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Shi-chan: Finalément!

Chapter 10
~By Shimegami-chan

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"I must be dreaming." Daisuke blinked and rubbed his eyes as the surise began to glow above the city. Ken responded by tightening his grip on Daisuke's hand.

Koushirou had already called up a map to lead them to the nearest subway station. "It's not too far from here," he said excitedly. "We'll be back to Odaiba before we know it!"

The group tramped across a deserted road and past a row of shops, pausing whenever they passed a resteraunt, noodle stand or pastry shop. Jyou, ever logical, pointed out that less time spent dwelling meant they'd get home faster.

It was Yamato who ended up paying train fare for all nine of them as the teenagers slung their backpacks onto the floor and collapsed, exhausted, in the red leather seats. The blonde was already asleep in Taichi's arms by the time the train began to move and Daisuke began to pester the stewardess (*?) selling food at the back of the car.

Ken had been silent since their arrival in the city, and Daisuke quickly became concerned. "Ken, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," was the noncommital reply.

"You probably ought to just tell me now, elsewise I'll just keep talking until you do."

The bluenette was silent for a moment before staring down at the floor. "I have to go home sometime, Daisuke-sama."

"Stop doing that. It's Daisuke."

"I have to...at least see my parents. Maybe it'll be possible to stay, since Osamu-niichan will be gone."

"I guess..." Daisuke was disappointed. He knew that he and Ken would be rushing their relationship by doing so, but he really did want Ken to move in with him and Jun. Then again, it wouldn't hurt Daisuke to reconcile with his own parents. Suddenly sure of himself, Daisuke smiled. "I'll come with you to Tamachi, and you can see your mom and dad. And if you want to stay, I won't argue."

Unshed tears welled in the indigo eyes. "Thank you."

"No problem." Daisuke wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and hugged him tightly, vowing never to let go.


The train ride was long and uneventful [a/n mainly because your esteemed author lives on an island and knows nothing about trains or how far it is to Odaiba from her made-up outside-Tokyo forestland.], finally drawing to a stop in the Tokyo district where most of the children lived. Yamato, Taichi, Hikari, Takeru and Jyou said their good-byes to their comrades, exchanging phone numbers and addresses as they went. All five of them were bound for the hospital to get Takeru's broken arm set, and the younger Ishida planned to spend some time with his brother before going back to their divorced parents. Iori wanted to go too, out of concern for his former Master, but Takeru insisted that Miyako take him home. It had been much too long since the youngest boy had seen his mother and grandfather. Hikari tagged along, glad that Taichi hadn't immediately sent her back to the Yagami apartment, and eager to be sure that Takeru would be okay. Both she and the blonde seemed completely oblivious to Iori's jealousy of their friendship. Daisuke was a little worried, since he was pretty sure Takaishi was straight anyway, but little Iori could have quite a temper from what he'd heard at school. Quiet Jyou was checking Takeru's bandages again, telling him that his father worked at the hospital they were going to and he'd make sure the younger boy healed up fine. Takeru smiled in thanks.

Daisuke waved good-bye to his new friends and continued on with Koushirou, Miyako, Ken and Iori; bound for the police station. Miyako had taken her collection of videos featuring Aki, determined to get the teenager kicked out of the school, or better yet in a juvenile detention centre. Together the four older kids brought Iori to his apartment, and stood in front of the Inoue Ai-mart to bid each other good-bye. Miyako's smile was smug as she brandished a videotape. "I hope his parents disown him."


Daisuke laughed nervously and gave Miyako and then Koushirou a quick hug, and Miyako planted a kiss on Ken's cheek. The inky-haired boy blushed. "Well, I guess we'll be heading to Jun's."

"Good luck," Koushirou said solemnly.

Daisuke handed Miyako a slip of paper with his sister's phone number and his e-mail address. "Keep in touch, okay?"

"Bingo." Miyako smiled and afforded him and Ken a quick bow before they parted ways.

As the four friends split up, Daisuke took Ken's hand and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I'm with you, Ken. I know it'll all work out."

Together they made their way to his sister's apartment, where the Motomiya in question stood in shock as her brother unloaded his possessions on the floor. "Let me get this straight. You found out you were gay, ran away from boarding school, tramped all the way here ON FOOT and now you want to stay with me?"

