Sarah was relieved to see that Sam was ready when she went to his rooms to get him for dinner. He was playing with Fleck again in the enormous playroom that Jareth had added onto his suite. She smiled broadly at the sight of the healthy little elfin boy companionably sitting next to the goblin by the toy train tracks as both excitedly watched the train moving around the track. Jareth had asked him what toy he most wanted in the world, and a train set had been his answer. Mere moments later, Jareth had presented Sam with the gift. Sam and Fleck were babbling stories to each other about the faraway lands it was traveling to.

"Sam, time to eat," she called. He turned the train off and hugged Fleck, extracting a promise for the goblin to come back and play later before joining Sarah at the door and holding her hand.

They walked down together, entering the dining room to see Jareth, Jen, Steve and Healer Tennison already seated. The men stood as Sarah entered the room and she begged them to be seated, embarrassed by the attention. She helped Sam into his seat and found Jareth waiting to assist her into hers.

She leaned over and asked quietly, "Jareth, is Fleck a rather young goblin? I'm curious, because he seems to enjoy playing with Sam more than any of the others."

He responded in a whisper, to prevent the others from overhearing, "Actually he's quite new... when the Labyrinth converted the young men we met, it indicated to me that Fleck had had an extremely neglected childhood and thus it chose to recreate him as a goblin child. I hadn't mentioned anything about him to you, only because I hope we can continue with the idea of the three former ruffians having a new start in life."

Surprised, but not finding any hostility within herself for the creature, Sarah understood why Jareth hadn't mentioned the goblin's previous identity. "No problem. If you're okay with it, he has a clean slate with me," she assured Jareth. She turned and changed the subject, curious about Steve's experiences for the afternoon. "Steve, so what did you learn today... or should I say, what did you learn from each other?" she asked curiously.

"Well, I found out why St. B's lost a couple thousand in medical equipment," he replied teasingly, knowing her curiosity would kill her if he drug out his explanation.

Sarah swallowed her bite of excellent roast beef and replied, "Okay, I'll bite, and don't you dare try to prolong the suspense. What made everything go kablooey?"

Steve grinned. "It has to do with magic and its effect on technological devices... it fries them. That's why they don't have them here. In fact, when you transform from human to Fae, the electrical charges in the body and mineral balances shift to accommodate the magic - the human body has an electrical system in place and certain norms for electrolytes..."

"Steve, I'm a lab tech... I do know about the electrolyte balances and norms. So that's why they thought Jareth was so anemic?" she asked curiously.

"Actually, Lady Sarah, the anemia had to do with the fact that we Fae simply cannot abide very much Iron in the body, merely trace amounts... this significant difference in normal values would have been what your laboratory noticed and thus caused the misdiagnosis of the king," Healer Tennison replied.

"That makes sense, actually; I remember when I first wished Toby away, there was a power outage right before Jareth showed up, " Sarah commented.

"Actually, that is quite normal, Precious," Jareth informed her. "It's a side effect of the massive amount of energy it takes to transport from the Underground to the Above," Jareth noted, then smirked. "It makes for a hell of a dramatic entrance as well."

Sarah snorted inelegantly. "Yes, I've noticed you rather like those..." she commented dryly.

"So, I hear you had an interesting afternoon yourself, Sarah," Steve commented. "Those three witches were lucky to escape with all their body parts! I've seen you when you're pissed off -- it's not a pretty sight."

Jen chuckled. "They're just sex-starved, jealous, stuck-up bitches. We took care of them... Well, until His Highness came in and rescued us from their nasty clutches," she commented dryly, giving a mock-shudder. She laughed at the raised eyebrow she got from Jareth. "Well, they were!"

"Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you, Jennifer, they were quite out of line. I doubt we'll be seeing them again anytime soon," Jareth replied with another smirk.

"Speaking of seeing people... Jen, did you mention Jareth's offer to Steve yet?" Sarah asked.

"Mmm, yep. We're thinking about it. Quite seriously, in fact. I mean, we don't really have anyone to miss much. I just have my dad, and I could always visit him occasionally if I understood you right... and Steve just has his sister who lives across the country," Jen replied thoughtfully.

