Yes, the day is finally upon us. The day where Jak finally gets his surgery and, now, this fic is finally complete. Lol, after 6 years. This chapter is very long, but it's the last chapter, so I think it calls for it. Enjoy!

AN: Oh, and this chapter has a bit more profanity, and just overall, more profane things. I still think it's okay under T, though.

Um, Soldier Down?

Chapter 5

"I don't know what kind of twigs you have been chewing on." - Young Samos the Sage

"Today's the day!" An overly exuberant Daxter proclaimed. Daxter jumped up onto the twin-sized bunk that homed his currently sleeping friend.

"Wake up!" Daxter yelled as he tugged on Jak's blue tunic. Jak didn't budge.

"I saaaaiddd…" Daxter jumped on top of his friend's back, "Wake up!" He narrowed his eyes as he watched Jak. He was still sleeping peacefully, his head resting on top of his crossed arms.

"Hmm.." Daxter thought, his hands on his furry hips.

The ottsel hopped off of the elevator-like backside and scurried over to the side of Jak's face, where he then cleared his throat and cracked his fingers; as if he were going to make a speech. Daxter leaned over so he was at least two inches away from Jak's ear and then yelled as loud as he could.


Daxter smiled as he noticed his friend moving, but the smile quickly disappeared when he noticed that Jak simply groaned and turned his head the other way.

Daxter heaved his chest. "FOR THE LOVE OF MAR! YOU LAZY SON OF A-…" The orange ottsel quickly attempted to dive under Jak's arm and kicked his little feet until he finally slipped under. Daxter continued, but now he was muffled under Jak's arm and face. "You sleep…like…a sack…of potatoes…"

Jak's head raised from his arms. Daxter continued to push Jak's head up by his chin until Jak's eyes slowly opened.

Daxter took a few steps back when he noticed Jak was holding his head up by himself. "Finally! That's great, look at ya! Just layin' there, holdin' your head up all by yourself!"

Jak shared a confused look as his eyes started to close again and his head slowly started dropping back down.

"No!" Daxter lectured.

Jak lifted his head quickly and opened his groggy eyes. He yawned before propping himself up on his elbows.

"Ya know, today's the big day for ya, buddy." Daxter repeated.

Jak's eyes opened a little wider. "…The big day?" Jak rolled over onto his back and stretched, letting out a nice, obnoxious groan. "Big day for what?"

"The day of your surgery." A shadow loomed over the both of them, causing them both to look over. There stood Torn with both of his hands on his hips. The mood might have just dampened a little.

"Today?" Jak sat up, completely awake now.

"Why not?" Torn asked in his usual raspy voice. "Do you have plans today or somethin'?

Daxter glared at Torn, picking up on his snarky comment, while Jak looked at his legs. He was currently tangled in five blankets and was deeply trying to remember if he had made plans today. Then it all clicked and he looked at Torn as emotionless as possible as if trying to say: I wasn't just thinking about if I had plans today.

Torn continued. "Everything's ready. I have all the supplies I need, except anesthesia, but-…"

"Haha!" Jak let out an exaggerated laugh as he tried to untangle himself from his house of blankets.

"But! … I do have what I need to make this procedure as quick and painless as possible." Torn, once again, continued.

Daxter was quick to object even though Jak already had his mouth open, about to speak. Jak didn't speak for years. He's got it covered. "Ya? And how's that?!" He hopped over Jak towards Torn. "'Cause I'm allllmost POSITIVE I heard no an-e-sthesia!"

The ex Krimzon Guard chuckled, which made the other two a little nervous. "We didn't always have all the supplies needed when I was in the guard. We had to rely on the sparse materials we already had. I've performed this same procedure a handful of times, except out in the field's of battle. We all learned how to improvise."

Jak and Daxter shared a glance at each other before they both looked back to Torn.

"Okay? And what are these sparse materials that you speak of?" Jak asked curiously.

"Heh," Torn turned away and walked to the center table, grabbing a small, chrome kit from it before walking back over.

He dropped the kit on the bed, making both Jak and Daxter sit up to get a better look. Torn opened the box to reveal a travel med-kit. Torn moved all the small knives, bandages, string, and gauze aside to reveal a small bag of…sticks? Torn removed the small bag and held it out in front of the other two to see.

