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chapter 4


Zack took Cloud's hand and led him around while Cloud looked for what he

"I think the meat shop is over there."

Zack pulled Cloud over to a shop where a man with winged ears was flaying a
fish. Zack and Cloud walked up to him as he put the flayed fish aside and
started on another fish. He looked up at them and asked very nicely to them,

" What can I get you?" he said with a smile.

Zack patted Clouds back and said "Well, the young prince needs to buy some

"Well, if that's what the young prince needs then I have it. Come, I'll
show you what I got
in the back."

The man got up from where he sat then walked to the back. Zack pushed Cloud
towards the back.

" Go on, I'll wait out here."

Zack stood at the door of the back room as Cloud looked at what the man had
to sell.

"So, what are you looking for, young prince?" the salesman said.

" Well, I need some fish but I'll just buy whatever is on sale."Cloud
said as he walked behind the man.

" Well, it's not good for you to buy old fish. It can be poisoned."

"I didn't think of it that way. Thanks for telling me."

Cloud smiled at the man as he showed Cloud all of his fish and meat that he
had in the back.
When Cloud had picked the ones he wanted, Cloud and the man walked out of the
room to find Zack still there, waiting for them.

" So, did you find everything you needed?"

" Yeah."

Cloud looked over at the man as he sat back down.

"How much do I pay you for this?"

The man with winged ears looked up at Cloud and said,

"Nothing young prince, it's on the house."

Cloud smiled.

"Thank you."

The man smiled at him and said,

"You're welcome, young prince. Ah, do you need me to take that to your
place? "

" If you don't mind doing it."

"No, not at all."

The man took the meat from Cloud and bowed his head at him and told them
thank you for coming. Then, Zack and Cloud left to go look for the other stuff
Cloud needed. They walked up to a woman that was very tall and had rabbit ears
and asked her if she knew where they can buy rice and stuff. Zack then walked
off to do something. The woman told Cloud that the rice seller was on
the other side and told him where he can find the other salesman. Cloud
thanked her and started to look for Zack who was nowhere in sight. So, he
walked around a little. Cloud didn't know how far he had walked but saw the
rice seller who was giving a tall man in white with fox ears some rice.

" Hey, there you are."

" Zack, who is that?" Cloud said as he pointed to the man in white.

Zack looked over to the man and said,

"That's your lover."

"You mean he's the white demon?"

"Yep. That's him. Now, come on before he sees us. I got everything you

"Okay." Cloud said as they walked out of the market place and Zack took
Cloud home.

When Cloud got home, he took all the stuff he got from the
marketplace inside and started to put them up then started on making dinner.
When he was done, he took the food to the old woman and her girls then went to
the back room where he sat down and started to eat his dinner when someone
knocked on the back door. Cloud set down his food and walked over to the door
and slowly opened the door to see who was on the other side.

" Hello, is anyone out there?"

Cloud waited for a minute then popped his head out to see if anyone was out
there. When he saw no one out there, he opened the door all the way and to his
surprise a gold box was on the floor in front of the door. Cloud bent down and
picked it up. Then, he walked inside to open it. After he closed
the door and locked it, he sat down again.

" I wonder who this is from." Cloud said as he opened the box to see what
was inside.

To his surprise, it was full of cookies and candy but what shocked Cloud the
most was a single crystal rose with a gold stem and a letter sealed with gold
with his name on it. Cloud smiled at his new gift and opened the letter and
began reading.

I had hoped to talk to you sooner my love

but time was short and there was too much to do to make sure you are

happy here.

I hope you enjoy the candy and cookies I've given you and the

crystal rose.

It is a tradition of my family to give a new mate a single

crystal rose

to show the ones we love how much love we have for them

and to prove that there is nothing we can't do together.

I hope you enjoy all the gifts I've given you.

I will be waiting here for your arrival tonight, my love.

I hope you have a safe journey to your new home.

~ Love, from the white demon ~

Cloud smiled and put the letter in a place where the girls couldn't find it.
Then, he heard the old woman call for him. Cloud got up and walked out of the
room to find the old woman.

" Cloud, get me some more rice."

" Yes ma'am." Cloud said as he took the bowl from her and went to the
back room to get more rice for the old woman. When he closed the door, a voice
spoke out.

" What do you think you're doing?"

Cloud looked over and saw Zack standing in the room.

"Umm, I was going to get more rice."

" Oh no you don't."

Zack took the bowl from him.

"Your lover does not want you doing any more work for that old woman."

