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Chapter 12

"Dad?" Dean knocked again, trying to hear anything but something seemed to be blocking his senses.
"Sam." He called and his partner quickly appeared at his side only to frown at the door. They both produced weapons and then Sam knocked the door off its hinges. Dean growled, fangs lengthening as he took in the mess his Dad's room had become.
"Why didn't we hear this?" He asked looking at Sam who was studying something on his fingers. Sam held his hand up to reveal the powdery looking substance.

"Sulphur. Azazel's been here. No feel of death though so John was alive when he left." Sam stated, watching Dean carefully as the younger vampire looked around in horror.
"Looks like your Dad was researching something before he went after that nest." Sam said, flipping through the papers.

"Got it." Dean said and held up the letter from another hunter.
"A gun that can kill demons, three guesses why Dad wants it." Dean tossed the paper to Sam who nodded as he read.

"I've heard rumours of this before but it vanished years ago. To think it's been in the hands of a hunter all this time."

"Could it kill us?" Dean asked and Sam nodded.

"Yeah, it'll kill pretty much anything supernatural, not just demons."

"So Dad wants it to waste the demon that now has Dad. Great. Any ideas?" Dean grumbled, sitting down and then relaxing as Sam wrapped his arms around him.

"We finish off that nest, get the colt and then go after your Dad. There are other ways to kill a demon but the gun will be easier and quicker." Sam explained and Dean nodded, expression hardening.

"Let's go." Dean stood and left the room, Sam following after him.

They never knew what hit them as the two Vrykolakas ripped through the nest. They were merciless and unstoppable as they killed vampire after vampire. Luther pulled Kate towards the back, trying to flee but it was too late. Sam had been hunting them for nearly a millennia and Dean was driven by rage and fear for his father.

"This it?" Dean asked, holding up the old gun and Sam nodded. Dean looked it over and then stuffed it into his jacket.
"Got the gun, now we just have to find Dad."

John groaned as he woke, fighting to open his eyes against the pain in his head. He opened his eyes and then stared at the older man pacing the room. It was no man though, he only hoped Dean and Sam were okay.

"Welcome back to the land of the living John." The demon taunted and John pulled at his restraints angrily.
"Don't worry, I didn't touch your precious boy or his friend. I'm not after him or really you at the moment. You're just convenient bait for a trap. So sit tight and relax Johnny, could take a while for them to find us." The demon taunted and to John's disgust he found he couldn't stay awake.

"We're getting close." Dean whispered and Sam nodded.

"Pull in at the next motel." Sam said and Dean glanced at him.
"We need to be in top condition Dean which means we need to hunt before we get any closer." Sam told him and Dean nodded reluctantly. He knew Sam was right but the thought of his Dad being with the demon any longer than he already had...
"It's going to be okay Dean."

"I hope so." Dean muttered as he pulled off the highway.

John strained against the gag as Dean slipped into the room, trying to warn his son. Dean shot him a small grin and then motioned to someone John couldn't see though he had a good idea who it was. Sure enough Sam slid into the room, gun in hand. Dean moved towards John only to freeze and then slam into the wall, Sam hitting the one opposite.

"Gangs all here." The demon crowed as he appeared in the room, ripping the gag from John's mouth. John coughed as he stared at the demon, his gaze flickering to his son.
"Here's the deal Dean, give me the Colt and you all go free." The demon offered and Dean's eyes went wide.

"Don't know what you're talking about." He grunted and then groaned in pain, a small cut opening on his cheek.

"Leave him alone!" Sam spat and the demon turned to him.

"Now you I don't know kid, so just shut up and let the grownups talk." The demon ordered and Sam glared but fell silent, working quietly on freeing himself from the demons hold. It wasn't easy and Dean was nowhere near powerful enough to do it but there were advantages to being as old as Sam was. Sam stared at Dean and opened their link as wide as it would go. Behind the demon's back Dean smirked as they formed their plan.

"What do you want with it and why should I believe you'll let us go?" Dean asked, making the demon focus on him. John looked between the two boys, sensing the shift but unsure what they were doing. He fought not to move as he saw Sam strain but manage to slowly move his arm off the wall. Dean continued to bate the demon, earning several new cuts in the process but it was keeping attention away from Sam. His hand slid into his jacket and John felt his heart freeze as Sam pulled the Colt out, aiming at the demons heart. But before he could pull the trigger the demon spun and sent him flying across the room.
"Sam!" Dean yelled, snarling in rage as he fought to go to his Sire. Sam fluidly rolled to his feet, fangs extended and eyes slitted. Azazel actually looked shocked for a minute.

"Vrykolakas." The demon stated and Sam smirked.

"Azazel." Sam taunted and the demon snarled, actually rushing to attack physically. Sam dodged the blow, landing one of his own on the demon's vessel.

John stared in horror at the...thing his son had been with before turning to stare at Dean. Dean wasn't looking at him though, his attention focused on the nearby fight. John choked back a sob as he saw the elongated teeth in Dean's mouth. How long ago had he lost his son to the very things they hunted? Dean must have heard him because he glanced John's way, revealing cat like eyes that suddenly went wide in shock.

"Dad." Dean choked out and John shook his head, letting it hang in grief. Dean snarled in rage and then suddenly he was free. He charged the demon, joining Sam in the fight and letting his instincts guide him. John couldn't bring himself to watch. He could see the Colt, it would be in reach of he could only get his hand free of the cuffs but they were too tight. He grunted, trying to get loose and Dean glanced his way again and then to where John was trying to reach. Dean moved, quicker than John could track and suddenly Dean was beside him, Colt held just how John had taught him so many years ago. Dean aimed and Sam shoved the demon right into the path of the bullet as Dean pulled the trigger. They watched in awe as yellow lightning lit up the wound, the body jerking a bit before dropping dead.

