Title: When Two Worlds Collide
Rating: PG-13
Category: Case fic
Genre: Gen
Pairing: None currently
Summary: Gibbs is due to retire but first he has to get through one last case.
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Smiling as they pulled into his driveway he led her into the house, and settled her on the couch before heading into the kitchen to cook. Not noticing her moving to stand in the doorway and silently watch him as he moved easily around his kitchen.

She joined him at the kitchen table as he dished up, smiling as they settled down to eat. The pair of them reminisced on past cases, remembering the time Ziva and DiNozzo had found themselves locked in a shipping container and Ziva's habit of disobeying direct orders, particularly when a bomb was involved.

Gibbs stood and cleared the plates as they finished before leading her back through to the sitting room, sitting down beside her he noticed the gold band on her finger for the first time, "So are you married?"

She looked up at him surprised by the sudden change in conversation but answered him anyway, "I'm divorced… twice; it seems it wasn't just your coffee addiction that rubbed off on me…"

He reached for her hand, "You still wear your ring…"

She laughed slightly, "This isn't my wedding ring, do you not recognise it?" She slid the ring from her finger and passed it to him, "Read the inscription"

He looked at it, "Ani O'hev O'Tach. LJ." He looked back up at her, "You still wear this?"

She smiled, "Of course I do, I've always worn it, besides do you know how many functions I have to attend? It's far easier for me to let them think I'm married then tell them I have no interest in them what so ever…"

He laughed slightly, "So there's no one else?"

Ziva smiled, "There's never really been anyone else… Even when I was married"

He took her hand in his, "I'm sorry Ziva…"

She shrugged in response, "It's no great loss if I am honest. We are content, just the two of us…"

"The two of you?"

Ziva nodded, "My daughter and I"

Gibbs hid his shock at her revelation, "From your first or second marriage?"

She shook her head, "Neither, Lillia Jordan… Lily was conceived before my first marriage."

"Do you have a picture?"

"Of course…" she reached her bag from the end of the sofa and pulled out her purse. She slid a laminated photo from it and gently stroked the image smiling fondly, "She has her father's eyes, every time I look at her I am reminded of him…"

She looked up at him and smiled before passing the photo to him. He took the picture from her and looked at it, he saw Ziva looking relaxed and happy, her attention was focused entirely on the young girl sitting in her arms, his attention then settled on the little girl who was happily posing for the camera and found familiar startling blue eyes staring back at him, "Ziver how old is Lily?"

Ziva looked down at her hands as she twisted them together, "She turned five last month…"

"And how long ago did you leave for Israel?"

"Five years, seven months…"

"And twenty-eight days," he finished for her, "Ziva is she…"

She nodded silently and he reached for her hand, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"By the time I realised you were busy making preparations to marry wife number five… I take it that was about as successful as marriages two through four…"

He laughed, "Even less so… I was on the rebound, trying to get you out of my head, it didn't work… It's been five years Ziva, not once did you think I'd like to know I had a daughter?"

"Of course I did, I thought about you all the time but the longer I left it the harder it got; what was I meant to do, turn up with a three year old, smile and shout surprise? Anyway I thought keeping you away would keep you safe… And her I didn't want anything happening to her because of us… She was the only bit of you I had left…"

"Oh Ziver…."

She moved closer to him sliding her arms around him and resting her head on his chest, the regular movement of his chest expanding and contracting soothing her as he wrapped his arms around her, "At the bar earlier you said that you were planning on going back to Mexico now you were officially retired, have you ever considered Israel?"

"Not the best place for me to be Ziver. It seems there are still a few people over there who would like to see me dead…"

She looked up at him, "Not anymore…"

He looked back in surprise before a moment of clarity hit him, "That phone call…"

"Don't judge me Jethro… Nahir was here on their orders, and during his time here he attempted to murder me, that made them complicit in the assassination attempt of the Mossad Director. They have been dealt with accordingly." She ignored his unimpressed look and moved back taking both his hands in hers and looking into his eyes, "Jethro consider Israel, you have a daughter who would love to meet her father and a woman who believes the third time is a charm…"


"I want you to marry me Jethro… You have no idea how much it killed me to leave you, I only agreed to return to Israel in order to protect you but now…" She looked at his concerned face, "Even Henry the Eight was happy with his sixth wife…"

His face broke into a smile and he laughed leaning forward he gently kissed her, "Then how could I refuse…"

She beamed, the smile lighting up her whole face, and shifted closer to him, kissing him deeply before yawning. "I'm sorry I didn't realise it was so late…"

He smiled, "let's go to bed, we both have a long flight in the morning…"

She allowed him to lead her up to bed and slid under the duvet, shifting her weight slightly as he slid his arm around her; her head coming to rest on his chest as they both drifted off to sleep.