"Yes, it would be possible for you to visit, but not very frequently, due to the amount of energy involved in traveling between the planes as well as the dangers that would be inherent to you as a young Fae in the Above. The enormous amount of steel and iron would greatly weaken you if you were to spend large quantities of time there," Jareth explained.

"Well, so far I'm all for it," Steve exclaimed. "I mean, Jen and I need to talk a little more, and Sarah hasn't really said for sure what she's doing... but I'd love the chance to learn healing from Tennison. We got along great today. The stuff he knows is fascinating." He shot the healer a grin, who returned it readily, nodding.

Jen smiled at Steve, obviously pleased by his response. "So far, I really like it here too. I mean, I haven't seen anything to not like... well, except those three chicks who hopefully won't be back..." Jen stated, agreeing with Steve's assessment.

"I sincerely doubt they'll be able to show their faces around here any time soon," Jareth said, chuckling. Everyone laughed along with him.

Sarah was thrilled to hear her friends' opinions. She'd nearly made up her mind already, but she had decided that she wouldn't announce her decision in public; she wanted to talk to Jareth alone. No one questioned her directly, to her relief.

Jareth stood. "I do have an announcement," he said, walking over to stand behind Sam's chair. Placing his hands on the boy's shoulders, he said, "Sam will not be adopted by an Underground family. He is to be my honorary younger brother, and shall remain here in the castle with me and whoever of you chooses to remain."

Everyone started talking at once, getting up to hug Sam in congratulations. He thought it was the "coolest thing ever" to be brother to the Goblin King, and gloated that Jareth and he had come to the decision together earlier in the day. It had been their secret all afternoon, but he was pleased that everyone knew about it now.

Dinner continued with topical chatter. The food was excellent as always, Sarah wondered where it came from... if Jareth conjured it as he had done for her in the cabin and in the evenings, or if he had a kitchen full of goblin chefs. She'd have to investigate that later. She caught Jareth giving her several meaningful glances and pondered again how she could be in constant need of the man. She'd just attacked him in his bath not an hour ago, for goodness sake. Somehow that didn't seem to matter as she felt herself respond to his stealthy looks as though she hadn't been with him in days.

After dinner, Sarah took Sam upstairs to change for bed before meeting Jareth, Steve and Jen in the drawing room to relax, drink some wine and chat. She was amused to notice that Steve and Jen were teasing each other just as much as Jareth and she were. She wondered idly who would give up and run upstairs first as she ran her hand stealthily down Jareth's thigh, biting her lip in amusement as he jumped and then scooted closer to her. He had his arm draped around her shoulders and continually let his fingers stray to accidentally brush across her breast as he stroked her arm. If their friends hadn't been so intent on one another, she would have smacked him. At least his attentions were sort of discreet...

After an hour of friendly chat, wine and teasing the hell out of each other, Jen and Steve excused themselves due to 'exhaustion' and went upstairs to their chambers. Sarah laughed as she and Jareth made their way upstairs as well, hand in hand.

"What is so amusing, Precious?" Jareth asked.

"Oh, nothing really... I was just taking bets against myself on who would give up first and rush upstairs..." she chuckled. "They were distracting each other just as much as we were."

They changed for bed rapidly, taking turns in the bathroom brushing their teeth quickly. Sarah put on the sexy black nightgown that she knew Jareth liked and crawled into bed to wait for him. The few minutes alone were enough for her to come to a conclusion. Well, she had already reached that conclusion, but now she was ready to share it with Jareth. Her heart sped up a little bit at what she was about to do. When Jareth crawled in next to her and put his arm around her, Sarah turned towards him, placing her hand to the side of his face. He immediately looked apprehensive, apparently sensing her pensive mood.

"Is everything all right, love?" he asked. "You seem quite serious suddenly."

"I just have something I wanted to let you know. I didn't want to say anything at dinner because I wanted to talk to you alone." She was sure of what she wanted to do but for some inexplicable reason she felt ridiculously nervous in telling him.

"It's all right, my darling, you can tell me anything you need to," Jareth said soothingly. She could see from the tight line of his mouth and the crease in his forehead that he was terrified she was going to tell him she wanted to go home.