Daxter started hysterically laughing and Jak just looked completely confused. Jak looked at Daxter, hoping he'd get some sort of explanation.

Daxter managed to stop laughing. "Twigs?!" He looked to Jak, who was just staring at him. He placed a furry hand on his shoulder. "Torn's right, Jak. You'll be fiiiine!" He tried to stifle more laughter. Jak prolonged his stare at Daxter.

"Take it." Torn said to Jak while shaking the bag of twigs.

Jak looked to Torn, and with much hesitation, took the bag of twigs from Torn's hand. This made Daxter explode in a fit of laughter once again.

Jak examined the bag closely and then looked back at Torn. "I don't get it."

"You'll see." Torn smirked. "Now, let's get started."

Jak held a small twig vertically in front of his face with his thumb and pointer finger. "So, I just chew on it?" He looked over to Torn who was now rubbing his purple, swollen knee with an antibacterial gel.

"Yeah…" Torn stopped for a moment to look at Jak. "Try and hold out for as long as possible before using the twig to assist you. It's numbing strength is strong and you'll want to use it at the right time."

Jak just looked at the twig again.

"You ready?" Torn asked. By the tone in his voice, it was obvious he wanted to get this done and over with.

Jak smirked. "Let's do it."

Torn drew a vertical, dotted line down the side of Jak's knee. After clicking the cap back on the pen, he tossed it back into the med-kit and started rummaging through more equipment.

Jak watched intensely, his eyebrows narrowed. While waiting for Torn to find what he was looking for, he looked to his toes and wiggled them, making them crack. He was so nervous. Yeah, he has been pumped to the brim of Dark Eco, but he'd rather be electrocuted multiple times before he'd want to be cut open while completely awake.

'It won't be that bad. I've been kicked in the mouth by a yakow. I've been bitch-slapped by a Lurker. I've been bit in the ass by a piranha. I've fallen off of my uncle's roof in Sandover and cut my arm open. Yeah! That's practically the same thing. That didn't hurt that bad.'

Jak took a deep breath when he saw Torn pull out a scalpel like it was no big deal.

Daxter, who was very wide-eyed, watched the scalpel drift over towards Jak's knee. "Whatever you do, Jak…don't…look at it." Daxter tried to pat Jak's shin, but only managed to paw at the air above it. Daxter made haste up to Jak's shoulder, not taking his eyes off of Torn's hand.

Jak was in a trance. He couldn't help but watch as Torn pushed the scalpel into his skin and cut down it like a hot knife cutting through butter. He held his breath as he felt the quick burn of the blade penetrate the surface of his skin.

'That wasn't too bad. I got…t-t-thi..' Jak watched as insane amounts of blood started to run down the sides of his knee. At first, the blood trickled, but then it started to pour. Jak heard the high-pitched, eerie violins in his head. His eyes went crossed before they started to roll back, but Daxter grabbed him by his collar and shook him.

"I TOLD YA NOT TO LOOK AT IT!" Daxter yelled, staring at him.

Jak had one hand over his face. You could see his eyes clenched between his fingers. He stifled painful groans. But then, he felt Torn insert two fingers into the flap of his skin. He felt like his whole body was vibrating. He rubbed down his face dramatically (yes, he had an excuse) and finally exhaled from earlier, but couldn't help but let out a long awaited groan.

Torn continued feeling around inside of Jak's kneecap, once again, like it was no big deal, and bumped a ligament before pushed against the bone.

Jak started wiggling. His other leg kicked repeatedly as he pulled up a blanket from earlier, bit into it, and started screaming.

"Jak! Jak! …Jak!" Daxter had been yelling the whole time and was pulling on Jak's shirt to keep him sitting up straight.

Jak looked down to one of his clenched hands and noticed the twig that had been in his hand the whole time. He struggled to bring it to his mouth, but eventually tossed the whole twig in, chewing on it desperately. All Jak could hear was the sound of his friend frantically yelling, but it was all so fuzzy. Almost like the buzzing sound you hear when a loud noise goes off too close to your ear. He was passing out.

He chewed, and he chewed, and he chewed like his life depended on it.


