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WARNINGS: this is going to be a SephirothxCloud. male on male


"Hey are you listening to me?"

"Huh? Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said we're almost out of firewood, why don't you go forage some for us." the older girl said.

Cloud looked at her " But didn't I bring some yesterday?"

" You mean that little bit?" the youngest girl said as she lay on a mat on the hardwood floor as the other said " Well this time bring a little bit more back so you won't have to keep going to that evil forest."

" Alright." Cloud walked over to go get his basket when he heard one of the girls say " Oh! Whit a minute Cloud ." Cloud turned and saw her go into the back room. He turned back to get his basket when a dirty rag was thrown at his face. Cloud pulled it away when the girl that had thrown the rag at him said " Here are the clothes that need to be washed."

" Salene must I do that now? If I have to do this It'll be dark by the time I'm done." Cloud looked at the clothes as she put them in his basket and Salene said " There's no other way, in this type of situation young girls can't just casually walk outside. The white demon will steal us. "

"It's not our fault everyone in or family's a girl, so our only choice is to have you do a little extra work." the girl on the mat said.

" That's right or else you who is a weak useless slave wouldn't have any purpose here, so go on and do your work." they all laughed at him as he walked out and down the dirt road leading to the evil forest where the lake was. It would take him and hour to get there but once he did he walked in the forest and up the trail for some time till he came to the lake where he could wash the clothes. Cloud put the basket down and looked around the white forest then started to gather wood and start a fire for him to stay warm. When that was done he dumped the dirty clothes on the ground and started to go through them to see what had has to wash. He started on the blankets and once they were done he did the rest of the clothes and hung them so they could dry. But then Cloud sudenly heard something on the other side of the river and ran over to a large tree and hid behind it. His eyes widened at what he saw. It looked like a man but it had fox ears and a tail too. It was beautiful; it had white silver hair and green cat like eyes. It road on a white horse till it got off to get a drink from the lake.

Cloud watched it as it drank, but then remembered what one of the girls told him.

......The white demon lives in the forest. We've never seen what it looks like but they said that if you go near it, it will either eat you a live or it will make you its love slave. And when its done with you it will put you in chains and lock you up and you will never see the light of the sun again.......

Cloud looked at it and said to himself …....But it looks so kind. It can't be a demon can it?......Cloud comes out of his daydream and noticed, when the wind blew, a white mask on its face. He moved back as it stood up and started to walk back to its horse. But then all of a sudden it stopped walking and fell to the ground. Cloud quickly rushed over to it to see what was wrong.

Cloud kneeled down and saw the blood on its left side.

"This is bad! He's going to die if I don't do something!" Cloud quickly ran across the river to get his bag. When he got back Cloud started to help the white demon. When he was done he got back over the river to get his stuff and go back home so the old woman wouldn't beat him with that stick again.

Night came when Cloud got home but in the forest the white demon started to wake up. He opened his eyes and slowly sat up. He looked around, at his wound on his side then at his hoers and asked "Who did this boy?" He rubbed the horses head "That's a good boy, now help me up on my feet will you?" he put his arm over the horses neck and it lifted him up on his feet.

He walked over to the river and looked over to the other side of it at something on the other side checked his eyes. He walked over to it and picked it up off the grown. It was a wash cloth with blood on it. He turned it over in his hands and saw a name on the right side edge. It spelled .C.L.O.U.D.

" So Cloud was the one who saved me." he looked over the river again but said noting as he put the cloth in his pocket and walked back over to his horse. He rubbed its head again but then his eyes picked up something coming towards him.

"Master Sephiroth?"

Sephiroth smiled as the little fairy flew around looking for him "Sun I'm over here."

"Huh? Ah master!" she flow over to him and landed in his hand and started to cry "I've looked everywhere for you! Why did you leave? You know the humans think we're demons!"

His smile widened as she kept crying and talking "Sun you talk to much."

"I know but I was worried about you. You know I talk a lot when I get worried, I can't help it you know that right?" she looked at his wound that was rapped with straps of fabric "You're hurt waaa!"

" Aww Sun don't cry, I'm okay." He held her to his chest and rubbed her head with two of his fingers as she cried. After some time she finally stopped crying "I'm sorry master."

"It's alright Sun, I know you love me but I need you to do something for me. Do you think you can do it?"

She smiled and said "I'll do anything for you master!"

" Alright I need you to look for a person named Cloud. I know villagers can't see fairies so you are the best way to find out who my saver is."

"Okay. I'll go look for this person, but do you have any thing of this person named Cloud?."

