the blankets and he was sound asleep.

It was twenty hours ago now they had left her mother, the Sicorax, and Christmas behind. Ten since they left new earth and Cassandra, entering a new life, in the same old way. Maybe this body needed a bit more sleep than the next, or maybe he was still recovering from his regeneration she thought to herself.

She did something now that she had never had the chance to do before, she studied his face. He was much younger looking, the unruly hair on his head stuck out at odd angles, and although he seemed upset about not being ginger, she loved the color of it.

He smiled in his sleep, and she mirrored the action. That was the best part. That smile. When she first saw that smile directed at her, it made her heart stop. This regeneration was her dream come true, everything she could ever want in a man, was now the man she already loved.

She could still see him standing in the doorway of her mother's house, in his suit. The smiles they exchanged before she was enveloped in a hug were wonderful. She continued to look at him, lying in the bed sleeping.

She knew this body more than she ever knew his old one. She blushed slightly remembering what his body looked like when she changed him from his old self into some pajamas.

As if sensing her embarrassment, he rolled towards her and huffed in his sleep before smiling again. She almost laughed when she saw he was wearing the same pajamas. She bent on her knees in front of him and kneeled on the floor to get a little closer.

She could smell the soap he used to shower with before he went to bed, closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, storing the information for some of those long nights. She opened them again to drink in the sight of him, never getting enough.

She didn't know why she did it, but at that moment she leaned in and ghosted a kiss on his cheek. He slept on. Feeling braver she trailed light kisses from his cheek to his lips and paused for a moment before touching his with her own.

His lips were warm and tender beneath her own, and she was amazed at the electricity that passed between them with just the slightest of touches. Before she realized what was happening, he was kissing her back. Slow lingering kisses that touched her soul.

Was this really happening?

Was he really kissing her?

All thought stopped when she felt his arms reach out to her and pull her in to him. She slid onto the bed next to him, their lips never ceasing to touch, lest they break the spell surrounding them. He wrapped his arms around her languidly and pulled her in closer, their bodies melding into one as their breaths mingled.

Their combined pajamas did little as a barrier between them and electricity flowed from one to the other as they lay there, neither wanting to think of the moment, just live it. All at once they were one person, three hearts beating as one.

Rose rolled him on his back and straddled his waist, pinning him to the bed with her body. She could feel his need rise with her own and their movements became frantic. He took his lips from hers and began to kiss his way down her jaw to her neck as he pulled at the hem of her night shirt.

She sat up long enough to help him remove the piece of clothing before pressing her bare breasts against his pajama clad chest. He once again began to attack her neck with fervor. She sat up once more, finally making eye contact with him, an unbidden question in her eyes.

In answer he placed a hand on each of her hip bones and held her there while he ground into her. They were driving each other mad with want and she began to rip at his shirt, pulling it over his head without even trying to unbutton it.

He sat up, her firmly held on his lap, and removed the shirt. The feel of her breasts as her erect nipples scraped across his chest made him growl. She moved her bottom, creating a wonderful friction and he bit her neck.

Almost frantic with need he pulled at her knickers, trying to remove them as quickly as possible. He didn't want her to move, but the material separating them had to go. He ripped them off her and threw them aside.

Fully exposed now, Rose reached a hand between them and pulled at the waist of his pants, pulling them down just enough to release his erection. With no words she positioned herself above him and pushed down.

They both gasped with the action and he once again began to kiss her ardently. She lifted herself up and then back down, emitting a moan of pleasure from the feel of him filling her. He held her close to him, digging his hands into her hips as she continued to move on him.

Faster and faster they moved, each growing closer and closer to the abyss. The feel of her walls as they encased him and the way her erect nipples scraped against his chest had him reeling, and when her walls began to convulse with orgasm, he fell over the chasm and into the abyss with her.

They sat there for long moments, holding tight to each other. Never wanting to let this moment end. It was when Rose shivered that the Doctor realized her exposed state and pulled her down onto the bed with him, covering the both of them up.

The Doctor knew what they had just done was wrong, but right now, he just couldn't remember why.