Kaleidoscope is something I think I will have fun with – I like writing drabbles. I do have a full, chapter story in the making (no title yet) but it's on its way. Kaleidoscope is a series of drabbles focusing on the friendship of Shu and Jiro in the Blue Dragon game. In other words, their memories up until and maybe further than where the game leaves off, with the celebration of Kluke's birthday. The drabbles may be related, they might not. And they're not in any chronological order, so….if they are related, I'll write that in the summary.

Pairings that will most likely show up: Jiro x Kluke, Shu x Kluke (the triangle), Shu x Sahlia, Zola x the King

Disclaimer: -sighs- Jeez, if I owned Blue Dragon, would I be writing fanfiction? I thought not. So no, I don't own Blue Dragon (sadly). And since, this goes for the rest of the fanfic, I'm not putting this thing again.

Dedication: To all the fans of Blue Dragon, in particular Yamadori, who has been exceptionally phenomenal.

Note: In this drabble, they are ten and eleven. The drabble is 360 words long. And sorry for the long note. Won't happen again.


Shu sighed as he watched his friend scrutinize an almost cylindrical object that was splotched and splattered with blurring lines of every color. Shu had brought it almost on a whim, guessing Jiro would appreciate it.

"Jiro, cut it out. It's just a toy. Stop staring at it." The brown-haired boy sitting opposite him didn't look up from his examining, choosing to stare, if possible, at the thing in question. Shu groaned and just barely resisted the urge to take Jiro's textbook and slam it against his own head. Jiro ignored his antics and peered in again, a ghost of a smile playing around his lips, hidden mostly by the kaleidoscope. He cast an amused glance at his companion and reached for his ever-present sketchbook. Shu peeked over the edge of the textbook and raised an eyebrow.

"What now?" Jiro didn't even look at him as the genius snatched up some color pencils and lightly sketched…a mass of colors, some apart and some blending together into an indescribable yet wonderful sort of colored sky, a colored ocean. Shu watched, annoyance latent but suppressed, as an abstract work presented itself on the previously blank paper.

"What is it?" The black-haired male finally inquired after it seemed like his friend was satisfied with the drawing of…whatever it was supposed to be. Jiro turned a thoughtful gaze on his friend.

"What I saw in the kaleidoscope," he finally answered, handing it over to the other. Shu took it gingerly, and put it to his eye. There was a different image than the one on Jiro's paper, but it was just as vivid and colorful. Even Shu, who had no real appreciation for the arts, knew it was…breathtaking.

"Wow." He handed it back, somewhat awed. Jiro took in his friend's expression and tried very hard not to laugh. Shu saw this, though, and slightly glared at his friend.

"Hey! See if I get you a present again!" He sulked and walked out of Jiro's tidy room. Jiro, noticing his friend leave, smiled. Shu was too far away to hear his next, almost-whispered statement.

"But that's why I'm so interested in this kaleidoscope, Shu."