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Winter Lullaby

He watched as Shu laughed happily, eyes wide in wonder and surprise, hands reaching upwards and out. Jiro sighed to himself, but he knew Shu was justified as this was the first time the younger had seen snow. He blinked as one made itself known onto the tip of his nose, the coldness making him shiver. Shu laughed again, and although he made a face, he didn't mind the chuckling. It wasn't too long ago that he thought he might never be able to make his friend laugh again. There was a sudden tugging at the green sleeve of his jacket and he refocused on the present.

I hope I can make you smile, make you laugh, make you happy.

"Yes, Shu?" The one in question beamed up at him. "Let's make a snowman, Jiro," he insisted before dragging the elder towards a pile of snow. Ignoring the "wait, Shu" that followed, the black-haired boy laughed again before pouncing on the white hill.

"Shu!" Worried that the action could produce an injury of any sort, Jiro followed quickly.

I hope I can help, I can try, I will always try.

It wasn't long before the snowman started to look like one. Shu had made the base rather quickly after a small slightly disastrous but he had never claimed knowing how to make snowmen after all demonstration from Jiro. After that, the two boys had collaborated on the head and plopped on an impromptu twig and dried leaves hat and a few makeshift stone buttons. They hadn't done a middle section because the base had been too big, and a middle part would have meant that neither of them would be able to put on the head.

Wherever you go, I will follow.

Pleased with the accomplishment, Shu sat admiring their handiwork for a long time (for Shu, anyway) before pulling Jiro off towards an old oak tree. With a groan, Jiro let the other lead him over to where a bunch of trees swayed with the cold winter wind. Shivering slightly, he pulled his scarf closer to himself before reaching over to his younger friend to do the same. Shu looked away from the tree he was examining to glance over at the contact, but grinned his thanks when Jiro finished readjusting the blue scarf the four-year-old was wearing. Jiro smiled back before directing his gaze upwards into the mass of greens and browns.

I hope I can keep you safe, safe from harm, safe from illness.

"Shu…?" Knowing his imminent question, Shu answered quickly…with a question of his own.

"Jiro, why do some trees lose their leaves and some don't?" His friend blinked at the question before looking up toward the canopy. "Well…some trees don't have enough of the stuff they need to give their leaves, so…they keep it for themselves to keep the whole tree alive. Those trees' leaves fall. But other trees don't do that…" Shu had been quiet throughout the entire explanation. The real reason he had dragged Jiro here wasn't because of his curiosity (though it certainly helped), but because he wanted the other to see how beautiful the scene was. As if he had read his mind, Jiro let out a sigh of appreciation, "It's really nice here…" Shu grinned wider. "Yeah…" Jiro smiled, breathing in oak and evergreen and the brisk, nature-scented mix of trees and winter and sky. "Thanks for bringing me here, Shu."

I hope I can understand you, I can try, I will always try.

Shu watched the ground intently as the two started on their way to Jiro's house. They frequently stayed over at each other's respective houses (enough for ordinary sleepover stuff to just be left at the others' place) and a quick visit to Fushira (involving watching Shu's grandfather work, a lunch break, some conversation, some hugs) confirmed that Shu would stay over for the night. Jiro knew his parents would be fine with Shu staying over; they had practically taken in Shu as a second son anyway. "What's wrong?" he asked, upon noticing Shu looking at the ground. "Nothing…just looking at our footprints," Shu muttered sheepishly, knowing he had caused Jiro to worry…again. Jiro himself looked down at their feet questioningly before seeing that the way the snow caused their shoes to make imprints had interested Shu. With a light chuckle, he shook his head and continued on. Shu's smile widened a bit more and he ran to catch up.

Wherever you go, I will follow.

However, he didn't see the ice patch before he was on it.

"Wh-whoa!" Jiro turned around at the sound and was met with an armful of Shu – with a slight yelp at the additional weight (Shu didn't weigh much, but neither did Jiro), the two tumbled to the ground. Wincing at the stinging pain in his knee from the fall, he raised himself onto his elbows before noticing something slightly heavy on his chest. "Shu?" he asked worriedly, letting himself back onto the cold ground really really really cold this is starting to hurt but what's more important is "Are you okay?"

I hope I can catch you, before you even fall, if and when you fall.

A muffled groan came from above him and Shu raised his head to find himself on top of his best friend, who was starting to look a paler than normal. "Yeah, I'm fine, but are you okay?" But even as he said this, he noticed his elbow starting to hurt. Jiro must have noticed it as well, because the elder had directed his gaze to the aforementioned place.

"Shu! Your elbow!" Getting up a little quickly for his knee, Jiro let out a slight hiss of pain before turning to his backpack and grabbing a bandage (it never hurts, no pun intended, to be prepared). "Since it's most likely a cut, we should probably clean it up first…" As an afterthought, he took out a small bottle of disinfectant too. Shu winced. "No, Jiro, it's fine. Don't…that thing hurts a lot…"The younger muttered, getting up and backing away a little bit. "Shu, it's good for you. It makes sure that your elbow won't get infected. Now come on." Jiro was rarely demanding, but concern usually was a good motivator.