"You're wrong, you know," she murmured, kissing him gently. "I can see what you think I'm going to say, and you're wrong. I wanted to be alone with you to tell you that I want to stay here - with you. And hopefully, with Jen and Steve, too." She smiled at the look of absolute relief on his face. "Despite the silly Fae twits that want to jump your bones, and your hyperactive goblin horde..." she teased.

"You read me far too well, my dear," Jareth stated, kissing her thoroughly. "I've never had better news, Sarah, nor have I ever been so happy." He knelt at the side of the bed, producing a crystal which burst in his hand to reveal a small, antique looking ring box. "So, if you will stay with me... will you also do me the honor of becoming my wife? My Queen?"

Sarah grinned broadly at the sight of her gorgeous Goblin King in his silk pajama bottoms kneeling before her. Romantic, sexy, and devastatingly handsome -- what a combination! "And fear you, love you, do what you say?" she quoted smiling into beloved mismatched eyes.

"Give me your answer, Precious," he said, entirely serious.

"Of course I'll marry you, Jareth. And love you. As to the rest... I'm not so sure I fear you anymore, but I do fear for you... and I'll try to do as you say, as long as you return the favor," she promised as happy tears welled up only to be blinked away.

He slipped the ring on her finger. "It was my mother's, and has been in the family for millennia before she wore it," he explained as she looked at the lovely ring he'd placed on her hand. It wasn't ostentatious or gaudy... merely a shining gold band with two diamonds set into it on either side of a Clauddagh.

"It's beautiful, Jareth," she told him, again blinking away the tears that threatened to escape at the deep emotion she felt looking at the ring on her finger and the radiant face of the man who had placed it there.

He sat next to her and she pulled him towards her, kissing him intently. "I think, Your Majesty... that I would very much like to ravage my fiancée," she murmured huskily into his ear, enjoying the scent and feel of his silky hair on her face. She reached up to bury her hands in it, pulling him close.

"I do think that could be arranged, Precious," he managed to choke out huskily against her mouth as he proceeded to comply with her request.


The next morning at breakfast, Jen grabbed Sarah and dragged her from the room, stopping outside in the passageway. "I have to tell you, Sar... you're never going to believe this!" she burst out, emphasizing her words with a little squeal.

"What is it, babe?" Sarah asked, her curiosity peaked by her friend's excited and odd behavior.

Jen thrust her left hand out to Sarah, revealing an engagement band on her ring finger. "Can you believe it?" she asked, tears welling up. "He's so sweet... and romantic," she gushed. "Steve took me out on the balcony last night and asked me to marry him... and to stay here with him as his wife!"

Sarah grinned broadly, giving Jen a hug. "Well, I'm incredibly excited for you, sweetie," she said happily. "I have a little bit of news for you, as well." She held her left hand out to meet Jen's, nearly laughing out loud as her friend's eyes widened in shock.

"You're kidding?! You too? Oh, that is just too cool, Sar!" Jen grabbed her and pulled her to her in another tight hug. "Did they plan to propose on the same night? This is just the best day ever, Sarah. Just ever." She grabbed Sarah's hand, pulling her into the dining room so they could get some breakfast from the buffet while they were talking. As they were walking over to the table, chatting excitedly, Jareth and Steve walked in nearly at the same time from opposite sides of the room. They served themselves in turn and sat down at the table.

"Jareth, you're not going to believe this!" Sarah exclaimed excitedly. She reached across the table and grabbed Jen's left hand, turning it so he could see the ring sparkling there. "Is that just unbelievable or what?" she asked, smiling broadly.

Steve appeared a bit confused for a moment at Sarah's comment then, seeing Sarah's hand, a grin appeared on his face. "You too? What a coincidence," he said, giving Jareth a smirk. "That's just awesome, Sar!" he stated happily. "I told you all those weeks ago that this guy had it bad for you." He winked at Jareth, who had lifted an eyebrow at the comment but then merely shrugged and nodded at the undeniable truth of it. Steve grinned and said to Sarah, "Can I say 'I told you' so now?"

Sarah retorted, "You can say whatever the heck you want today, Steve, my friend. I'm too frickin' happy to care."

Jareth reached over, holding her hand in his. "Congratulations to you both, Jen, Steve. You are welcome to be married here if you so choose."