Jak opened his eyes when he noticed that the pain, surprisingly, was subsiding. He calmly leaned back against the headboard and tried to watch, but everything was so…bright. He wouldn't have been able to see if Torn was cutting his leg off, nor would he even feel it right now. He felt good. All the bad feelings were gone, but all the regular feelings, like the bead of sweat that was running down his forehead, felt…absolutely…amazing. It kinda tickled. He smiled a little as he felt literally the best feeling in the world run down his face.

"How's it going, Jak? You good?" Torn asked not even bothering to look up at his 'client'.

"Ya, Jak?" Daxter, who had made his way back down to Jak's knee during his fit, scurried up the man's body until his face was the only thing in Jak's vision.

To Jak, their voices sounded like they were under water. Every noise, like Torn readjusting himself on his stool, was so clouded. It was comparable to the sound of someone dropping something in a slow-mo video.

Daxter waved a hand in front of Jak's face, but Jak looked right past it, which made Daxter look back at Torn. "Uh, Torn…"

Torn paused momentarily and looked up to Daxter, who nudged his head towards the completely dazed Jak.

Torn quickly looked to Jak. "Jak? You chewin' on the twig?"

No response.

Torn, a little bit more adamantly, and a little louder, asked again. "Jak? Ja-!"

"I ate it." Jak interrupted calmly, not even looking at Torn.

"You what?" Torn asked. "Uh, come again?" Daxter asked at the same time as Torn did.

Jak lit up with a smile so big that he couldn't keep his eyes all the way open. "I ate it. I ate the whole thing."

Daxter covered his mouth, trying not to laugh, but couldn't contain it.

"Fuck, Jak!" Torn slammed a fist down onto the bed before running a hand through his hair. "You weren't suppose to eat it! You're suppose to periodically chew on it, you fuckin' idiot!"

Daxter was now laying on his back, busting up laughing.

Torn sighed. "…Fuck…now you're going to be all ioeohrenwlweadnuihwi.."

Jak blinked and looked directly at Torn.

"You hear me? Your dumb-ass ieojfiew opioppo qwegvhwjqv, woij you do that?"

Jak just continued looking at Torn, wide-eyed.

"You know what, screw it." Torn plopped back down on his stool and sighed. "Let's just get this shit over with."

Torn went back to working on Jak's knee. Jak, with a very bright and blurry vision, watched until something else caught his eye.

A beautiful, large, sparkly butterfly fluttered in the room.

Jak tilted his to the side as he watched the butterfly hover around them and then land directly on Torn's face. Torn continued to work like it wasn't a big deal at all.

This made Jak confused.

He just watched as the butterfly fluttered it's wings.

Jak finally spoke, but his voice was all quiet and drawn out. "How can you see what you're doing?"

Torn had to force himself to answer. "What are you talkin' about, Jak?"

"The butterfly. How can you see what you're doing?"

Torn and Daxter looked at each other and then back at Jak.

"…And it's sooooo big."

Torn and Daxter looked around quickly to make sure that their suspicions were correct. There was, indeed, no fuckin' butterfly.

"Just chill out for a minute, Jak. We're almost done." Torn asked, continuing to work. He was currently stitching up the tissue inside Jak's knee. God, it looked horrible. With every pull of the string, blood made way out of Jak's leg. Torn had multiple towelettes ready and wiped away at the blood so he could continue working. The whole side of the floor that Torn was on was covered in used, bloody towels. Not exactly the most beautiful scenery.

"How's your leg? You still numb?" Torn asked.

"What?" Jak, who had a delay of thirty seconds, answered.

"Your leg?" Torn asked again.

"I don't have legs." Jak answered seriously.

Torn chuckled under his breath and so did Daxter.

Daxter slowly walked closer to Jak, but Jak was quick to notice.

"Can I pet you?"

"Uh, ya, sure, buddy. Knock yourself out." Daxter turned so his back faced Jak. He looked at Torn as if to say: HE'S SO GONE.

Jak started to pet Daxter. "You're so soft." The very, very high Jak smiled.

"Thanks?" Daxter looked back at Jak.

"I could pet you foreeeeever. Why don't I pet you, like, all the time? It feels so good on my hands."