I hope I can make it okay, I can try, I will always try.

Shu looked ready to bolt the other direction before noticing that the area around Jiro's knee was a bit…stained with red. He approached the other, gaze directed towards the ground again, albeit for a different reason. Jiro didn't notice (or pretended not to) and made quick work of cleaning and bandaging the cut. But before he could put the disinfectant away, Shu grabbed his hand (evoking a slightly shocked "Sh-Shu?"). "L-let me help this time," he muttered, a bit pink. "What?" Jiro had all but forgotten about the pain from earlier. Shu mentioned wordlessly to his knee before kneeling, ready to apply the disinfectant. Jiro sighed and rolled up the pant leg. It wasn't too big of a scratch but Shu still winced at the discolored skin before gently dabbing at it with the cloth Jiro had given him. Jiro had to hold his breath to not cry out (Shu had a point, it did sting like crazy) but smiled when the bandage was placed carefully on.

I hope my smile will be enough, will comfort you, will help you.

"I'm sorry." Blinking, he directed his gaze from his knee to his friend. "What?"Shu's gaze remained on the ground. "I'm sorry…if I had been more careful." Jiro sighed and ruffled the younger's hair. "From now on, be careful alright?" For yourself, please. I don't want to see you hurt. "Yeah…"Shu still seemed a bit…upset. Frowning slightly himself now, Jiro noticed that they were near his house.

I hope I can help you learn, I can try, I will always try.

"Hey, Shu?" The boy in question looked up. "Let's make snow angels." And with that, Jiro lay himself carefully back onto the snow-covered ground, waiting for Shu to do the same. Normally, he wouldn't do this sort of activity, considering the fact that if the snow soaked through, it was an almost surefire way to get a cold…But it would probably cheer Shu up, and they could change quickly since they were near his place…There was some slight shuffling, and Shu was lying on the ground, too, face turned towards his best friend. Jiro smiled a bit before moving his arms and legs in the way to make an angel. After a quiet moment, Shu followed in his actions. And gradually, gradually, there were more laughs and words and the air was filled with conversation and laughter. It was almost night time when two very cold but happy oh so happy children retreated into a warm home where a mother fussed over them and made them change into better clothes immediately and take warm showers and have a snack…

Wherever you go, I will follow.

After dinner, both of them were nestled into chairs near the fireplace to keep warm. Two almost-empty cups of hot chocolate rested lazily on a carved, wooden coffee table. It wasn't long before Shu fell asleep, and Jiro smiled as he dragged a blanket downstairs to cover his friend with. It also wasn't long before he himself fell asleep, curled up slightly at the side of the chair Shu was occupying, blanket half-covering him.

I hope I will always be by your side, will always try to be, will always stay for you.

It wasn't long before Jiro woke sleepily and noticed the empty chair. Forcing the initial nerves and waves of panic to subside (at least a little bit), he decided not to wake his parents yet and headed outside. There was one place Shu seemed to love…

And he was there. Jiro let out a sigh of relief before hurrying over. "Shu, what are you doing? It's two in the morning…" His scolding trailed off into nothingness as he looked closer at the other. Shu turned to him and gave him another sheepish smile. "I'm sorry, Jiro, I just really wanted to look at the stars tonight…I woke up…suddenly and couldn't…fall asleep again. I didn't want to wake you up again…" And Jiro knew, as soon as Shu had said "suddenly" that the younger had had another nightmare.

I hope I can comfort you, I can try, I will always try.

"Shu…" At the tone of his best friend's voice, Shu looked away at the stars again. "I just wonder…how much my parents would like to see snow…"The whisper was small, almost too soft for Jiro to hear. He stiffened slightly, both from the cold and from the topic matter. He had loved Shu's parents almost like family, after all…like another aunt and uncle…"I…I think they would have loved it. I think they would have loved to see you happy and laughing." The words tumbled out, fumbling and falling. A four-year-old shouldn't have to say things like this, he thought, never once thinking that a five-year-old shouldn't have to deal with this either (nor anyone else, for that matter). Shu looked at him for a longer period of time before his gaze returned to the stars. Jiro directed his eyes there, too, searching and looking for a star in particular…"Look, Shu, it's our star…" He pointed towards one shining extremely brightly. They had decided a while ago that that star was theirs (although they didn't really know if on another day, it was or not, it was a comforting thought to the two of them). Shu's gaze flickered over to it and he smiled, softly. Then he yawned, softly and suddenly, surprising both of them. Jiro chuckled softly and tugged lightly at the other's shirt, suggesting they go back to the house before they both fell asleep outside. Shu grinned and let his best friend lead him back in, directing another soft, glad smile to Jiro's back.

Thank you.


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