Steve smiled happily. "Actually, that sounds perfect, Jare. Jen and I discussed your offer last night, and agreed that as long as Sarah stays, we'd love to, as well. And as it appears that Sarah has made her decision..." His voice trailed off as he grinned almost stupidly at his friends and shrugged. "Who would have thought when Sar dragged me into her living room with her insane talk of Goblins and the Underground that everything would turn out so incredible? I sure wouldn't have. You know Sarah, you still owe me several cases of imported beer, by the way," he teased. "I won't let you forget about it."

"I'm sure I'll manage something," she retorted, smiling as she saw Sam walk in to the room.


The next several weeks passed in a flurry of preparations. Among all the other activities, Sarah and Jareth took a trip to the Above to visit her family in Europe. She introduced him as her fiancée and they spent a week letting Jareth get to know her family and vice versa. They got along exceptionally well, to Sarah's relief. After a week, Sarah had sat down with them and told them the truth about Jareth and how they had met, news that was met with stunned disbelief from Karen and her father. However, Toby's response was an excited, "I knew it!" After Toby had gone on to describe the room of stairs to her parents, the disbelief had faded mildly to the point where they accepted an invitation to the Royal wedding as well as to Jen and Steve's, both of them claiming, "We'll believe it when we see it."

Jareth had hired a small team of dressmakers to design and create both Sarah and Jen's bridal gowns. He and Sarah had quickly put a stop to Jen's protests that she could never repay him by reminding her that she'd helped save the life of the Labyrinth's king. In his estimation, providing for her wedding was a small thing in comparison, one which he was delighted to do.

Steve had continued to work and train daily with Tennison, learning much and in turn providing great insight to the Healer regarding many Aboveground medicines and treatments. He'd had Sarah bring back to the castle all his study materials from paramedic school and the college books he'd used while he had been completing his undergraduate degree in microbiology.

Jen rapidly acclimatized herself to working in the study and library, dividing her time between organizing the books, processing paperwork and attending etiquette classes with Sarah. An exquisitely beautiful Fae woman who served as a courtesan at the high court had been brought in to teach the girls after much discussion of their options. Sarah had expressed concern at how exactly Lady Marebeth knew Jareth at first but after awhile she warmed to her and became more comfortable as she realized beyond a doubt that he really had eyes for no one but her. It also didn't hurt that Marebeth was married to one of Jareth's distant cousins.

The three women became fast friends. Lady Marebeth was great company and highly entertaining, in addition to being extremely well-versed in the manners and customs of court life. The ice had been broken quickly after Marebeth had heard the tale of their early visit by the three ladies of court and how Sarah and Jen had stood their ground against them. When Sarah had relayed Jen's small pep talk that had provided her with the strength to stand up to them, Marebeth had collapsed into gales of laughter and from then on was wont to frequently bring it up to Sarah teasingly whenever she seemed frustrated or down. For some reason, Jen's description of Jareth as a 'prime piece of ass' amused her to no end.


Sarah awoke quite late the day after her wedding and coronation. It had been a beautiful ceremony - well two ceremonies actually. Afterward had been a whirl of faces and names. Many had traveled from the High Court and several other kingdoms to see the mortal girl who had captured the attention of the irascible Goblin King. Thanks to her lessons with Lady Marebeth, Sarah had felt capable dealing with the never-ending barrage of dignitaries, but she was unbelievably relieved that it was all over. She had entertained herself throughout the day by watching her parents' and Toby's reactions to her new home. Their looks of disbelief and shock when Jareth had transported them to the castle the day before the wedding had been quickly replaced by intense interest in this new world.

Sarah had a feeling Jareth was planning on inviting them to stay, or perhaps come back to live in the castle after they'd processed the reality of it all. She grinned broadly... Jareth had been truly the epitome of the perfect new husband as she was overwhelmed with interest at the reception. He had politely introduced the endless faces but carefully shielded her from too much attention, even pulling her out for a quiet walk in the garden when he became convinced that the press of bodies was too much for her.

"Are you awake, Queen Sleepyhead?" a teasing voice interrupted her musings.

"Jen!" She got up and ran over to hug her friend. "Ugh, I was exhausted last night! I can't believe I slept so late. It was all a bit much, don't you think?" Sarah confided with a giggle.

