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It was all back to normal. Bella, the chief of police's daughter had returned back to her mother and our family returned back to normal, well as normal as a house full of vegetarian vampires can get anyways. Alice and Rosalie have gone to all the sales this weekend and Carlisle and Esme are busy with work. Emmett, Edward and I are here by ourselves; sometimes that's not the best idea. Before Esme left she gave us strict instruction. No fighting or play fighting in the house, no prank calls, no breaking our vegetarian diet or exposing our secret and definitely no abusing our special gifts. Last time we were left alone everyone came home the house was a mess and Edward and myself were hiding, close to tears if that were possible and there was a huge Emmett shaped and sized dent in the kitchen wall. Esme was far from happy.

This time we had to good or there would be no more all guys' weekends for us. Emmett was currently seated on the couch screaming at the television that was showing the baseball finals. "You throw like a girl Anderson… Jasper! Why can't we try out for the league? We would be the best players they would have and ever will have on there team." Before I could answer his dumb remark he figured it out for himself, leaving the room grumbling something about being a stupid vampire. Edward was ignoring both of us; his attitude was beginning to loosen up though and soon the tune he was playing on his piano stopped. Soon Emmett would be bored and that is a very dangerous thing. Edward nodded in agreement to my unspoken words.

We followed Emmett out to the front yard and found him staring at his jeep chanting. "Red jeep, red jeep, red jeep, red jeep… Oh My God, Jasper, Edward look over there it's, it's a butterfly." He screamed then zoned out completely and started chasing the butterfly around the garden. "Emmett you know you could probably catch it I mean your fast enough to be able to but you would probably squash the poor thing." Edward said between laughs. While Edward was talking Emmett turned around to listen and as he did this the butterfly flew away, scared. There goes that distraction. Now he was sulking around the garden trying to find the butterfly he thought he had befriended. He truly does have a small attention span, a very small attention span. Emmett sat down on a large moss covered rock next to the small pond in our garden. Edward and I waited in silence for Edward to find another thing to distract him. We didn't have to wait very long.

"Jasper, Edward, Help, come here quickly." He cried in distress. We walked over to the tearlessly sobbing Emmett. "What's wrong?" Edward said clearly trying to hold in his laughter. Edward's amusement was too much for me and I was soon lying on the damp green grass laughing. "Jasper this is no laughing matter! There is an Emmett look alike in our pond. We have to help him get out before he drowns, I don't think he is a vampire like us. Wait now he knows the secret. I broke the vampire law and Esme's rule. Oh no the Volturi will be after me already. Run for your lives well your existences anyways, Save yourselves. Tell Rosalie I love her very much." And with that he took off in the direction of Canada. "He is going to stay in Vancouver for a while, to hide. He is only planning to stay a week at the most, just to make sure the Volturi aren't after him for telling what we know was his reflection in the pond that he was a vampire." Edward filled me in on Emmett's thoughts as he run across the country. I cannot believe he had no idea that was his reflection. The rest of the family especially Rosalie will be pissed that we didn't stop him. It was just too funny not to. As Edward and I walked back inside I realised, there was only two of us left. Maybe we should go after Emmett. "Oh c'mon Jasper im not that evil am I?" Edward asked then I knew for sure that I was in trouble.

At that moment my phone which was in my pocket started to vibrate, the caller ID read, Alice. "Hello my love how is the shopping?" "great thankyou Jazz" she was the only one I allowed to call me Jazz, if anyone else called me that I would probably attack them except if it was Esme or Carlisle I would probably only get angry with them. "Jazz can you explain to me why I had a vision of Emmett running to Vancouver?" I started to laugh but tried to hide it with a cough but failed she caught me red handed. " Oh Jazz what did you and your brother do to him this time, you know if its series Rosalie will never let you live it down." I took an unnecessary breath to begin. "Okay well Emmett got a bit bored; he went out into the front yard and sat in front of his jeep for a while, chanting, again. Then he spotted a butterfly. He chased that for a bit until Edward distracted him. He sulked for a while and then went to the pond." Edward was now playing on his piano again so I walked up stairs while Alice talked. "Okay so what made him do a runner? Is he off searching for his butterfly or something?" Alice obviously didn't realise I hadn't finished so I kept going. "No the butterfly was long forgotten as he spotted his reflection in the water of the pond. He thought it was his look alike drowning and he said aloud that he couldn't be a vampire like us. Then he panicked thinking the Volturi would be after him as well as Esme for breaking the rules, so he ran." On the other side of the phone all I could here was Alice and Rosalie's laughs and then two loud thumps which I imagine is them falling off either the couch, chair or bed they were sitting on. They would be coming home soon I found out after the laughing died down. In fact everyone would be home in the next couple of hours except Emmett that is.

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