" Zack give it back."Cloud said as he tried to get the bowl back but Zack
kept it out of his reach.

When Cloud jumped, Zack moved over to the window and tossed the bowl out of
the window.

" Zack, why did you do that?"

" I told you. He does not want you to work for that woman."

"But I don't know him." Cloud said as he lowered his head to the floor.

" Aw, Cloud look at me."

Cloud looked up at Zack.

"Cloud, listen. It does not matter if you don't know who he is. All that
does matter is that he loves you. I've never seen him act the way he does when
one of us talks about you. He loves you Cloud."

Cloud was speechless.

"He really loves me?"

Cloud walked over to a seat and sat down.

" Yes, he loves you. He came here every night to watch you sleep. He even
slept right next to you to keep you warm at night."

" He came here at night to keep me warm."

Cloud looked over to a patch of straw that he calls a bed. Then, he heard the
old woman call out for him.

" Cloud, what is taking you so long?"the old woman yelled out.

Cloud looked over at Zack and asked,

"So, when will I leave?"

Zack smiled.

" At midnight tonight, so prepare yourself."

Cloud nodded his head and then heard the old woman again.

"I better get her food for her."

Cloud walked past Zack and got another bowl then filled it with rice and
thanked Zack as he walked past.

Zack just smiled and disappeared.


In his bedroom, the lord was getting ready for the night to come.

"Sun, what do you think? "

Sephiroth turned from the mirror.

" I think you look really good in that master."

" Do you think Cloud will like it?"

Sephiroth turned and looked in the mirror again at the black silk robe he was

" I think he will love it."

Sun flew up to her master and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Just then, Zack walked into the room and bowed his head at his lord.

"My lord, everything is ready. All we need now are your orders."

Sephiroth looked over at Zack.

"Okay, let's bring Cloud home." he said with a smile.

" Yes sir."

Zack turned and walked out of the room into the great hall where everyone was

"Okay everyone. Let's go get Cloud. It's time to bring him home."

Zack and the others walked out into the evil forest and headed out for
Cloud's house.

Cloud was sweeping the floor when something caught his eye so he set the
broom down and walked outside to see Sin, Zack and some other people
zack walked up to cloud and put a hand on the boy's back and pushed him over to the others

Cloud looked up at Sin as she helped Zack lead Cloud into the evil forest
where his lord was waiting. When thy got to the castle, Cloud was shocked to
see the massive size of it. He looked over
to Zack and asked,

"Do I have to clean all of the rooms here?"

They all giggled at him.

"No, young prince. Your new job will be to please our lord. Now, let's go.
We've got a little bit more walking before we are there." Sin said as they
started to walk towards the castle.

It took them two hours to get to the gates of the castle. Cloud looked up at
the gates as they passed by. He smiled as the light from the moon hit the pure
gold, making them look like they were glowing in the dark. Cloud's smile lit
all their faces' up as they walked to the front door of the castle. They
stopped walking as the front doors opened for them.

"Go on Cloud. Go look at your new home."

Zack pushed Cloud forward to start walking.

Cloud stood there for a minute. Then, he looked around and he looked up at
the ceiling in wonder as painted angels danced around the gold and sliver dome
with a huge chandelier of gold and crystals in the center. Cloud smiled as he
looked upon the angels.

" Beautiful, aren't they?"

Cloud turned back to Zack but the front doors were closed and Zack and the
others were nowhere to be seen. Cloud then looked over to the grand staircase
as someone in a black robe walked down the staircase with a smile. Cloud just
stood there as the man stepped down off the staircase and said,

"Hello Cloud."

" Who are you?" Cloud said.

" You don't remember me." Sephiroth said as he walked up to Cloud and
pulled the left side of his robe open to show Cloud his wound, wrapped in
strips of fabric.

The moment Cloud saw the strips of fabric around his waist, that's when he
realized who the man was.

"You're the white demon."

"Yes." he said with a smile as he walked around Cloud and looked him

" You've got a lot of bruises. How long has that woman hit you? "

" Ever since mother died and I was brought over to her."

"I figured that much."

He stopped walking.

"How old were you, Cloud, when your mother died?"

" I was 6 when she died. I stayed over at another woman's house. Then, she
got sick and the old woman took me in."

" And that's when she started to hit you." Sephiroth said with a sad

"Yes." Cloud said as he turned his head but just then, he heard a growl
and Cloud turned his head back to the white demon as he twitched his fox ears
and slowly swayed his bushy tail from one side to the other in a way that
scared Cloud.

