"Doctor, I don't think this is such a good idea" Rose said breathless. He looked at her a little stunned, "this was your idea!"

"I know…it's just. What if we get caught?" she whispered when they slowed down. He stopped and she almost ran into him. He turned around hand raised an eyebrow at her, a smug smile plastered across his face. She couldn't help but smile back.

"Rose now, have a little faith" he said before smiling even wider and grabbing her hand. She giggled a bit and they began to run down the corridor once more. They came to the next corner and he peered around it to see. He pulled back quickly and looked around them.

"This way" he said and yanked her to the closest door, pulling her in quickly. They stood on the inside of the door, listening at the footsteps that passed the door and continued down the hall. The Doctor suddenly noticed that Rose was pressed close against him and wondered what she was doing.

He turned his head towards her and raised an eyebrow at her. She just stood there, listening to the noises from the other side of the door, not noticing the look he was directing her way. She shifted and bit and he quietly sucked in a breath. She was pressed against him so close he could feel her breasts as they shifted against his back.

She finally looked up at him and noticing the look he was giving her, "what?" she asked in a whisper, "did they hear us?"

He shook his head in response and tried to turn around, she noticed how close she was to him and attempted to turn around, but got caught on something. When she shifted to see what it was she was caught on they both heard the sound of her pants ripping.

She looked up at him with a startled expression and he couldn't suppress the smile that flitted across his face. She smacked his shoulder and he covered the smile with a look of indignation, "what was that for?"

"My pants ripped, and your laughin'?"

"Sorry" he said quickly, "can't be that bad, let's have a look." Rose tried to stop him from looking but she was too slow. A moment later he pulled back and gave her a sheepish smile, "why rose, I had no idea" he whispered into her ear.

She turned three shades of red before burrowing her head in his chest. When she put on the red silk panty set this morning she had clue as to what was going to happen. She thought she had been safe when she placed jeans and shirt on over them along with a jumper.

Suddenly she felt the Doctor's hands on her shoulders, "Rose, don't be embarrassed" he whispered and began to trail his hands down her back. She began to melt into his embrace as his hands trailed fire down her back.

She couldn't help the shudder that ran down her spine when his hands found their way to her waist.

"Rose, look at me" he said gently and she lifted her eyes, she gasped when she saw the look of lust on his face.

"I don't want to stop" he said and slipped his hand under the seam of her shirt, ghosting his fingers across the skin there.

"Then don't" she replied, pressing her body against him, feeling his obvious arousal. She pressed her body harder against him and he closed his eyes, digging his fingers into her side.

He sucked in a deep breath and let it out before opening his eyes once more, "Rose, we're in a cupboard…" he managed to get out before she shifted her hips against him, making him lose his thoughts.

She reached her hands up and placed them on both sides of his face, trapping him in her eyes, "I don't care" and she leaned up on the tips of her toes and kissed him. He hesitated at first before pulling her in and increasing the pressure of the kiss.

Encouraged with his response she trailed one of her hands down his body and began to quickly pull his shirt out of his pants. Her actions were frantic and his response was immediate. He turned them around and pressed her against the door, moving his hands from her waist to the button of her pants.

He unbuttoned her pants, slid the zip down and pushed his hands under the fabric, pulling her pants and knickers down with a fluid motion. This was not going to be gentle lovemaking, this was going to be pure fucking and Rose grew wet with the knowledge.

She undid his pants quickly and pulled them down while she stepped out of her own. As soon as his erection was free from its material bindings she lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his hip. He grabbed it with his hand pulled it higher while his other hand reached for her ass and held on to her.

She lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his waist to meet the other as he placed himself at her entrance. He paused for just the slightest of moments before thrusting himself within her folds and they both moaned with the feeling of it.

"So tight" he ground out as he began to thrust into her, pushing her hard against the door, "and wet" he continued between thrusts. She tightened her hold around him and shifted her hips to allow him deeper access while panting into his neck.

The feeling in the pit of her stomach began to build as he continued to thrust into her, slamming her roughly against the door with each one. She kissed, sucked, and nipped on every piece of his skin she could reach.

"Fuck" she moaned and he pounded into her harder, sucking and nipping at her neck with hunger. The feel of his cock as he thrust it in and pulled it out of her was pulling her closer to climax with each pass, the coil in the bundle of nerves was growing tighter and tighter as he rubbed his pubic bone against it with each thrust.

"Oh God…yes!" she growled out as the coil suddenly snapped and she was flung into orgasm. His cock continued to pound into her with reckless abandon as he grew nearer to his own orgasm and the motion caused the coil in her to once more begin to tighten.

"Shit Rose…I'm…going…to…" and he sped up, pushing harder and harder, rubbing more and more against that bundle of nerves. She began to pulse against him once more, sending him spiraling into his orgasm and causing him to release himself inside her.

She lowered her legs gently as they both tried to control their breathing. He placed gentle kisses along her neck, licking her from neck to ear and she shuddered. She could feel his smile against her neck "I guess it was a good idea to visit…"

Rose giggled against his neck, "too bad we didn't actually get to see Elvis huh?" and she giggled again. He didn't really look all that disappointed.

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