"I'm just relieved I didn't let you talk me into that double wedding craziness you started out with," Jen replied. "Better you than me... yesterday was insanity. I much prefer how Steve and I have it planned for today," she continued, the note of excitement creeping into her voice.

"Oh, is that today?" Sarah teased excitedly.

Jen grew teary-eyed up and grabbed her again in a big hug. "If it wasn't for you, Sar..." She sniffled and wiped at her eyes. "I need to stop this, I'll get all puffy. Let's get some brunch before we have to get ready for the ceremony this afternoon." Jen grabbed Sarah's arm and started to pull her towards the door. "Why does it seem like the only time we're all together is when we're stuffing our faces?" she asked good-naturedly.

Sarah laughed. "Because it's the truth. Lately we've all been so busy for various reasons… I hope it'll calm down soon, though."

Jen nodded. "Me, too. Let's go, I'm starved!"

"Jen, hold on a second... after all our lessons, you're gonna drag me down to the dining room in my nightgown? I don't think so! Marebeth would kill me." She pulled a gown from the wardrobe and changed into it. Jen fastened the buttons up the back of the dress while Sarah brushed her hair and put a thin jeweled head band on to hold it out of her face. It went well with the new pendant Jareth had fastened around her neck the day before, the sign of her office when she wasn't required to don a tiara or other crown for ceremonial events.

They walked to the dining room companionably, filled their plates and joined Steve at the table. He let them know Jareth had already eaten and gone to his study to complete some work before the ceremony later in the day. He had agreed to perform their marriage since he was able to do so as the head of state. Besides, they would both be taking the Oath of Fealty beforehand, which would declare them to be citizens of the Goblin Realm, much as Sarah's oaths during her coronation had done.

They chatted excitedly about the wedding and about the events of the evening before. After they were done eating, Sarah and Jen went to Sarah and Jareth's rooms to meet up with the dressmaker for final alterations to Jen's gown, while Steve would get ready in the rooms he shared with Jen.

When they got upstairs, Karen and the dressmaker were there waiting. Karen exclaimed over the gorgeous gown Sarah and Jen had designed with the dressmaker's assistance. Toby and Robert had gone to help Steve prepare. Toby was quite excited about being a part of 'man time', Karen confided affectionately with a laugh.

Lady Marebeth came in to assist with dressing Jen for her wedding and all the women had a lively time teasing her and laughing over incidents from Sarah's wedding the day before, most notably the goblins' involvement, which Sarah had insisted upon. Karen assured them their idea of getting married within one day of each other was a wonderful way to ensure their husbands remembered their anniversaries, joking that they could easily remind one another and would have no excuse for forgetting.

After all the women were coiffed, and accessorized, made up and completely dressed they made their way together to the chapel to meet up with Jareth, Steve, Robert and Toby.


There was a buzz of hushed, excited whispers as Sarah and Jareth walked together down the aisle where they'd been married just a day before. At the front of the room they stopped and turned. Queen Sarah took her place next to Jareth, head held high as Lady Marebeth had taught her. He could barely restrain the proud grin that wanted to spread across his face at how elegant and regal his new wife appeared. He was pleased that her first official appearance as Queen could be at the ceremony to proclaim her two best friends as citizens of the Underground. He looked away from his bride to watch as Jen and Steve walked down the chapel aisle together. He was very proud and happy for his new friends on this day, as well.

Steve approached first, kneeling and holding his hands out as Jareth reached out to take them in his according to custom.

"Hear you, my Lord Jareth, that I shall be to you and yours both faithful and true, and shall owe my fidelity unto you and lawfully shall dedicate my skills and knowledge to the betterment of the Goblin Kingdom as is my Duty to you, from this day forward." Steve recited the oath as practiced, solemnly looking up into Jareth's eyes. Then he stood and backed away so Jen could kneel in front of Jareth.

Jen knelt and took Jareth's hands, a bit nervously, he realized as they trembled. He squeezed them reassuringly. She then recited the oath of fealty as Steve had done. He saw Sarah grinning proudly at her friend and he realized Jen hadn't had to pull out the little index card they'd written the Oath upon in case she forgot. Jen stood and backed away to stand next to Steve and reached over to hold his hand.