"Jak, … you're kinda freaking me out right now." Daxter chuckled nervously.

"You should record this." Torn mentioned jokingly.

Daxter let out a huge smirk and left the faded Jak's side. Jak was so high that he just let his hand drop as if he didn't even know what he was doing in the first place.

Daxter returned with Jak's communicator and flipped it open, pointing it at the owner. He watched as he saw what was before him in the communicator's frame. His little furry finger pressed the red, 'Record' button.

"Say hello, Jak." He chanted.

Jak was leaned back against the headboard, not even looking at the camera, but he did smile. "Hello."

"Say hello, Torn!" He moved the camera so Torn was in frame. Torn didn't answer, but you could see the inside of Jak's knee still, so he quickly aimed the communicator back at Jak.

Daxter quickly rushed up to Jak, pointing the camera in his face. "Now, why don't cha tell us what you ate…"

Jak laughed. "Um, …" He was swaying all over the place. "I ate … a STICK." Jak smiled at the camera, his eyes completely closed.

Daxter started laughing so hard that he could barely keep the communicator's camera in focus.

The ottsel quickly turned the camera so you could see Torn, who was actually looking at Jak for once, AND, for once, actually laughing.

"Was it any good?" Daxter tried to ask as seriously as possible.

"It was amazing. It tasted like…two lesbians, kissing in the rain…Oh my, God, Daxter, lesbians!" Jak gasped and started tapping Daxter's shoulder, as if Daxter wasn't giving him enough attention.

Daxter let out a shrill shot of laughter. "I can't breathe! OhmyGodJak, I can't breathe.."

Five minutes went by and Daxter still chose to continue recording.

"Hey!" Jak sat up as if to stop Torn from what he was doing, which, in return, made Torn come to a screeching halt. "Why does it feel like you're touching my dick right now?" Jak asked all loopy and nonchalantly.

"PFFFFT! BAHAHAHA!" Daxter continued, but Jak was dead serious.

Torn narrowed his eyebrows at Jak, both of his hands OBVIOUSLY on Jak's knee. "What the fuck are you talking about?

"It feels all weird, like, I can feel everything all up in my crotch.."

"That would be because of your nerves."

Jak watched as Torn finished stitching up the superficial gap next to his knee.

Torn pulled the last bit of string up through Jak's knee, grabbed the scissors, and cut it.

Jak was actually quiet.

Daxter sighed when the communicator beeped, signaling him that he had run out of storage data. "Awe, man…we're out of room, BUT, I definitely got enough!" Daxter flipped the communicator closed and got closer to the two. "Hey, buddy, you're done…!"

"Not quite." Torn said, causing Jak and Daxter to look over at him. "Since I don't have the supplies to combat against blood clots, he's going to have to stand for a bit."

"BUT!" Daxter began.

"No…he's not going to stand on his post-op leg, idiot. He just needs to be upright. The blood in his leg needs to circulate or else it will coagulate in one area. I've seen it happen before. I doubt Jak wants end up losing his leg after going through all of this." Torn said as he stood up.

"Ohh, gotcha." Daxter looked at Jak. "C'mon, up you go."

Torn extended a hand and Jak grabbed onto it. As Jak attempted to get up, Torn leaned back a little to help get him up, while Daxter struggled to push against Jak's back.

He was up.

Jak bounced slightly on one foot to keep balance. Torn quickly wrapped Jak's arm around his shoulders and slowly walked to the center table of the Underground. Daxter also hopped down and walked beside his friend. Daxter actually showed empathy as he watched his expressionless friend skip, one-legged, to the table.

Torn bent his head forward and took Jak's arm off of his shoulders and leaned him up against the table. "Just stand here for a minute."

Jak leaned with his full body weight against the table. Yes, his high was going away. His mind couldn't register the pain quite yet, but you could tell that his time in his own little world was over.

"When do you think he'll be better?" Daxter asked in a concerned matter.

"Eh, a week." Torn answered while rubbing the back of his neck. "It really depends on how fast his recovery is. Everyone's different."

"Yaaa, but when do you think he'll be up to cruisin' the town?" Nevermind.

