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Tomodachi ~By Shimegami-chan
Warnings: Kensuke! Yay!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the second story I've written to the tune of 'Ai No Kusabi,' however, it's a lot happier (?) than 'Behind Closed Doors' was. (Also unfinished....dammit.) I do remember reading a Gundam Wing fic very similar to the one you're about to read, more than a year ago...any similarities between them are a result of my imaginiation combining with my memory. If I could find the story again I'd write this one more carefully to make sure that they weren't too similar, but I don't remember the name or the author of it. >.

Daisuke sighed heavily as he tossed his suitcase onto the double bed, pausing to loosen the tie around his neck. The room was unpleasantly humid and a little too dark for his liking. The mahogany-haired teenager undid the top button of his crisp white dress shirt and flopped onto the bed.

It was his first day at Sekitomachi Academy for Boys, and already he hated it.

The school, one of the best his wealthy parents could afford, had presented itself to them by word of mouth, after three of Daisuke's Odaiba High School teachers complained of his disinterest in school, sleeping in class and failing of tests. The result had been boarding school, and this particular hole had been the suggestion of the principal himself.

As he accomodations went, it was pretty nice--he had a room to himself, a cool meal card, and a slightly itchy uniform that was fairly similar to his old one at Odaiba. The problem with Sekitomachi, however, was the students.

The teens' thoughts were comfirmed by the appearance of Takeru, a senior at Sekitomachi, barging unannounced through Daisuke's doorway. A brown-haired teen with striking emerald eyes followed by his side. "Daisuke! Where've you been? Are you coming down for supper or what?"

"I've been lugging my stuff up to my room--by myself, I might add," Daisuke responded plainly.

"Oh!" Takeru grinned sheepishly. "Sorry. If you'd told me I could have sent Iori, but we were...occupied." The brown-haired boy, Iori, lowered his eyes to the ground. "You really need to find yourself a Pet quickly, Dai. Just about all the senior students already have one--or are one."

The 'Pet' phenomenon was one aspect of the school that already bothered Daisuke. Most of the students kept personal servants that they called their Pets--either younger students or ones that couldn't stick up for themselves. The servants were expected to do anything their Masters wished, and after a few days of rigorous 'training,' the Pets usually did.

Daisuke guessed that Sekitomachi's administration knew nothing about the little 'habits' of their students.

Iori, Daisuke knew, was Takeru's Pet, and from what he saw the blonde student was usually pretty good to his green-eyed servant. Over the course of the day, however, Dai had seen numerous students harassing their Pets--screaming at them hitting them, and often having a group of people converge and attack a disobeying Pet. Takeru had whispered warning to him upon their meeting not to make himself look in any way helpless, lest he wind up a Pet himself; and that had dire consequences. The blonde had also informed him that many Pets were used as casual sex toys, when Daisuke noticed an older student groping their Pet in a corner of the cafeteria. It seemed that the lack of any females within a fifty-mile radius had coerced a number of students to satisfy their desires with the help of their slaves.

The thought made Daisuke shiver. Immediately he vowed not to let himself become a target; and to gain status in the school as soon as possible. According to Takeru the best was to become a higher-up was to stand out, whether it be in acedemics or sports, or being wealthy or having a reputation as a bully, and to acquire a Pet as soon as possible. Although the idea of having his own slave appalled him, the mahogany-haired boy would rather not be on the receiving end of such treatment.


The teen jumped, starting out of his reverie at Takeru's voice. "Yeah, I'm coming."

The blonde smiled. "Let's get something to eat, and then we'll talk to some of the Pet dealers."

"Sure thing."

Iori scurried behind Takeru, keeping his head bent low.

With a sigh Daisuke locked the door, and the three of them went downstairs.

Dinner was roast beef and potatoes. Daisuke had to admit that the cafeteria's cooking might almost be better than his mother's, but he was thrown off balance continuously by the sight of all the students and their Pets. Most squatted on the floor beside their masters, Iori included, eating scraps from their trays. A few Masters seemed kinder than others, such as Takeru; who slipped peices of bread under the table for their undernourished servants. Many more, however, did not feed their Pets at all, and often kicked them away from the table until they had finished the meal. Several tables away, three students were harassing a Pet, hitting it with trays. Another student had pinned the Pet to the floor and was snaking a hand down the front of its trousers. Daisuke felt sick.

The abused Pet was mostly hidden by the people walking past, but every now and then Daisuke caught a glimpse of inky-black hair and the dull grey of the Sekitomachi uniform. He stared at the scene, transfixed.

Takeru matched his new friend's gaze. "Oh, they don't usually do that in the cafeteria, because people have gotten caught abusing Pets. But nobody really seems to care about that guy.

"The Pet?"

"Yeah. Name's Ken...don't know about his last name." Pets usually went by their first names, being deemed too unimportant to go by their family names--a huge cultural taboo. "He's in the same year as us, but he only came to the school last year. He's really femme so everyone wanted him as a Pet, but they all fought over him and nobody won. Everybody's used him at some point I'm sure."

Daisuke blinked.

Takeru rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean, Motomiya! He never defended himself, and he's never stood out. He never even tried to take a Pet of his own. And he looks so much like a girl that everybody wants a peice of him. He's still unclaimed, the few people who have gotten him got rid of him because he was such a wimp. Also, so many people have used him that most are afraid that he's got some kind of diesease, so they go for healthier Pets and just use Ken as a punching bag."

"Have you?"

"Beat him up? Hell no. I don't beleive that abusing Pets is right. They may not be as good as us, but they don't deserve to be treated like that."

"I mean, have you slept with Ken."

Takeru didn't answer.

Daisuke turned away in disgust, getting up from the table. It was time for him to take a Pet of his own.

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