"Let all present bear witness; it is right that those who offer to us unbroken fidelity should be protected by our aid. And since such faithful, by the favor of Danu, has seen fit to swear trust and fidelity to us in our hand, therefore we decree and command that from this time forward you are considered to be a citizens of the Goblin Realm and fully under protection of its king," Jareth pronounced regally.

The goblins and other denizens oft the Labyrinth gathered cheered as if on cue. Jareth smirked. He could always count on his goblins to provide an enthusiastic crowd for any event.

"Now, I believe our two newest citizens have petitioned to be married this day," he teased with a mischievous grin before proceeding with the marriage ceremony. Sarah gave the bride away as she was Jen's closest friend. The two women were truly beautiful and elegant standing next to each other, he mused, admiring his Queen once again.

Soon, Jareth was proclaiming that Steve and Jennifer were now husband and wife and instructing Steve to kiss his bride, which he readily did. They shared an enthusiastic kiss amidst the cheering of the excited goblins. Sarah's family, Tennison, Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus all lined up to hug and congratulate the couple before they walked back to the formal reception room for a small feast.

Today, Jareth thought, it was good to be King.



Sarah sat on her throne next to her husband of five years, listening patiently to yet another goblin explain how his sheep had managed to become impregnated by a ram of his neighbor's herd. She wondered idly why this was such a common occurrence, and why the silly creatures didn't simply plan ahead to put their animals to stud. She sat up straighter as she heard Jareth's voice decreeing who would get which lambs out of which sheep. Court day truly came around far too quickly, but at least it was time spent with Jareth.

After two more cases of petty thievery and four goblins complaining of escaped chickens which they wanted to reclaim from their neighbors, it was at last time to conclude court. Finally they could escape to their rooms, she realized eagerly. Jareth signaled to Sarah to perform the transportation spell, one she had been practicing all week, so - a bit nervously - she did. She was relieved when it worked appropriately and they both ended up in their bedroom. Without warning, she grabbed her husband and pushed him backwards until he fell onto the bed. Crawling on top of him, she pinned him to the mattress. "You know, I used to think you exaggerated the tediousness of Court, my love," she teased, leaning over to nibble and lick at his throat.

"Never would I exaggerate to my Queen," he pronounced haughtily with a gleam in his eye, earning him a giggle from Sarah. She slid off him to lie at his side, stroking his face with her fingers as she relaxed onto the pillows facing him.

"It's too bad I can't think of a way to get Jen to sit in at Court for me from time to time..." Sarah mused, knowing her friend already did quite a bit, managing the household and assisting them with their copious paperwork.

"Such is the exciting life of a Queen, Precious. A bit different than you thought it would be when you playacted your fairy tales in the park, is it not?" Jareth asked, grinning at her.

"Mmm, it's still got some pretty good perks," she declared, leaning over to kiss him again, only to be interrupted by the sound of excited giggling and chattering at the door.

She glanced up to see the door swing open as Toby raced in behind three giggling children. "Sorry, Sis, they got away from me," he apologized. "They knew it was almost time for you guys to be done and wanted to see you."

"It's perfectly fine, Tobes," Sarah replied, holding her arms out as a signal for the two little girls and the boy to join them on the bed. The twins, Katherine and Megan, were two, and Jared was four. Since her family had moved into the castle three years ago, Toby had looked out for them whenever Sarah or Jen couldn't. He spent a great deal of the rest of his time with his tutor as well as trying to teach some of the goblins to read. Jareth found it terribly amusing, but Toby swore he could teach them at least the basics.

Sarah grinned as she saw Jen walking up behind Toby, holding her own two year old daughter, Lizzie, who had her arms clutched tightly around her neck. "What is this, a party in the royal chambers and I wasn't invited?" Sarah teased, looking at her friend over her daughter's head. Jared had immediately crawled up onto his father's lap, as usual.

"Do join us, Jen," Jareth replied with a smile. "The more the merrier in the king and queen's chambers, I always say."

"Yeah, right," she snorted in amusement. "I was just coming to see if you guys had any preference for dinner tonight," Jen said. Then, sounding slightly annoyed, she added, "Steve is still with Tennison, playing with their test tubes, herbal concoctions and spells, and I'm getting hungry. I was wondering if maybe Jareth could um.. 'poof' us some pizza, hot wings with ranch dressing, and beer?" she asked hopefully.

