Title: When Two Worlds Collide
Rating: PG-13
Category: Case fic
Genre: Gen
Pairing: None currently
Summary: Gibbs is due to retire but first he has to get through one last case.
Disclaimer: The characters herein belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: Firstly apologies in the delay in posting the next chapter in my other fic, I had an idea for a short one parter whilst at work on Sunday and it turned into this. It wasn't originally written to be separated into chapters but at 15,000 words I thought it would probably be best if I did and so here is chapter one.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs sat at his desk watching the clock as his final few minutes as a special agent ticked by. It had been a particularly quiet final week for the senior special agent, no new cases had left him with plenty of time to catch up on outstanding paperwork; and to brood on the fact he felt his career was being prematurely ended due to outdated federal bureaucracy.

With two minutes to go on this final shift Director Vance appeared at the top of the stairs and called down to him, "Agent Gibbs, you're going to have to put your retirement on hold. I need you for one final case, I've got two dead bodies in an alley off Pennsylvania avenue, DC police called us when the first officer on the scene found dog tags on one of the victims, the scene was secured but other than that nothing has been done. They're waiting for your team."

Gibbs nodded, "McGee, Jen, Moretti gear up."

He grabbed his gun and badge from the drawer and crossed the bull pen to the elevator, stepping in he moved to the back as the other members of his team joined him as the doors began to close. The team were silent as they descended to the parking lot, Gibbs speaking only to give McGee a location as he left them at the truck and carried onto his car. He slid into his sear and turned the engine on before sliding out of his parking space, passing the truck he noted Jen and Moretti still arguing over who had to sit in the middle.

He quickly navigated the streets between the Navy Yard and the crime scene; he pulled the car over to the side of the street and walked over to the tape. He flashed his badge at the local guarding the scene before ducking under the tape. He pulled his gloves on and made his way over to the two bodies, walking around the pool of blood he crouched at the head of the first victim, using the tip of his pen he fished out the dog tags and then made a note of the name. Noise coming from the sidewalk made him look up; he smiled slightly at the sight of his medical examiner sharing a tale with the rather bored looking DC police officer. "Hey Duck…"

"Ah Jethro…" The familiar form turned to him and began to walk towards him, "I had heard the Director put your retirement on hold…"

Gibbs nodded, "One final case…" He paused and waited as his friend slowly crouched next to one victim and then the other making his preliminary observations, "So Duck, what am I dealing with?"

"Both victims were shot several times," He pointed as he continued, "The first victim was shot once in the lower abdomen and once in the chest; the second was shot once in the shoulder, all three shots appear to have been from a distance… Both victims also appear to have been shot in the head from close range, most likely to ensure death became the pair of our unfortunate victims. This was most certainly personal Jethro, though what our pair could have done to be considered worthy of such a death I could not begin to guess. Based on liver temp and rigour I would say they died no more than twelve hours ago… No less that nine… I shall check ID on our marine with dental records back at the lab. No ID on the second victim but I shall have our Abby run the DNA, see if we can't give the unfortunate fellow a name…"

Gibbs nodded as Ducky moved back to the truck, helping Palmer arrange gurneys and body bags for both victims. Gibbs looked to his team who had arrived and were waiting to the side before he began barking orders at them, "McGee crime scene sketches and photos, Jen, Moretti walk the perimeter, bag and tag anything, see if you can find the murder weapon…"

He watch as his team quickly and quietly went about their tasks, the past year spent as a team had enabled them to become a very efficient unit. He watched as Ducky and Palmer cleared the bodies and headed back to the Navy Yard to begin the autopsies. Gibbs and the rest of the team stayed behind processing the scene. He watched as Jen returned triumphant from her dumpster diving expedition, holding up an evidence bag containing a hand gun. Gibbs took it from her signing the seal, "I'll take this back to Abby and see what Ducky has, you three finish processing the scene…"

Driving back to the headquarters he quickly make his way down to the autopsy suite, stepping through the doors he greeted his old friend with a nod, "What you got for me Duck?"

"It is very much as I suspected at the scene Jethro. The shots to the chest and abdomen occurred first," he motioned to the first victim, "The first bullet caught the poor boy's spleen and then lodged in his spine, I fished the second from his left ventricle. Either one of them could quite easily have been fatal; the shot to the head in this case was quite unnecessary, though dental records confirmed that this is indeed Staff Sergeant Mark Miller. Our other friend remains a mystery to us, I have sent blood up to Abby for DNA, I'm sure she's running it through any databases that are available to her as we speak. What I can tell you is that this man stared death straight in the face. The first shot hit the shoulder joint, I would say it was intended to incapacitate rather than kill. The powder burns around the entry wound in the skull suggests that the barrel was pressed to his temple as the trigger was puller," he held two fingers to his own temple in demonstration, "Staff Sergeant Miller's headshot I would say came from no less than three feet away, it certainly lacked the personal touch bestowed upon out other guest. I would go as far as to suggest that he was in fact the intended target and that our marine just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…"

Gibbs nodded, "thanks Duck…"

Ducky continued, "I've also sent the bullets I recovered up to Abby should you find anything to compare them with…"

Gibbs held up the evidence bag, "On my way now Duck…"