" Yes I do." he pulled out the washcloth and handed it to her. She smiled " Okay I'm off master."

"You be careful Sun!"

" I will master. You just worry about getting home and taking care of your wound."

" Don't worry I'm headed home now."

She smiled at him and stated of till she heard her master say " Sun, when you find out who Cloud is come home and tell me so I can thank Cloud properly for saving me. "

" Yes master." With that she flew off on her journey to find the person named Cloud.

Meanwhile Cloud was gathering water from the small lake for the girls bath when something moved in the forest. Cloud looked at where the sound came from, but what ever it was it was gone. He picked up his buckets and walked back to the house.

When he got back he filled the bath when one of the girls came in.

" Is it done?"

" Yeah it's done." Cloud said as he walk past he.r

" Oh and Cloud, you have to go shopping tomorrow morning and you may go to bed now."

Cloud walked out of the room and to his bedroom then curled in bed and fell right to sleep.

Meanwhile Sun just made it to the village ware she started to look into windows of houses but no sign of the person named Cloud so she fond a nice place to stay for the night right next to a house where she curled in a small crack in the wall, curled up and fell asleep.

Back at the forest palace, her master was getting his wounds looked at.

" Ah! Can you be a little bit gentler? Ah!"

" I'm sorry my lord, but you have a bullet in your wound." the healer said as he looked in the wound to find the bullet.

" I know, I tried to get it ...ah!"

" I know you tried to get it out my lord. You slit your side to find it but it was too deep my lord."

" Yes... ah!" He relaxed when he heard the sound of metal hitting metal. He looked over at the bullet in the bowl and smiled.

" Well that´s done. Now all I have to do is sew you up and you'll be just fine." The healer picked up a needle and started sewing up his masters wound. When he was done he picked up his tools and put them in the sink to wash them. He walked back over to the table and wenth to get the the straps of fabric when his lord grabbed his arm. " My lord, what is it?"

" I´ll take them." the healer watched his lord as he looked at the straps of fabric in his hand "Master are you alright?"

" Yes I'm fine, I just hope Sun finds out who Cloud is so I can thank the person for saving me." The lord then put the straps in his pocket and got off the table and said to the healer "Thank you for looking at my wound."

" No problem my lord. I hope Sun comes back with good news."

" Me too. And maybe I can finaly take this mask off." the healer watched him walk out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Sephiroth kept walking to his room to get some needed rest and to let his wounds heal. He closed his room door then walked over to his bed and sat down. " What is this felling in my chest? " Sephiroth said as he fall back on his bed and tried to sleep.

" Cloud! Wake up you lazy bum!"

Cloud opened his eyes and looked up at the younger girl out of the three " Huh? What time is it Lillie?"

" It´s 10 o´clock" she said as she put her hands on her hips " You have to get up. your going shopping today remember?"

" Oh, that´s right. Okay !'m getting up." he pulled the blankets off him and stood up and got ready to lave. When he walked out the door and down the dirt road t he didn't notice a little fairy fallowing him.

Cloud walked into town and started looking at the food lined up by the wall. He buyed some rice with some bread and walked over to a small shop where they sell hand made jewelry. Cloud walked up to the store window and looks inside at a teardrop necklace.

The owner saw Cloud looking in the window got up and walks over to the door then opened it and ask " Would you like to come in and get a bather look at it?"

Cloud looks at her then back in the window then back at the owner "...umm can I see that?" Cloud pointed at the teardrop necklace.

She walked up to the window and looked in side and said " Well I guess it wouldn´t hurt to let you see it." She walked back over to the door and held it open for Cloud.

Cloud walked inside the store and looked around the very large room. He looked up at the walls that had swords hanging by hooks holding them up. He walked up to a glass chase that held all kinds of stuff in it and looked at it till the owner came up to him with the teardrop necklace and handed it to him. Cloud looked at it in his hand, then looked at the store owner and asked " How much do you what for it?"

" It´s to much for you kid."

Cloud looked at the man and then back at the store owner as she said " Oh father, stop being mean at the boy. He just wanted to look at it that´s all. Why don't you go back to bed. You look tired."

" I'm a little tired I guess I'll get some rest." The older man walked to the back room and closed the door behind him.

" Don't worry about him. He´s like that all the time. Ah, that´s right I didn't tell you my name. I'm Sin." she held out her hand.

" It´s nice to meet you Sin. I'm Cloud." Cloud said as he took her hand and shook it.

" You as well. Cloud do you want that necklace?" She smiled at him as she walked over the cash raster.

" But ... um how much do you want for it? I mean, it must be a lot of money." Cloud held out the necklace to her.