"That's about it."

"Goddamn, otouto, you're gonna owe me for this."

"I know." Daisuke whistled.

She sighed and set down her extra futon in the living room. "You can have two squared metres of space to keep your stuff in, elsewise you start paying half the rent."

Daisuke winked at Ken. "Told you she was cool."

At this, Jun blushed a little, and made a little 'harumph,' sound. "Anyway, I'm working tonight, so if you want dinner be here by five. I'll be expecting you two to chip in for groceries."

"No problem," Daisuke said smoothly. "We're just going to take a quick trip to Tamachi and back; and I might need to pick up some things." He shrugged on a jacket. "Thanks, 'Neechan. See you in a bit."

"See you," Jun called in reply as Daisuke shut the door and led Ken to the elevator.

"Looks like it's just the two of us," Ken whispered softly.

Daisuke kissed him shyly, instinctively knowing the hidden meaning in his friend's words. "It doesn't have to be like that. You've got friends now, who'll help you through this. And you've got me."

"That doesn't make it easier." Ken's expression was sombre, dark. "The only friend I ever had, you know...is dead because of me."

They were silent the rest of the way to Tamachi.


[Shi-chan turned off that brain-frying song about here.]

Ken hesitated at the door of his apartment. "Daisuke...I don't know about this. I really don't feel confident."

"It's your decision," Dai said simply. "You can go, or you can stay. My door--well, 'Neechan's door--is always open to you."

Ken's grateful smile soothed Daisuke's worries. "I'll just tell them that I'm safe, and pick up some things. Then I'll go home with you. Okay?"


Ken opened the door and stepped in while Daisuke waited outside. The mahogany-haired child whistled to himself and finally stopped to reflect on everything that had happened in the past few days. He couldn't beleive that so little time had passed since his parents had dumped him at the front doors of Sekitomachi Academy for Boys.

First and foremost was Ken and the whole 'Master-Slave' thing. Although Ken still treated him as though he expected Daisuke to hurt him, he had begun to call the other boy 'Daisuke' instead of 'Master' or 'Motomiya-' or 'Daisuke-sama.' It was a definite improvement, the child thought wryly.

There was Takeru and Iori. At first Daisuke had thought Takeru to be a little heartless to treat his slave the way he did. And poor Iori doted on Takeru...but that jealousy that Daisuke had seen when the blonde met with Hikari proved that Iori was not without a will of his own. Daisuke was glad that the Pets would seemingly make a full recovery...even Jyou, who had been Osamu's own playtoy was beginning to come back to himself, much to Taichi's delight. Taichi himself was unchanged by the ordeal, though Daisuke suspected he had learned a lot about humility while being under Yamato's care. They were in love, though, and Daisuke thought their sacrifices were admirable.

Hikari...Hikari was the type of girl Daisuke might have liked, if he hadn't fallen so hard for Ken. She was sweet, and when she was around Takeru it finally became apparant to Daisuke that she would be the one to help him get through his experience. And surely Iori and Yamato would care for them the same as they had at the school.

Miyako and Koushirou would be fine, Daisuke had no doubt. Koushirou was obviously resilient, and Miyako determined and brave. Once Aki had gotten what was coming to him they could live in peace. Sora and Mimi had been great to the runaways, and definitely people Daisuke could see himself having as friends in the future. Likewise with Hikari, Taichi and Miyako, if they could keep in touch.

Daisuke had just begun to indulge in a daydream where he and his new friends went to a normal school and did normal things together when Ken quietly opened the door and stepped out, a backpack over his shoulder. "Ken-chan! How'd it go?"

Kem looked surprised at the nickname, but his features quickly turned dark and he took Daisuke by the arm, dragging him down the stairs. "We're leaving. Let's get back to the train station."

"What?" A confused Daisuke pulled away. "Why such a hurry? Did something happen?"

"Osamu's in there," Ken said bitterly. "He had already told my parents--" Ken's voice shook as it rose in pitch, "--told them a bunch of shit about me getting kicked out of school and running away."

Shocked at hearing his boyfriend curse, Daisuke allowed Ken to drag him most of the way down the stairs before coming to his senses. "Wait one minute here! How did Osamu get here before us? How did he know you'd come here?"

"We followed you, idiot." Both boys froze at the low voice that crept out of the shadows behind them.

