A new beginning

Chapter 1

Forks, definitely not my preferred choice of living. But im doomed for the rest of my existence. The sun is my enemy here, no more picnics in the park on nice sunny days unless I have a death wish. The Volturi would be ripping me to shreds in minutes. I am Jasper Whitlock Hale your average Vampire living in modern time America. I was born in 1843 in Texas and I joined the confederate states army when I was 18. Not long after my 20th birthday I was changed by a woman named Maria and ever since I have had super human speed and strength just some of the bonus features of being a vampire. Not everyone has an extra special "gift" as we like to call it but I do, I can manipulate people's emotions. Sometimes it can be fun but at other times it is just annoying. One special Vampire is my beautiful Alice. She was changed only a few years after I was and she saw me she also has a gift she can see the future. So she came to me telling me of this Coven who acted more like a family. This family was something special as they were not normal vampires by my standards anyway because they are vegetarians; well sort of they just don't feed off the blood of humans. Instead they use animals to fill their dietary requirements.

My coven, or my family consists of Carlisle and Esme my Parental Guardians who have "adopted" the five teenagers who include myself, the love of my life, my own crazy but loving little pixie Alice, her "brothers" Emmett the strange, hyper-active teenage two year old who is obsessed with his red jeep, and Edward, he mostly keeps to himself either listening to classical music or writing and playing his own piano pieces. Then there is Rosalie my "twin sister" who I look NOTHING alike. Any human would think we are all strange. Carlisle and Esme in their mid-20's having five adopted adolescent children who may I add are going out with each other. There is Alice and I, Rosalie and Emmett and with one exception Edward he just hasn't found the girl he wants to spend eternity with. Alice has secretly told me that one of her visions have hinted someone for him will come along in the next couple of years. But I have to stop thinking about this now before Edward, he who reads minds hears me. Oh I forget to mention Edward can also read minds so any nomadic vampires who we have come across in our years have been surprised to see such a large coven with so many talents.

Moving again. We have to move every couple of years since we don't age. it really helps to have Edward at times like this because if anyone get to suspicious he will hear it in their thoughts and before they can piece anything else together we are off and going to another small cloudy town, like Forks. Every couple of moves we go to our close friends, the coven in Denali. They are very similar to us in the way they only drink animal blood and they are also a very close knit family. One of the worst parts of moving is having to go to another school just to be gawked at all day long since one of the other bonus features of being a vampire is our beauty. Its customary. We walk into our new classes and all the girls start the fantasies that make Edward crazy and their emotion just go wild over Emmett, Edward and I. some of the girls can be sitting next to their boyfriends and still their thoughts and emotions sky rocket as soon as we walk in the door making me want to scream. I don't even have to read minds but I know that Edward is thinking the same things. Emmett may be the lucky one here but if any one asks out his Rosalie then they will be sorry. If the girls went crazy over us then I can't even begin to describe what happens when my Alice and Emmett's Rosalie walk in the room. We can actually hear the human's heart beats fasten or stop for a fraction of a second. Then we look over to poor Edward cringing from all the inappropriate thoughts going through their minds, first day is always the worst. It is really strange but everyone see's themselves being our friends and sitting with us mostly for popularity but sometimes you get a person who really does just want to be our friend. But after a week or so they all shy away, another vampire bonus feature I guess you could call it. Humans are naturally scared of us just as a zebra is naturally scared of a lion.