I want…

D'jok and Micro-Ice go on a mission to retrieve a toy they want…but to get what they want they have to do other things for other people. (That sounds wrong but it isn't wrong…kinda, well Mark's in it…so it must suck)

Micro-Ice and D'jok stared at the toy. It was new, recently released and they had rushed here straight away. "I want it!" Breathed Micro-Ice

D'jok nodded in agreement. "But…we don't have any money"

Micro-Ice frowned. "I sure wish Aarch would start paying us"

"You want that toy?"

Micro-Ice and D'jok turned to see Mark; he was clutching one of the toys to his chest. "How'd you afford that!?" D'jok demanded.

"My dad owns the shop" Mark answered, pointing at the man behind the counter.

"That's not your dad!" Micro-Ice shouted.

"Is too!" Retorted Mark. "Anyway…You want one of these?" Mark tapped the toy on the head.

"Yeah, give us" D'jok went to grab the toy but Mark was too fast.

"Nuhuh you gotta do something for me first" Mark grinned.

"Oh god!" D'jok screamed as he began undoing his trousers.

"No…no not that" Mark shook his head.

"Oh" D'jok zipped his trousers up. "Then what?"

"Well…I've always liked…older woman…and I've um I've always liked your mum Micro-Ice" Mark admitted.

"My…my mum!?" Micro-Ice's eyes came out on stalks (not literally that would be dangerous not to mention strange).

"What do you want us to do Mark?" D'jok asked solemnly.

Micro-Ice turned to his best friend. "D'jok no! I'm not letting this weirdo near my mum!"

"Micro-Ice look at the toy and tell me you don't want to set Mark up with you mum?" D'jok nodded at the toy.

Micro-Ice looked at the toy. "No" he said.

D'jok whacked him on the back of the head. "Mark?"

"Well all I want is a date…that's it, nothin' else Micro-Ice I swear!" Mark's ugly eyes flickered quickly to Micro-Ice who was glaring at the floor.

"That's possible" D'jok rubbed his chin.

"No it's not!" Micro-Ice shouted.

D'jok clapped his hand over Micro-Ice's mouth. "Ssh now"

"Just a date! Just get her to come to Genesis…please!" Mark pleaded.

"Okay we'll go to Akillian and come back with Mana-Ice" D'jok agreed.

And with that D'jok dragged Micro-Ice off to the ship…