She giggled at him and said " No Cloud I'm asking do you want it?"

Cloud looked at her then a smile showed up on his face " You´re just going to give it to me?"

" Yes, I'm giving it to you, so why don't you go before my father finds out."

" Thank you Sin"

" You´re welcome Cloud. Oh, and there's one more thing I what to give you." cloud smiled when Sin went to the back room to get something. He looked down at the tear drop necklace in his hand, then Sin came back with a book in her hand and held it out to him. " Here Cloud, this is for you." Cloud looked at her then took the book from her hand and said " Thanks Sin I´ll treasure them."

" I know you will Cloud. You better go before my father gets up."

" Okay. Bye Sin, I´ll come see you when I can." Cloud ran out the door after he waved at Sin, then he took off down the dirt road back to his home. Sin smiled and waved back at him as he left her shop. She then walked over and locked the door and looked around her shop. " I know your there Sun. Why don't you come out from ware your hiding."

Sun popped her head out of an old jar and smiled. " Hello lady unicorn."

" Hello Sun. Why are you here in the human world? Your master going to be mad at you."

" Oh no my lady, he sent me here." Sun said as she flew over to Sin.

" And why did he do that? "

" Well, He´s looking for someone named Cloud. He said I might find this person named Cloud here but I looked everywhere. No one named Cloud is here."

" Sun."

" Yes my lady?"

" You talk to much. I don't know how your master can keep up with you."

" Do I really talk that much?" Sun said as she sat on Sins shoulder and asked " Sin have you seen someone with the name Cloud around here?"

Sin smiled at Sun an said " Maybe, the boy that was just in here had the name Cloud. Why?" Sun flew off her shoulder saying " I have to tell master Sephiroth . I´ll see you again soon my lady." Sun then dispersed into dust and sin was just standing there smiling then she walked to the back room ware her bedroom was and got into bed and falls asleep.

Sephiroth was in a deep sleep when Sun came in screaming " Master master masterrrrr!!!"

Sephiroth jumped p off the bed with his sword in his hands. When he saw it was only Sun he lowered his sword an said " Sun what did I tell you? Didn´t I say do not yell when I'm sleeping?"

" Yes master you did but I found Cloud. Lady unicorn knows where he lives. I think she- ah! Master wait up for me, master!" Sun flew after her master as he said " Well lets go visit her shall we."

" But master. Your hurt, you need to rest."

" You´re right Sun but I have to thank Cloud first." he said as they walked in to the forest where they stopped at the river. Suns master looked at her an said " Sun go over the river and go to the village an tell lady unicorn that I wish to see her."

"Yes master, I´ll be back soon." Sun flew off. When she reached the village it was morning. Sun flew up to the shop window and waited for lady unicorn when she came to the window and opened it " Sun, what are you doing here?"

" I'm sorry my lady but my master lord Sephiroth wishes to see you."

" All right. Tell your master I´ll see him tonight at midnight."

" Okay, I´ll tell him my lady and thank you." Sun went to fly off to her master when Sin said " Sun, also tell your master to not push himself. I know his hurt."

" I will my lady. See you soon." Sun then flow off in to the woods to go tell her master the news.

That night Cloud was getting ready for bed till the girls came in. Cloud looked up at them and asked " what do you need now?"

" Cloud our friend is coming over for tonight and we told her she can have your bed."

" But where will I sleep?"

" Well in the back room, where else would you sleep?"

" But its cold back there."

" We don't care."

" Yeah our friend will be here soon so go to the back room and go to sleep." Cloud got up off his bed and walked to the back room with the book Sin gave him. He walked over to a patch of hay and sat down and started to read. When Cloud with to sleep the moon shined down on him as he slept.

When Sun returned to her master he was sitting down by an old tree by the river. He looked up at her as she came over and sat down by him.

"Did you tell her?"

Sun looked up at her master and said " Yes master, I told her. She said she will be here at midnight tonight."

" Good. It will not be long then." They sat there waiting but they didn't have wait long as Sin walked up to them.

" You wish to see me?"

" Yes, do you know of a person named Cloud?" he said as he stood up from where he was sitting. She smiled at him and said " I might. The only Cloud I know of is a boy that lives with the old lady with her 3 girls up the hill from my shop. Why do you ask?"

" I have to thank him for saving me."

" For saving you?"

" Yes. I half to go Thank you for your help. I´ll see you tomorrow night." he walked up to her and handed her a few pisses of gold then walked over to the river and vanished.

She smiled and said " I hope you find Cloud my lord." she turned and walked back home.

To be continued


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