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Pairing: SasuNaru

Warnings: Slash: Male homosexual relationships, adult language, and sexual situations.

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The Cheshire Cat

Chapter One

Uzumaki Naruto had been lonely his whole life.

An orphan, he was used to being alone, as no one had ever adopted him. All through school he was friendless, until he met a few select people who saw the true Naruto. He lived alone, working hard at a high-paying job to earn his money, and he had saved up quite a bit.

Yet, he was still alone. Despite being rather attractive with blond hair and striking blue eyes, a slender body most women – and men – would kill for, and a beautiful tan, Naruto lived with no one, dated no one, and wanted to date no one.

So when Naruto received a knock at his door one afternoon he knew exactly what it was. He knew he was lonely, so he had decided to buy a pet – a cat, to be exact. Deciding to use some of his life savings, Naruto had scoured the Internet until he had come across a rare breed known as 'Uchiha'. He had immediately purchased one, delighted to acquire such an exotic pet.

Naruto threw the door open to reveal a tall, silver-haired man smiling down at him, a clipboard under one arm. Mismatched eyes glinted happily above a smooth face.

"You must be Uzumaki-san," he murmured after reading his clipboard. "My name is Hatake Kakashi."

"Believe it!" Naruto shouted, pumping his fist in the air. "Where's my cat?"

"Right here," Kakashi chirped, shoving his clipboard under Naruto's nose and pointed to several blanks along the way. "Just sign here, here, here, and here."

Naruto snatched up the pen, scrawling his signatures on the paper.

"Thank you, Uzumaki-san," the silver-haired man chirped. "Enjoy Sasuke!"

With that he stepped aside, his eyes curving into smiles. Naruto stared with wide eyes the moment the man moved.

Standing behind him was a man.

But at the same time he wasn't a man.

He had blue-black hair spiked up at the back of his head, the same colour as his twitching cat ears, sitting where his usual ears would have been. His firm, muscular body was in a casual pose, a long, sleek tail curling around his waist. Black eyes looked Naruto over slowly, tracing every inch of his body. Those eyes were filled with deep emotions, emotions that were way too human.

"What the hell!" Naruto shouted. "What is this?"

"This is Sasuke," Kakashi continued. "Enjoy!"

With that he turned on his heel and marched off down the corridor. Naruto gaped after him for a moment.

"Hey!" he shouted as he hurried into the corridor. "I didn't order this!"

"Hn, dobe."

Naruto spun at the dark velvet voice, his eyes furious. "What did you say?" he shouted. Sasuke was leaning against the wall beside his apartment, a lazy smirk on his face.

"I called you dobe, dobe," Sasuke drawled. Naruto felt his face enflame with rage as he glared down the smug humanoid.

"Don't call me that, teme!" Naruto screeched. Sasuke rolled his eyes before sauntering into Naruto's apartment. He looked around at the orange couch, the dark, low coffee table, and the plain bookshelves. The TV was large, as was the DVD collection next to it. It was obvious that Naruto stayed in a lot. "Where the hell are you going?"

Sasuke stopped just inside, looking back and giving Naruto a heart-melting smirk.

"Home, dobe," he replied simply. Naruto blinked before scowling.

"It's not your home, bastard!" he shouted as he dashed in after Sasuke. "I don't want you!"

Naruto finally seemed to hit a nerve. Sasuke whirled to face him, his eyes dark before he moved. Fast. One minute Naruto was glaring at the brunet, and the next he found himself pinned to the wall beside the door, Sasuke looming over him with his superior height.

"It is my home," Sasuke whispered, "you're my owner, I belong with you."

"You don't belong to me!" Naruto shouted, trying to push him off. "I'll – I'll return you!"

"I'm good enough," Sasuke snarled, pushing his body closer to Naruto's. "Deal with it."

Naruto gave up trying to push the obviously stronger male off of him, leaning back against the wall.

"This isn't fair!" Naruto whined. "You're not what I wanted in a pet at all!"

Sasuke moved back, releasing Naruto before eyeing him curiously.

"What did you want?" he asked, looking to the side and shoving his hands in the pockets of his plain, black pants. "You know, from a pet."

"I wanted a pet that would be waiting for me when I get home from work," Naruto groaned. "One who would lie on my lap, sleeping, while I stroked him…"

Sasuke snorted at Naruto's little daydream. Naruto flushed, eyes snapping to the cat.

"See bastard!" he snapped. "You won't do!"

Sasuke's eyes glinted as he moved forward, grabbing Naruto's hand.

"Eh?" Naruto blinked down at their entwined hands. "What are you…?"

Sasuke dragged Naruto to the orange couch before them in the plainly decorated room. He threw Naruto down on it before dropping onto the couch next to him.

While Naruto whined at the harsh treatment, Sasuke quickly stretched out beside him, legs flopping over the edge of the couch as he rested his head and shoulders on Naruto's lap.

"There," Sasuke muttered, "stroke my hair."

Naruto stared down at the brunet before shaking his head slowly.

"You're crazy!" he snapped. Sasuke reached up and grabbed Naruto's hand, placing it on his head, touching his soft hair. Sasuke then closed his eyes, releasing a soft sigh.

Naruto stared down at the completely relaxed cat on his lap. It was sort of like he wanted…

Naruto hesitantly stroked Sasuke's hair, feeling the soft strands beneath his fingers. Sasuke sighed again before a soft purr filled the room, an obvious sign of his contentment. Naruto stroked his hair more, delighting in the purr that filled the room. Before he knew it, Sasuke was asleep.

