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Summary: Edward leaves Bella she gets turned and is a princess of the Volturi, but what happens when the Cullens come to visit the Volturi?


I'm not plain Isabella Swan anymore now. I'm Isabella Swan Volturi, princess

of the Volturi. I now have great friends and family that I know won't leave me like they did. I managed to get all of my family to become vegetarians; I was so surprised when they agreed to change their lifestyle. I'm so thankful that the Volturi saved me and welcomed me into their family, I can still remember that day.


Victoria had gotten me when I jumped off the cliff, but that was 5 months ago. During that time she had the pleasure of breaking one of my legs an arm and some ribs, I don't know what else she broke. Once she did all those injuries she started to feed off me. She would bite me and suck all the venom out. That's why I have multiple bite marks.

We've also moved around in the time I've been with her because Jake's pack had been looking for us. Victoria walked into the cave we were staying in at the time. She began to advance towards me. I started to cower toward the wall behind me. She was thirsty I could see that when I looked into her black eyes. Someone was behind her. I could see their shadow. The person behind her lunged at her, for a minute everything was like a blur. They were going too fast for me to watch.

Then I saw Victoria's head fall on the ground. I knew I was safe from her now, but what fate does the vampire who killed her want for me? The vampire was walking towards me with his hands up in a calming way.

"My name is Aro of the Volturi. What is your name young one?" he asked kindly. He had red eyes, which were sinister looking. That wasn't a good sign.

"Bella. Bella Swan." I answered him. Studying his features, he had black hair, and his skin looked so fragile. It was almost translucent. He started to shake my hand, and then he looked shocked to say the least of it. He stared to look at me like I had two heads. It was a scary expression.

"I see you're very talented Bella. I was wondering if you would like to live with me and my coven. You would be my daughter." Is he asking me to be part of his coven? I can't believe it.

"I would love to except under conditions. Your whole coven has to hunt animals not humans like you are now, and I would like to keep contact with some of my friends. Is that okay?" I asked because I would not hunt humans at all and I wanted to be able to keep in touch with Jacob.

"We will change our hunting style for you but as for your friend, they cannot know about humans. I'm sorry." He said after a lot of thought. "Oh, it' okay my friends are werewolves so they already know about vampires. He had the funniest shocked look on his face. It was hilarious.

"Uh, sure you can keep contact with them I guess." He said still shocked.

"Then I would love to join your coven father." I said with a huge smile. That's when he leaned down and bit my neck, and that's when the pain began.


I still talk to Jacob he was surprised when I told him what happened to me, but were still friends. In fact I'm having a sleep over with him and the pack in a week I can't wait! Father said we have some guests that day but I'll be very busy to notice them.

Father was extremely surprised when I found out my powers. When I physically touch another vampire I can absorb their power. The good thing is, I can switch them on and off. My favourite powers are shape-shifting (that includes changing my appearance) and mind reading. Another power I had when I was human but is stronger now, is my mind shield. I can remember the day Father said he wanted to know about his daughters' past.


"Bella" I heard father call for me. "Yes father?" I responded once I got down stairs.

"Bella, I heard you could lift your shield away from you mind. Is that true?" He asked with a smile.

"You heard correct father," I told him, wondering what this conversation about.

"That's great news. I was wondering if I could know about my daughters past?"

"Very well then, but do not get angry!" I said. I pulled my shield out of my mind. Then I quickly grabbed his hand. It looked like my life flashing before my eyes.

He started to growl at the memory when I first met Edward. It sounded as though he got even angrier when he saw Edward leave me, which I didn't think was possible.

"You promised not to get angry father!" I reminded him, and then I turned around and walked away. We have never talked about my past after that but I'm sure he told Uncle Caius and Uncle Marcus, because he gossips like an old girl.


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