"That sounds more than acceptable, Jennifer," Jareth agreed. He was quite accustomed to 'poofing' them Aboveground fair rather often. "If perhaps Toby could remove these rapscallions." He grinned at the children nestled in between him and his wife. "Sarah and I could shower and change and meet you downstairs in say... half an hour? It was a more than painful day at Court and I feel the need to wash it all away rather desperately."

"What's a ras-pal-lion?" Jared asked in Jareth's ear, his little face curious.

"You, my lad. Now get your sisters and go with your Uncle Toby for a bit. You can go collect Sam, tell him we're having pizza tonight." He hugged his son briefly, kissing the top of his head. "Your mummy and I will be down for dinner very soon, all right?"

The dark haired, blue-eyed boy looked at him seriously and nodded his head. He pulled at his sister's dresses and said, "C'mon Meggie, c'mon Katie... we gotta go get Sammy with Unca Toby."

The doll-like blond, green-eyed girls looked up at their mother, who nodded her approval and endorsement of their father's direction. Satisfied, they clambered over Jareth to kiss his cheeks and then crawled off the bed to follow their brother out of the room. Jen followed, giving them a wink and pulling the door closed behind her on her way out.

"Excellent move, Your Majesty," Sarah murmured when the room had cleared. She grabbed a robe and walked towards the bath with a gleam in her eye, pleased when she noted her husband seemed to be eyeing her with singularly wicked intent.

She undressed quickly and slid into the warm sunken tub with a grateful sigh. Then she noticed two glasses of wine sitting to the side. She picked one up and sipped at it. "Your doing, I assume?" she asked her husband who undressed with suspicious speed and had slid into the tub next to her.

"Quite. There is also currently enough pizza, wings and beer to feed and inebriate the Goblin army in the family dining hall... It should buy us a short amount of time before the troops return to demand what is taking us so long," he replied with a lascivious grin.

"This is why you are king, I suppose... excellent strategic planning," Sarah murmured as she pulled him to her and kissed him tenderly. She thought idly of how she'd once worried that she could become bored with this man. Inhaling his magical spicy scent, she knew she would never take him for granted or lose her excitement for him.

"Indeed. One does what one can to please the Queen... You do realize that is the main duty of a King, do you not?" he asked her huskily as he nibbled at her throat. He licked and lightly suckled there before returning to her lips to kiss her deeply once more.

Sarah slid over to sit on his lap, straddling him as she ran her fingers over his slick, wet skin. The bath was one of their favorite places to please one another. She studied her husband's face. He was just as beautiful now as he had been the first night she'd crawled into his bed in the cabin, letting down her guard to finally give in to his persistent attentions.

She still found herself wondering occasionally what he saw in her, but not nearly as often as she had once. Since her transition to Fae had become complete, she had grown just a bit more enticing, she knew. There was some enchantingly appealing quality that seemed to go with the territory. She'd seen it in Jen, as well. The knowledge that it was there made her feel just a bit more enticing.

She found herself becoming lost in the feel of her Goblin King's body against her own, his talented hands caressing her as he kissed her hungrily. She could feel him relaxing the barriers he kept around himself for everyone but her, saw his blue eyes darken with need and desire. His body readied itself against hers and she met that need without pause, taking him in effortlessly. She nibbled at his neck, then at his shoulder, tweaking his nipples with her fingers as she kissed him passionately, continuing to ride him in the water. She thoroughly enjoyed the power she had over this incredibly attractive and darkly powerful man.

When they'd found their release in one another, they took the time to leisurely wash each other with the vanilla scented soap Sarah still found to be an excellent scent against her husband's skin. They dried each other off slowly, continually teasing one another until Sarah finally stated that they'd better get down to dinner before a search party of small creatures came barging through the door.

Ten minutes later, sitting around the table with her family eating pepperoni pizza and sipping on a surprisingly still-cold beer, Sarah realized the fairy tale had re-written itself to suit her expectations. She didn't dream of being the untouchable princess in the tower or the intrepid adventuring heroine any longer, but she did revel in the role of demanding lover to her King, daughter to her parents, wise sister to Toby, sympathetic and accepting friend, and now, at last, incredibly proud mother.

It was good to be Queen...