Sweden/Finland, also for Holly because she suggested it when I was in a slump and I just needed to write to get rid of it.


Despite living in such a cold place, Tino wasn't particularly fond of the cold. General Winter wasn't as cruel to him as he was to Ivan, but still. It was cold, and he preferred to stay indoors, with Su-san in front of a warm fireplace with a mug of melted chocolate in hand. The blonde quickly finished up his own chores - Su-san had already finished his share of them - and peered into the living room, and saw that the fireplace was already lit, a fire bathing the room in warm glows.

Tino padded over to the front of the fireplace, and sat down, knees brought up to his chin, and gave a content sigh, as he felt warmth wash over him, thawing him. His relationship with Su-san was. ..strange, so say the least. Su-san said that he was his wife and yet - there was no physical intimacy between the two of them. He frowned. Not that physical contact was really necessary between the two of them - he loved the other, silent man either way - but still. Holding hands and hugging could only go so far, and frankly, Tino wanted something more than that. A small blush colored his face - but that would be so awkward to bring up to Su-san, and. . .

Ah, no! Nevermind.

Tino would let things take their own natural course, and he gave a small huff at the thought.


And - ah. True to form, there was Su-san, two mugs in hand, proffering one to Tino before sitting down next to his wife on the floor. Tino took a sip, enjoying the scalding liquid, and gave a small sigh, before hesitating, and then leaned against Su-san, noting that he didn't move away, flinch, or even stiffen at the contact. Tino smiled, and then leaned his head against his shoulder, and still no response. Okay, now that was bothering him somewhat. He gave a small sigh.



"Do you. . .love me?"

The smaller blonde thought that it would honestly be weird if Su-san said 'love' back - because he certainly wasn't a romantic person. Maybe he should send him off to France for a few days (at the risk of the poor man getting groped - but then again, Su-san was also really scary when someone didn't know him, so maybe not. . .). Tino glanced up at Su-san, worry the prominent expression on his face. And ah - there was emotion on the taller man's face. A mixture of shock and. . .something else he just couldn't place. Su-san pushed his glasses up his nose, and looked down at Tino, looking as if he were at a loss for words. Finally, he gave a small sigh, and leaned down to give Tino a kiss on the lips.