"Michael!" Ken whirled and received a punch in the face, sending him to the ground. [a/n cue DBZ-style fight scene!]

Daisuke growled, lauching himself at the attacker before even seeing the rest of the gang step out of the shadows. He tackled Michael to the ground successfully but was pounced upon by several other boys. Ken huddled against the building as Osamu slowly made his descent from the steps and stood before the fight. The elder Ichijouji sneered. "I should have known you'd come crying to Mama and Papa, Ken-chan."

"No," Ken whispered, although no one could hear. Daisuke stuggled under the pile of high-school boys, all eager to get a shot at him after their humiliation in the previous fight. Blows rained down on his lithe body as they held him down. Daisuke gritted his teeth and took the beating, waiting for them to let up.

When some of the pressure was removed from his back the boy lay still, trying his best just to keep breathing. There was a moment of silence until Michael finally said, "Shit, I hope he's not dying."

You'll wish you were dying...once I have the strength to get up... Daisuke's intentions were unchanged, but he was having a little more trouble moving than usual. He lay still, trying to regain some strength, concentrating on just breathing.

Osamu's next words made his blood run cold...at least, the blood that wasn't spilled all over untrimmed grass. "Doesn't matter, let him die. He's completely humiliated all of us."

"But Osamu....we'll get caught!"

"They don't know we're gone. As long as the others hold the fort and the teachers think we're back in our rooms sick all day, we'll have an alibi. We can get the train and be back at Sekitomachi by morning. Just kill the little prick."

Ken's anguished howl broke the glass-like silence, and Daisuke knew he should move. Knew it...move...move...

"You fucking sons of bitches." A familiar voice, cool, calm. "If you lay one hand on him, I swear to God, you will pay." Miyako!

Osamu's cold laugh echoed in Daisuke's ears. "Who the hell is this? Ken, looks like your boyfriend has a girlfriend."

"Listen, you little shit." Miyako's voice was closer now, approaching fast. "You've got me to deal with now, so you can kiss your perfect little alibi good-bye. I think I'll send you all to the hospital before I put you in jail."

"Osamu-san..." Michael's voice was nervous. "We can't kill her too..."

"You bet we can." Osamu laughed harder. "Listen, girl, I don't know who you think you are, but you're certainly not a threat to me. You--erk!" His voice was cut off by was Daisuke prayed was the sound of Miyako choking him. Ken was sobbing loudly nearby, repeating his lover's name. Daisuke lifted his head enough to see Miyako throw Osamu to the ground as the other boys looked on, horrified.

Miyako laughed. "I would have thought you'd recognized me, since last time we met my fists got acquainted with all your faces."

Osamu wiped a stream of blood from his nose. "Fuck! Inoue!?"

"No way! You're a girl?" Michael stepped back.

Miyako raised her voice slightly. "Koushirou, darling, call the cops, okay?"
"I'm on it." Izumi Koushirou was already several floors up the fire escape, dialing a number on his cell phone.

At last Miyako ran to Daisuke, checking for a pulse before realizing that the boy was conscious and infuriated. "What do you say we give them what they deserve?"

"Can you even stand?" Miyako smiled as the younger teen leaned on her.

Daisuke glanced at Ken, scared and trembling. "I'll be fine."

"Inoue!" A new voice joined the fray as Aki stumbled towards the group.

"Oh, you're awake already?" Miyako asked airily.

Aki was sporting a black eye and a split lip as he staggered towards them. Miyako answered Daisuke's unasked quiestion before he had a chance to open his mouth. "Aki-chan here showed up at my apartment and spied through the windows to find out whether or not we had been there. We followed him to Tamachi and got him from behind before he had a chance to report back to Osamu."

"Good going," Daisuke said with a grin.

"But apparantly," Miyako said sweetly, "dear Aki hasn't had enough yet. Isn't that right?"

"Bitch," the angry boy swore, coming closer.

Miyako's face hardened in a split second. "If you think I'm going to take pity on you you're damned wrong!" She shot forward and her fist connected with Aki's face before he had a chance to move. "You don't have Koushirou anymore, so I don't have to hold back!" Daisuke darted forward and stood in front of Ken, facing off against his lover's brother.