When Sephiroth saw the fear in Cloud's eyes, he slowly walked up to him.

"Cloud, I'm not angry at you."

He went to run his hand in Cloud's hair but stopped when Cloud backed up and
started to shake. Sephiroth pulled his hand back slowly from Cloud.

"I can't even touch you thanks to that woman." he said in a sad tone.

Cloud looked up at the man as his fox ears drooped on his head.

"I'm sorry." Cloud said in a shaky way that made Sephiroth look at the

" Cloud, there is nothing to be sorry about. You have done nothing

This time, Cloud let Sephiroth run his hand in his hair.

"You're a good boy Cloud. You've always been a good boy. There is no reason
for that woman to hit you."

The smile Cloud gave him warmed his heart. Sephiroth bent down and wrapped
his arms around the boy and lifted him up in a warm hug. After a few minutes,

"You hungry?" he said softly.

Cloud snuggled closer into the warm hug.

"Yeah." he said as the white demon started to walk into another room
where a table was set with all kinds of food. Meat, cheese, bread, rice. You
name it. It was there and it was all Cloud's.

Cloud's mouth was watering from the smell.

Sephiroth walked over to a chair and sat Cloud down on it. Cloud looked at
him as he bent down.

"Go on, Cloud."

"This is for me?"

"Yes, baby. Go on. Eat your fill."

Cloud smiled at him then dived into the food at full speed. When Cloud was
done, Sephiroth took him to the bath then when Cloud was clean he took the boy
to their bedroom to rest. When Cloud was sound asleep, he walked out of the
room but before he left he turned his head over and looked at the beautiful
boy sleeping on his bed. He smiled and walked out of the room to go do his
that needs to be done.

" I just hope those women are ready for what's in store for them." he
said as he walked into the throne room where the women was kneeling on the
floor with their hands tied. They looked up as Sephiroth walked in and went
over to his chair and sat down.

" What do you want from us? We have done nothing wrong. Let us go." the
old woman said.

" Yeah, let us go." the three girls said.

Sephiroth looked at them with anger in his eyes.

"Silence all of you." he snapped at them and they had fear in their eyes
as the man spoke,

"You say you have done nothing wrong. Well, you're wrong."

He sighed.

"You have beaten him so he can't even walk. So, you still think you have
not done anything wrong?"

The women looked at him as he sat back in his chair.

"Well, we are going to fix that. I'm going to show you just how he feels
when you are done beating him to death. And not only that, you will do
everything he tells you to do. Is that clear?"

The woman and her girls nodded their heads.

" Good. Now, you, come here."

He pointed to the youngest girl. She got up and walked over to him. He then
grabbed her chin and pulled her closer to him.

"Now, I want you to go out in the woods and get some firewood for Cloud

" Yes sir." she said as he untied her and set her on her way.

"And as for you, get these floors cleaned."

He got up from his chair and walked off to another room. Just when he closed
the door, Zack and Reno came in with buckets and rags in their hands. They set
them down.

" Well, get started. You got a big job to do."

Zack and Reno giggled as they walked out of the room.


Sephiroth was sitting by a fire when Reno and Zack walked in.

" My lord, how's Cloud doing?"

" He's doing okay. He's sleeping." As Sephiroth said that, he looked back
over to the fire and asked,

" How are the new servants doing?"

" They seem to think that they will be going home by tomorrow." Zack said
as he and Reno sat down.

" Hmm."

Sephiroth giggled.
"Well, that isn't happening."

Sephiroth's fox ears picked up bare feet walking on tile floor. Sephiroth
looked at the door as it opened and Sun flew in with Cloud behind her. Cloud
just stood there at the entrance to the room.

" Master."

Sun flew over to him and hugged him. Then, she sat down on his leg.

"Cloud was looking for you master."

Sephiroth looked at Cloud and smiled.

"Come on, baby. It's cold. Come sit by the fire."

Cloud walked up to him and looked around for a chair to sit down.

"Come, sit in my lap baby."

Sephiroth moved the blanket back to invite Cloud to sit.

Cloud sat down then leaned back onto the man's chest. Sephiroth smiled and
pulled the blanket around them to keep them warm. After a few minutes,
Sephiroth looked at Cloud who was curled up in his arms and was fast asleep.
Sephiroth bent his head down and gave Cloud a quick kiss.
He pulled back slowly from the boy's lips and smiled.

"Good night, my love."


to be continue


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