The following morning Gibbs walked into Abby's lab for the final time, "Hey Abs…"

"Oh Gibbs you came back!"

He shook his head and pointed to his visitor's badge, "No Abs I just came to say goodbye…"

"Goodbye?! But you'll still be in Washington won't you; I'll still see you every week…"

He shook his head slightly, pulling her into a hug as she rushed towards him, "I'll call you every week Abs…"

She sniffed, "Are you going back to Mexico? Because that's only a four hour flight from here, I could come down once a month!"

"I'm going a little further afield this time Abs… Israel…"

"Israel? Why on earth would you want to go to Israel?! They sent people to kill you Gibbs!"

Ziva stepped into the room and began to walk towards the pair of them, "Jethro we need to leave in no more than fifteen minutes to make sure the jet doesn't miss its slot for take off…"

Abby's eyes widened, "Are you two…."

Ziva smiled coming to stop at Gibbs's side and leaned upwards gently kissing him before sliding her arms around his waist and leaning against him, "Yes we are… I promise you that we'll keep in touch… We'll put a call in over the satellite into MTAC every week… And you'll have to visit..." She paused and anticipated the squealing that she knew would follow her next statement, "for the wedding…"

As Ziva had predicted Abby squealed and flung her arms around the pair of them hugging them tightly, "I'm so happy for you guys!"

Ziva smiled, "Thank you Abby"

Gibbs kissed her cheek, "You keep up the good work Abs, and make sure you keep DiNozzo and McGee in check…"

She gasped, "Tony's coming home?!"

Gibbs laughed, "He was only at Norfolk Abs… But yes he's coming back… He and McGee will both have their own teams… So you just keep them in line, don't let them do anything I wouldn't do…"

"Oh I promise Gibbs!" She hugged him tightly before releasing her grip and stepping back, "You better go… I don't want you to miss your plane…"

Ziva took his hand as they left the office for the last time, handing back their visitor passes they settled into the back of the car for the trip to the airfield.

The adrenaline that had flooded Ziva's veins for most of the week had left her body leaving her exhausted and she spent most of the flight curled tightly against Gibbs fast asleep. He only woke her as the plane began it's descent into Tel Aviv. Stepping through the door of the jet Ziva held Gibbs's hand reassuringly as she led him down the steps and onto the tarmac, waving as her sister and her daughter stepped from the waiting car. The child ran across the tarmac and into her arms; Gibbs noticed as she winced slightly, the only sign of the pain her ribs were still causing her. She kissed the child's hair "Hello ahuvi."

She laughed slightly as the girl looked over at Gibbs and then buried her face in her shoulder, mumbling a stream of Hebrew. Ziva smiled, "Lillia Jordan you know when we have guests we speak English…" She turned to Gibbs, "She says that you have blue eyes just like hers and that you look like the man in the special photograph…" She smiled at Gibbs's intrigue and turned her attention back to her daughter, "That is the man in mummy's special photograph..."

Gibbs watched as the girl pulled away to look her mother in the eye, her own eyes brightening with surprised, "Abba?"

Ziva nodded, "Yes princess… Abba..."

Lily gazed shyly over in Gibbs's direction before holding out her hands, "Daddy…"

Gibbs took her from Ziva and smiled as Lily wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his neck. "Ima has told me lots of stories about you…"

Gibbs looked down into the familiar blue eyes, "Oh has she?"

Lily grinned and nodded gently reaching round and clipping the back of his head with her hand before giggling. Gibbs gasped and pretended to be shocked before smiling and kissing her forehead. Lily grinned and leaned in, covering her mouth as she whispered in his ear. Gibbs bit his lip and looked at Ziva, "Lily would like to know if she can have a little brother or sister now…"

Ziva laughed, "We'll see…"

Lily turned to her and pouted, "That mean no…"

Gibbs stroked her hair, "It means mummy and daddy will see what we can do…"

Ziva's eyes widened as she looked to him and he shrugged, "Well I am retired now; I need something to fill my time…"

Lily grinned and kissed his nose before burying her face in his shoulder once more and Ziva smiled taking his spare hand leading him to the waiting car. Settling down into the seats she spoke to the driver in Hebrew and smiled as the car moved off taking them all to the compound she had lived in for the past five years but could now finally call home.