"Is it?" Dean called and Sam moved carefully closer to check before grinning at Dean.

"Dead." He stated and Dean relaxed before turning back to John.

"Dad are you okay?" Dean asked but John couldn't answer and Dean looked away. He tossed the Colt to Sam and then moved behind John who tensed only to feel the cuffs and chains fall away and a warm hand pull him up. Dean's features had returned to the ones he knew but John couldn't forget what he'd seen.
"Dad please talk to me." Dean pleaded, green eyes wide with fear and John didn't know what to do. John tried to stand but his legs buckled under him. Before he could hit the floor Dean was there, holding him up and checking him for wounds like they'd done a thousand times before.

"Dean? Is that really..." John trailed off as Dean looked at him hopefully.

"It's me Dad. I know what it looks like but I'm still me. I still hate veggies and love a good burger, I don't know what to say Dad." Dean whispered sadly and John frowned but let Dean help him out of the shack he'd been kept in, Sam watching their backs. John laid out in the backseat of the Impala as Dean got into the driver's seat, Sam sitting beside him. Dean floored it and they headed for the highway.

"There's a small town about half an hour north of here. We can stay there for a day or so." Sam offered and Dean nodded, turning north onto the highway. John drifted into a light doze, too exhausted to stay fully awake as Dean drove, no music blaring for once. He woke up when Dean pulled into a parking lot, Sam getting out to book a room. Dean got out and opened the back door and reached towards John who tensed, making Dean flinch. He still grabbed John's arm, helping him out of the car.

"It's okay Dad, have you patched up in no time." Dean helped him over to where Sam was opening a room door. Sam let Dean help John while he went to get their bags. Dean lowered John down onto the bed farthest from the door and then slipped into the bathroom, coming out with damp towels.
"Need to get your jacket off, did the demon hurt you?" Dean asked as he sat on the edge of the bed. John just stared at him, confused, angry and a little scared. Dean's nostrils flared slightly and then he slumped.
"Dad...please don't be scared of me. You're my Dad, how could you think...I'm not gonna hurt you, never will." Dean begged.

"How do I know you're really Dean? What are you? How long have you been....this?" John demanded and Dean looked down at the floor. He could feel Sam nearby, ready if he was needed but letting Dean handle things for now.

"Dad it's really me, promise. How long...I know Sam called you when I was electrocuted. Sam tried to find another way but...Sam asked me Dad and I said yes. It hurt, a lot but then I went to sleep and when I woke up...I was okay. A little icked with the drinking blood part but Sam at least gave it to me in a mug." Dean managed a small grin at that and a shrug, not seeing the disgusted look on John's face.

"You drink blood and like it?" He demanded and Dean shrugged.

"Not my favourite food or anything Dad but I need it to live now, not a lot, just a few mouthfuls every couple of days. Sam said I'll need less as I get older. I haven't killed anyone Dad, you know I wouldn't." Dean told him, reaching out to wipe some blood off his Dad's face. John grabbed his wrist, staring him in the eyes.

"Show me, what I saw back there." John demanded and Dean looked down for a second. When he looked back up his teeth and eyes had changed and John had to fight not to flinch away from his son. He reached out slowly and Dean held still, letting his Dad do whatever he wanted. John ran a finger over one fang and then the other, Dean pulling his hand back when he nearly nicked his finger on the tip.
"What are you?"

"Vrykolakas." Dean answered softly.
"A different breed of vampire to the ones we were fight the other day. Sunlight doesn't bother us at all, I still need to eat food as well as blood..." Dean pulled John's hand to rest over Dean's heart and John's eyes went wide at the feel of Dean's slow heartbeat.

"Dean?" John asked and Dean nodded, his features morphing back to normal.
"So Sam is..."

"Yeah, he's over a thousand years old and half human. He was born like this Dad, we're not evil. Sam...remember how you used to tell me about what happened when Mom was in labour? How the car broke down and a stranger drove you to the ER? Doesn't Sam look familiar?" Dean asked and John's jaw dropped. Sam was the one to get Mary to the ER that night.

"You're saying he's been what? Stalking the family?"

"Trying to protect us but when we named Sammy he thought he'd been spotted so he pulled back. He was...hunting the night the demon came, he pulled Sammy from the fire but...but it was too late. He buried him next to Mom. He's kept an eye on us over the years, he was hunting the same vampires I was, saved my life just like we told you. I didn't learn what he was till I caught him out hunting after that mess at the asylum. I confronted him and Sam told me the truth, after that I insisted on following him everywhere, watching when he hunted and sure enough he never killed anyone. Gave them a pretty good time actually. Don't know when I started to trust him again and even more than that but it just sort of crept up on me. When I was electrocuted Sam offered to change me to save my life, it wasn't an easy choice but...I couldn't leave you to hunt the demon alone and...and I didn't want to leave Sam either." Dean explained and John sighed, looking up at his son he made his choice. He reached out and pulled Dean into a brief hug. Dean stiffened briefly and then hugged John back.

"I'm glad you're alive kiddo." John admitted and Dean slowly smiled at. Outside Sam relaxed and smiled too.

"You okay?" Sam asked and Dean turned to smile at him.

"Azazel's dead and Dad knows the truth and doesn't care. Yeah, I'm good." Dean admitted, leaning back into Sam's embrace. He sighed as Sam nuzzled at his throat, jerking a little as Sam's breath tickled his ear.

"M'glad. So how do you want to celebrate?" Sam offered and Dean turned in his arms, leaning up to kiss Sam.

"I can think of a few ways, all of which include getting us a room away from Dad's." Dean offered and Sam grinned, pulling him towards the motel's office as Dean laughed.

Things weren't perfect but at the moment they couldn't really get any better.

The End.