The Enigmatic Sector, A.D. 2250

"Take him, quickly!"

The space above them flashed and rumbled with unearthly brilliance, as if the very gods themselves were enraged. Cannons flared and ships exploded, as the last confrontation between the UrQa and the Mzungu was being fought. And the UrQa—the intruders—were winning.

"There is no time! Take him and go!" shouted a young Mzungan man above the roar of battle. He desperately pushed a child into the humans' astonished arms—his wife's parents, both of them Terran.

"Go, please," another voice begged them, a woman's this time. "He must live. For all of us."

The stars watched in silent vigil as a spaceship slipped away from the battle, unseen.