"Still standing, Motomiya?" Osamu's smile was cold, and it quickly disappeared as they heard the sound of police sirens in the distance. Miyako was taking on the other four students by herself as Aki lay stunned on the grass in a pool of Daisuke's blood. To his credit, the redhead staggered to his feet yet again, and lunged toward Miyako, whose back was turned--

--and was sent flying as he was nailed in the head with a laundry basket, courtesy of Koushirou up on the sixth floor of the apartment building. Miyako quickly put one of the boys out of commission while Michael and the other two turned and ran.

Gathering his courage, Daisuke leapt forward and tackled Osamu just as the other turned to make his getaway. They tusseled briefly but Daisuke wound up victorious, pinning the older boy flat on his stomach with Miyako's assistance. Koushirou hurried down the stairs as police cars stopped nearby and a dozen uniformed officers rushed towards them.

Ken looked at Daisuke, his smile radiant. "It's over."


After a triumphant few hours at the Tamachi police station and a checkup at the hospital, Ken and Daisuke returned to Jun's apartment hand in hand. Jun had come to pick the boys up and sign both their release forms; Daisuke had escaped with heavy bruising and Ken had been given the number of a psychologist to help him get over the trauma. Jun had taken responsibility for Daisuke and Ken's parents had been called and informed of the true nature of the situation. Ken had elected to return to Jun's apartment though, at least until he felt ready to go back home again.

Koushirou and Miyako had happily deposited all their evidence into the police's hands, and were back at the Inoue apartment enjoying their first night of freedom in a long time. The Yagamis and Ishidas had come down to the police station to file a report and had encouraged Daisuke and Ken, congratulating them on taking down the gang by themselves. Even Jyou and Iori had put in an appearance, and were back with their families.

Back at his sister's apartment as Daisuke stirred some sukiyaki with his chopsticks, the doorbell rang and Jun answered it. Ken was in the bathroom cleaning up. "Daisuke?" His sister turned back to look at him. "There's someone here for Ken; should I let him in?"

Curiously, Daisuke surveyed the newcomer. He was medium-build and a brunette, wearing a brown sweater and khakis. He smiled. "Hi there. Daisuke, right?"

"Yeah, Jun, let him in...hi." Daisuke blinked. "Um...and you are?"

"Akiyama Ryo." He stuck his hand out for Daisuke to shake, Western-style. "I'm a friend of Ken's."

"Wait, wait, I've heard your name. Aren't you Taichi's friend? The one that tried to claim Ken as a Pet before?" Jun stiffened, but let her brother deal with the situation.

"That's me."

Daisuke stood, a smile spreading across his features. "And you got the crap kicked out of you for trying to protect him. That was pretty brave."

"Thanks." Ryo looked uncertain. "Um...and thanks for getting Ken out of there. I tried everything I could, but I ended up in the hospital after Osamu got to me."

"Not your fault." The conversation ground to a halt as Ken stepped out of the bathroom, calling his boyfriend by a nickname that sent his heart fluttering in his chest. "Dai? Did I hear visitors?" His expression turned to shock as he recognized the brunette. "Ryo-san? You're here! Gods, I'm so relieved, I thought..." The bluenette's words from just that afternoon rang back to Daisuke. "The only friend I ever had is dead, all because of me." "Oh Ryo!" He ran forward and hugged the brunette tightly, and Daisuke blushed at the uncharacteristic show of affection. The redhead hoped silently that Ryo wasn't gay.

Gay. What an odd word that was when one was using it to describe themselves. It was something Daisuke thought he could live with, though, as long as he had Ken. He smiled giddily to himself.

Ryo and Ken were babbling excitedly, more animated than Daisuke had ever seen his boyfriend. It must have been a weight off his shoulders, knowing that he wasn't responsible for this guy's getting killed, Dai reflected. As he looked on Ryo explained that the police had called him down to the police station to give a statement, and told him that Ken was safe. Taichi had still been at the station and had directed him to Jun's apartment.

Though it was interesting to watch, the reunion had to be cut short as a pager-like object on Ryo's belt gave an irritating beep. Both he and Ken reached for it instinctively before pulling back, and Ryo laughed. "Well, it looks like I've got stuff to deal with...sorry, Ken, I've gotta go. I'll check up on things, um, for you. Hope we get together soon--it'll be just like old times!"