Torn looked annoyed. "I'm not worried about when he's going to be good to fuck around. My main concern is getting him healed enough to go back out there and finish what we've started. Do you really think I would have done any of this for you guys just for the Hell of it?"

Daxter rolled his eyes. "Yeah, but, … Jak, … what are you doin'"?

Torn turned his head to see that Jak had managed to crawl up on the table.

"I want to be up here."

"Why?" Daxter asked with a sigh in his tone.

"Because, yeah." Jak got comfortable on the table and closed his eyes.

Torn bit the inside of his cheek and rolled his eyes, but a loud gurgling noise quickly made him look back at Jak.

The gurgling sound rolled up from Jak's stomach into his throat. The blonde-green haired man let out a bellowing belch and quickly blew it out.

"I'm going to throw up."

"No, you're not." Torn pretty much demanded.

"Yes, I am." Jak felt the sickness somewhat pass, but he couldn't be too sure. He knew his body didn't win the war when he felt this involuntary gag come up, but he couldn't move.

Torn sighed and picked up an empty bucket. He walked around the table as the gagging got worse and pulled Jak by the arm to the edge of the table. "Come on!"

Jak grabbed the edges of the table and pulled himself the rest of the way. Torn's original plan was to hand Jak the bucket, but Jak just simply held on to the bucket as well, trapping Torn's hands under his. With a few more gags and belches, Jak's head was in the bucket.

Daxter watched in utter disgust. One of his eyes flinched with every heave.

Torn had to bend his knees and even gagged once after feeling the weight of the bucket get heavier overtime.

And it went on, and on, and on, and on.

Jak lifted his head from the bucket and then rested it on the table.

"Fuckin' gross." Torn set the bucket down, pointed at Jak angrily, and whispered dagger-like words. "You're so lucky you didn't eat today."

Jak looked up, still in a daze, and attempted to spit the last of the residue on the floor. Torn wrinkled his nose as he watched the spit slowly, but surely, stretch all the way down to the floor and disconnect from Jak's mouth.

"It was amazing. It tasted like…two lesbians, kissing in the rain…"

Daxter broke into hysterics as he fell off of his friend's shoulder and onto the bed, rolling down a pillow. Jak watched the recording of himself not viciously high, but brutally high, play on his communicator in his hand. He was wide-eyed and couldn't believe what he was watching.

"Oh my God..…" Jak sighed with a slight smile.

Daxter climbed back onto Jak's shoulder. "Wait, wait…" He was out of breath from laughing so hard. "That's not…that's not even the best part."

Jak squinted his eyes and brought the communicator closer to his face. Daxter made sure to be completely quiet, for his favorite part was coming up.

"Hey! Why does it feel like you're touching my dick right now?"

Jak watched in absolute horror.

"HHHEEEEEEEAAHHAAHAHAHA!" Daxter shook Jak by his shirt before he resumed to fall off of his shoulder again. Jak didn't take his eyes off of the recording.


Once the recording stopped, Jak still just sat there. "Dax, you have to delete this."

"Are you crazy?! Do you know how much blackmail I have over you now?" Daxter caught Jak off guard when he snatched the communicator from his hands and then proceeded to hop off of the bed. Daxter walked away while mocking Jak. "Ohhh, you want the hot girl? But, I don't want to take one for the team. Ohhh, you want to go bar hopping? I dun wanna. Ohhh, you want to go cruisin' down by the pier? Nooo…let's go do chores for Torn blah blah blah, ha! Let's see ya say no to me now!"

Jak sat on the bed, with his hands in his lap, glaring at his furry friend until Torn walked up to his bedside.

"You should get some rest." Torn said, obviously exhausted.


Torn nodded firmly and started to retreat back to his desk.

Jak got situated in his bunk cot and turned on his side, his back facing Torn and Daxter. Daxter, by the way, was still snickering and watching Jak's recording on repeat.

"Oh… and by the way, Jak…" Torn began. "I hope you dream of lesbians and beautiful butterflies. You deserve it." Torn smirked and said it all with his usual snarky attitude.

Daxter joined in on the harassment. "Goooodnight, Jaaaak."

Jak just curled up in a ball and lifted the covers completely over his head in absolute embarrassment.