"Hold on! You said it really was the end, why are we still here?" Allen asked.

"Well, due to popular demand, we need an epilogue." The author explained.

"You caved into peer pressure didn't you?" Allen asked.

"Yes." The author admitted.

"Let's get on with this… What exactly do you do in an epilogue?" Allen looked around confused. He and Emma were stood in the middle of nothingness.

"An epilogue is a chapter at the end of a story that sort of explains what happens after the main story. Like in Harry Potter it was several years later showing who ended up with whom and how fertile Ron's sister was." Emma explained.

"That's what I understand of it and I would have said that but I needed Emma to have a line." The author added.

"Am I really that insignificant to you?" Emma shouted.

"I'm not going to lie to you or endanger my crotch so I'm not saying anything." The author said and made the sound of a zip.

And so, after completing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Allen and Emma sat through the extremely long credits. Emma decided to sit through and watch them as she does with all games. Allen on the other hand put his DS down and listened to the music while making a cup of coffee. However the music annoyed him so he turned it off. Emma often returned to her game in order to catch the legendary Pokemon of the lakes and go to the battle facility in the north of Sinnoh. Allen, surprisingly also returned to his game. But unsurprisingly he caused the same sort of chaos as normal…

"No I didn't!" Allen interrupted the epilogue.

"So, you didn't push that guy off Stark Mountain? Then, who did?" the author asked.

"It was self defence. In the sense that he was attacking me by being irritating. Like Malcolm." Allen explained.

"And the Canalave City sailor's son?" the author asked.

"The guy asked for me to help his son so I put him out of his misery by killing him. It was easier than going to find some stupid Lunar Wing or whatever." Allen folded his arms.

And so, Allen eventually stopped playing his copy of Pokemon Diamond and had a go with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. However, he didn't exactly turn out to be particularly good at rescuing. He spent his time looting dungeons, forcing people to joining him by threatening to kill them, killing people who didn't join him, putting lots of people in the situation of needing to be rescued and generally abusing his partner. Also, because he became a Mudkip in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon he asked lots of people if they liked him and beat up anyone who said no. After this Allen got excited about the Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes. He prepared himself by setting aside some money to buy the games and playing his old copy of Gold.

"Just wondering. Is this a hint at anything?" Allen asked.

"Yes, I was thinking about calling it Pokemon Fool's Gold." The author responded.

"That's a better name the Diamond and Pearl Gone Wrong. Though doesn't suggest that it'll be of the remake rather than the original." Emma thought.

"Why do you always have to find problems with my schemes woman!" the author shouted at Emma.

"Actually this is the first time. Can we move on?" Emma asked.

After completely completing Pokemon Pearl Emma played various other games such as Mario Kart DS and other games with WiFi capabilities. She also managed to get into a fight with a purple haired shop assistant in Gamestation because she wanted to trade in her old games for cash rather than store credit. Allen immediately e-mailed her saying that it was something he really expected from himself and something he really wanted to do.

And now, the most common cliché of them all… Everything returned to normal.

"Why the hell did you put in that stupid cliché?" Allen asked.

The End… Really, it is.

"Or is it?" Allen asked in a suspenseful way.

"Yes, it is!"



"Really, really?"


"Are you sure?"

"YES! Silence you fool or you'll never get your sword back!"

"I'm going to shut up now."

Seriously, this is the end now. Allen, say anything and I'll personally remove your lungs using a tin opener. The End.