"Right!" Ken looked enthusiastic. Will not question, Daisuke thought to himself. As long as he and Ryo aren't...involved...they can do whatever they want. As soon as he had shown Ryo out, Ken threw his arms around Daisuke. "Gods, everything's so perfect now...I can't beleive that just yesterday we were fighting for our lives. Oh, Daisuke..."

Daisuke wrapped his arms around Ken and hugged him, pressing a hesitant kiss to his forehead. "I'm glad."

"Me too." Ken nuzzled his cheek against Daisuke's chest, another decidedly-un-Ken-like gesture. Daisuke wondered if there was another side to his boyfriend that he didn't know, and hoped he would soon. "I just know it's going to work out."

Ken sighed happily as he pulled away, his violet eyes sparkling. "Hope you're not jealous or anything. Ryo-san is an old friend--someone I really looked up to when I was young."

"If he makes you this happy, I'm fine with it."

"Thanks, Dai," Ken said shyly. "I...I'm really glad we have each other."

"Me too." Because I think I'm starting to fall in love with you.

The inky-haired boy beamed. "I think I'll call my parents and see how they're doing." He went to the phone and punched in a number, the smile never leaving his face. "Moshi-moshi! Hello, Mama. I'm well, and you?...Did they?...I'm really sorry, Mama, I didn't mean for it to happen." He was silent a moment. "Yes, I know...I love you too. I'll be home soon, I promise. Will...will Osamu-niichan be okay?...All right. I'm glad...I will...I love you. Papa too. Bye, Mama." Kem hung up the phone, still smiling. "Osamu-niichan confessed everything. Mama and Papa are disappointed, but they're glad I'm okay. Mama says she's grateful to you for bringing be back safely too. She said we might move to Odaiba and get a bigger apartment, since we won't be going away to school anymore."

"That's great, Ken." Daisuke watched the thrilled boy weave around the small room several times before taking his backpack and disappearing back into the bathroom, kissing Daisuke casually on the cheek as he did so. "I think I'll have a shower, and then we can talk. Okay?"

"Okay." Daisuke glowed at the show of affection as the door closed, before wandering into the kitchen. "Hey, 'Neechan."

"Hey there." Jun smiled at her brother. "What did that guy say? Was he really a friend of Ken's?"

"Yeah. Ken thought something bad had happened to him, so he's really happy now."

"That's good." Jun dug into her pocket and produced several hundred yen. "How about running out and picking up some ice cream? My treat."

Ravenous despite the sukiyaki he had just finished, Daisuke jumped at the opportunity. "Sure. Tell Ken I'll be right back, okay?" He put on his shoes and laced them before grabbing a spring vest and heading out the door.

The night was balmy and the air warm, a sure sign of the summer weather that would arrive soon. Instinctively Daisuke headed towards a part of Odaiba that he knew well: the store he had always gone to to buy candy and treats as a child.

It seems like so long ago, Daisuke reflected. Hell...last week seems like an eternity ago. The principal's talk with him had been surreal, as had the drive to Sekitomachi and the move into his room. I can't beleive what kind of a person I was, not caring about anybody else. It seemed that the boarding school had indeed served its purpose--it had changed Daisuke's outlook on life permanently, that was for certain.

Without conscious thought, the mahogany-haired boy took the familiar steps up to the Motomiya apartment and tried the doorknob. It opened easily; and he stepped inside, where he could smell rice cooking on the stove and hear the evening news announcer's voice spilling from the TV.

"Who's there?" his mother questioned, and Daisuke heard footsteps in the living room. Her voice was comforting and familiar--and Daisuke realized that he really had missed her. Tears threatened to well up in his eyes. "Hello?"

She stepped into view and stood still for a moment before gathering him into a hug. "Daisuke!"

I have my family...and my friends...and someone who loves me for who I am. I could have lost all that today, he realized suddenly. The tears he had been holding back his entire life finally spilled down his cheeks. I have a home, and parents, and a wonderful sister, and Tai and Miyako and Takeru...and Ken... Emotion welled up in Daisuke's throat as his father joined the hug. The nightmare was over, and Motomiya Daisuke had come out of it a thousand years wiser.

"Hi Mom, Dad..." he finally whispered with a weak smile, "I'm home."



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