Naruto stared down at the cat for a while longer before realization began to set in.

'What the hell just happened?'

"Stupid cat," Naruto growled as he dragged a spoon through the stir-fry. "Coming into my home… annoying me… sleeping on me…"

Naruto ignored the soft growl that sounded behind him as he poured the sauce into the wok. Sasuke had been sulking ever since Naruto had oh-so-kindly shoved him to the floor in order to wake him.

Naruto poured his meal into a bowl before sliding into a seat at his small table. Naruto ignored Sasuke who was obviously criticizing the kitchen with his eyes. Naruto knew it wasn't much, as it was plain. The counters were a plain grey, with wood cabinets. But it was nice, cosy, and reliable. Naruto didn't like flaunting his money. He had enough of it, enough to buy Sasuke.

Speaking of Sasuke…

"Oi, dumbass," he growled. "Where's my food?"

Naruto swallowed his mouthful, raising an eyebrow at the sulking cat. Sasuke was leaning on the table, eyes narrowed as he glared Naruto down. Sasuke managed to make his pose both demanding and pleading. His eyes were deep and dark, his bangs framing his eyes.

"Get your own," Naruto mumbled around a mouthful. "I bought cat food. I don't think you want it though."

"Do I look like I want to eat cat food?" Sasuke growled. "Give me some of yours."

"No!" Naruto snapped, cradling his bowl to his chest. "Get your own food!"


Sasuke stood, his eyes glinting evilly. He crossed with his incredible grace to stand beside Naruto, his hand snaking out to grab Naruto's chin.

"What are you doing?" Naruto demanded. "Sasu-"

Sasuke leaned in close, his breath fanning Naruto's face.

"Well then, I'll just have to take it from your mouth."

Sasuke's lips closed in over Naruto's quickly, causing his eyes to widen incredibly and the bowl to drop to the table, not noticing as the food spilled out. His eyes slid shut against his will as Sasuke's demanding tongue pried his lips apart. Naruto leant into the touch, not noticing as Sasuke's touch gathered up some of the food in his mouth, pulling it back into his own.

Naruto's mind seemed to catch up to him and he quickly shoved the cat off of him.

"Get off!" he shouted. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"Because I'm hungry," Sasuke said with a shrug, swallowing the food.

"That doesn't give you the right to kiss me!" Naruto shouted, pushing his chair back and backing away.

"It was the best way," Sasuke replied, advancing on the terrified man, "since you wouldn't cook for me."

Sasuke tilted Naruto's head up, leaning in to capture his lips again. Naruto squeaked, wanting to push the damn cat off, but Sasuke held him close, his other arm snaking around Naruto's slim waist. Naruto's body was brought against Sasuke's, held close by the cat.

"Ngh – no!" Naruto tore away, shaking his head. "No!"

Naruto pulled away from the cat, wide-eyed and terrified. Sasuke smirked down at him, his tongue sliding over his lips as he leaned in again. Naruto shrieked, pushing Sasuke away as he tore from the room.

"Ahh!" he screamed. "Pervert cat!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, sitting down at the table. He straightened Naruto's bowl and picked up the chopsticks. Without hesitation Sasuke began to eat the stir-fry, a smirk on his face.

His owner tasted so nice.

"Okay, Sasuke!" Naruto announced in a slow voice, as if talking to a five-year-old. "You get to sleep on the couch!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, as he looked Naruto over. Naruto was wearing a loose orange top and baggy, black pants. Sasuke couldn't help but want to slide those clothes off of him until he was completely exposed and helpless to Sasuke's will.

"Why?" Sasuke asked, sticking his hands in his pockets. He was still fully clothed.

"I got a bed for my cat," Naruto growled, pointing at a basket on the ground. "But you're too big."

"I won't sleep on the couch," Sasuke drawled. He was an Uchiha. Uchihas didn't sleep on couches. "Deal with it."

"You have to!" Naruto snapped, stomping his foot on the ground. "Until I return you!"

Sasuke simply tugged his top off, ignoring Naruto's shriek. His pants followed, falling to a heap on the floor. Sasuke kicked them to one side, leaving his boxers on.

"What are you doing?" Naruto shouted. "Put your clothes on!"


Sasuke crossed to Naruto in two steps, scooping him up into his arms and cradling him close. Naruto kept shrieking, trying to struggle out of Sasuke's tight arms. Sasuke simply dumped him on the bed before climbing in with him. Naruto tried to struggle out of the bed, but Sasuke held him close, tangling their legs and wrapping his tail around Naruto.

"Get off me!" Naruto shouted. "Bastard! Get off!"

"Go to sleep," Sasuke ordered. Naruto kept struggling, trying to get out of Sasuke's tight arms. Sasuke sighed before planting an open-mouthed kiss on Naruto's neck. He immediately froze up. "There we go…"

A soft purr rose from Sasuke, filling the room and reverberating into Naruto from Sasuke's chest. Naruto couldn't help but completely relax against Sasuke, his eyes sliding shut slightly as he let out a huff. Sasuke was pretty comfortable.

Sasuke smirked as he realized Naruto had fallen asleep. The adorable blond's hand had come up to rest on Sasuke's chest, his mouth open as soft snores filled the room. Sasuke kept purring, completely content with his gorgeous owner in his arms.

Sasuke placed a soft kiss on his dobe's head before closing his own eyes. He had never expected to get such a perfect owner.

And he was going make damn sure that Naruto wasn't going to return him.

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