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AU where there were only two survivors the night of the fire. But Sam is still around; he's just a bit...older and less human.
Opinions on whether I should pair them together? Remember they are in no way related in this.

Chapter 1

Samuel glanced around the bar as he entered, searching for his prey. Though he didn't mean the word the way his 'cousins' would. He held back a snort at the thought of those inferior imitations. They had no idea what it meant to be a true Vrykolakas and he hunted them just as much as they hunted humans. No his prey tonight was not meant as food. He'd watched over this mortal since the man had been just a child, he'd known the risk the family was under and had sought to protect them. He'd been surprised when he'd found himself utterly fascinated by the then only child and shocked when the second born had shared his name. More shocking had been that the child had suggested his baby brother's name. Sam had pulled back then, worried that he'd somehow been detected. And so he blamed himself for the events six months later. He'd decided to hunt that night and had come back to find the house on fire with only the husband and eldest child still alive. He had thought the threat over then and had forced himself to leave the family but he had never forgotten the boy's scent and had used thoughts of the innocent child to keep himself oncourse over the years.

But two months ago rumours had reached him, rumours of Azazel and his sinister plans for humanity and all non-demonic entities. Plans that included his child, though a child no longer. He had never thought the demon would become interested in the other child and he probably wouldn't have been if the father had not turned to hunting for revenge. That had kept the family in the demon's plans and now those plans were getting all to close for comfort. And so he had dropped everything and begun hunting that remembered scent. A scent that had brought him to a bar in the seedier part of Boston Massachusetts.

Sam took a deep breath and smiled as he finally saw the scents owner for the first time in twenty two years. The boy had obviously grown into a man and a strong looking one at that. Shorter than his own 6'4" but also stockier his hair was cut short as suited a hunter and appeared a dark blond in the bar's lights. He didn't need to see his eyes to remember their vivid green colouring. Dressed in worn jeans and t-shirt with a battered brown leather jacket Dean Winchester certainly fit in with the other patrons. Unlike Sam's own new black jeans and green button up shirt. Though his black leather jacket fit in a bit better.

How to approach Dean without putting the hunter on alert had him a little stumped for the moment. From the way Dean was flirting with the scantily clad barmaid his usual method probably wouldn't work and could even get him punched. If he wasn't absolutely hopeless at the game he could have asked Dean to play pool but that wouldn't work. Sam smirked as his method strolled through the door like they owned the place. Their presence also explained what Dean was doing in town. It would be good to get an idea of how well Dean could handle himself and being introduced as a fellow hunter should reduce any suspicion. Having settled that he relaxed against the bar, watching his dear cousins from the corner of his eye. Now that he was looking for it he could see and smell the dead man's blood covered machete hidden in Dean's coat.

Sam watched the group gather what was obviously their meal and leave the bar. Dean followed seconds later and he soundlessly followed Dean. He was always armed and seeing as he was technically dead coming up with a weapon dipped in dead man's blood was rather easy. He crept along the alley parallel to Dean, purposely allowing the hunter to see him and his blade. He flashed Dean a smile and enjoyed the shock the flashed across the mortal's features before they went blank. He received a terse nod and then they were on the vampires. Holding back in a fight enough to appear human was hard but not impossible; keeping his senses on Dean made it a little easier. Between the two of them the vampires didn't stand a chance.

Sam growled under his breath as the last vampire managed to disarm Dean and take him hostage. Knowing what the creature wanted he dropped his blade and held his hands up, Dean getting killed was not in his plans.

"Stay back Hunter or your friend's dead." The vampire snarled, its grip on Dean's neck tightening enough that Dean couldn't hide his discomfort.

"Seeing as I've never met him before he isn't my friend. You know there's no way you're getting out of the alley right? No Hunter would want to live if it meant a vampire getting free to kill, besides I have no guarantee you won't kill him once you're away from here." Sam smirked, keeping the vampires attention off Dean who apparently had another blade hidden on him as he was currently reaching for it.
"So I guess the choices are you let him go and die a quick death or you don't let him go and I drag your death out as long as I can. Which will it be?" Sam smirked at the dumbfounded look on the creatures face, a look that turned to pain as Dean finally managed to pull another blade and ram in back into the vampire's stomach. Sam lunged forward; grabbing his own blade and taking the vampires head off. Sam offered Dean a hand up from where he'd dropped to give Sam plenty of room and the mortal took it.

"Thanks." Dean was eyeing him warily but wasn't acting too distrustful.

"No problem. Couldn't let another hunter get killed or turned like that. Sam Michaels." Sam offered his hand, giving his current identity. He'd used many names over the centuries although he always used his mortal given name somewhere in it.

"Dean Winchester." Dean took his hand and they shook briefly.

"John Winchester's son?" At Dean's nod Sam grinned, enjoying playing his part.
"I've heard of you two. They say you're among the best."

"Oh. Can't say the same about you." Dean said awkwardly as he gathered his two blades.

"Not surprising. I haven't been hunting long and there's no way I'm anywhere near your league." Sam even bounced slightly on his heals as he talked, acting the young hunter who had just met a role model.
"Hey, are you okay?" Sam asked as he caught the scent of human blood and saw Dean cradling his arm.

"I'm fine." Dean answered gruffly but Sam was already at his side, pushing his sleeve up.

"You're bleeding. Did the vampire bleed on your arm?" Sam didn't think it had but it the alley stunk of their blood so it was hard to tell. If it had happened he'd change Dean himself before the blood could take hold, there was no way he was letting his mortal become one of those inferior creatures.
"Come on, we need to clean that up."

"Hold on." Dean refused to move.
"Look kid, thanks for the help but I can take it from here." Dean insisted and Sam nearly laughed at being called kid but physically he did appear younger than Dean.

"And if you did get blood in your wound and start to change? You think you'll be able to do what needs to be done while in that much pain?" Sam argued and Dean slumped, knowing that Sam had won, there was no way Dean would risk becoming a vampire and killing people.

"Fine. My car's round front. Motel's a couple of blocks." Dean handed the keys over slowly but before Sam could take them.
"Christo." Sam shook his head and took the keys.
"Can't be too careful." Dean told him defensively.

"Did I say anything? And it looks like we're going to my hotel since anything within a few blocks of here is going to be bug heaven." Sam held onto Dean's elbow just in case, only letting go when they had to get into the car.

"And you stay where?" Dean asked sarcastically. Sam grinned at him.

"The Hilton." Dean's jaw dropped.


Sam finished cleaning the cut on Dean's arm, ignoring the looks his room was earning him. Luckily he had a story to explain his actually having money all sorted out. He taped a sterile dressing over Dean's arm and then packed up his seldom used first aid supplies.

"Luckily you don't need stitches considering I'm not very good at them." Sam said as he walked over to the small bar fridge.

"Thanks." Dean answered and Sam tossed him a can.
"So how does a hunter afford the Hilton?"

"A tidy inheritance. My adoptive parents were killed by a demon when I was fifteen; they had no other family so I inherited everything. When I learnt the truth about what had killed them I couldn't just ignore it. So I got training wherever I could and started hunting a few years ago." Sam explained, thinking of Alex and Marie Michaels made it easy for his story to be believable as he felt the pain of their loss all over again. They had been good friends and had accepted him despite the fact he wasn't human. To find them the way he had...he'd taken great joy in causing that demon a lot of pain before it had died.

"Oh...sorry." Dean offered uncomfortably and Sam shrugged.

"You didn't know." But what Sam didn't know were the thoughts his story had stirred in Dean's mind.

Dean studied the younger hunter closer. He knew it was impossible and yet...Sam looked to be the right age, he had the right name and was adopted and he even looked a bit like his dad. Was it even remotely possibly that little Sammy had survived that night? But the fire had been in the nursery, too hot for his Dad to get close enough to pull Sammy from his cot. Unless something or someone had already taken Sammy? No, it had to just be coincidence, that was all.

"How old are you?" Dean asked, needing to know that it was impossible.

"Twenty two." Sam automatically gave the answer that was on his licence and Dean swallowed. His Sammy would have been twenty two.

Samuel stared at Dean, unsure about how the human was reacting to what he'd been saying. There was something odd going on, he just wasn't sure what yet. He didn't want to look through Dean's thoughts; he found the use of that power too invasive unless he was using it to hunt.

"You should stay here for the night just to be safe. I think if you'd been infected you would have shown signs by now but I'm not sure." Sam told him though now that they were away from the alley he was positive Dean was safe. There was no foreign scent in his blood to Sam's great relief. While he would have changed Dean to spare him that life he wanted to be friends before Dean ever had the chance to learn what he was. Maybe then there would be a hunter who knew that different did not always mean evil.


Any good? I was going to have Dean the vampire but I just find it easier to write Sam as the non-human for some reason.