I want

D'jok just finished his date with Kernor and ended up drunk, where will he end up now?

"Uh…? AH!" D'jok woke up and nearly fell out of the bed when he realised who was sitting over him, it was none other than the Ryker goalkeeper herself Kernor holding a cup of coffee and gazing at him fondly.

"Oh you're awake, I tell you D'jok I've never had such a good night, I didn't even know I could bend the ways you made me bend"

D'jok rubbed his head-the clutches of a massive hangover was already in commission he could tell.

"Kernor I need to get out of here" D'jok said, going to leave and he would have left as well until he realised he was naked and his clothes were halfway across the room.

"I won't stop you" Kernor said winking. "But you do remember that I'm coming with you. Gotta teach those Wamba's to dance"

D'jok yanked at the bed sheets that Kernor was currently lolling on but couldn't seem to budge them.

"Uh uh not while I'm on these you don't" Kernor grinned and rolled onto her belly her feet in the air. "You're just gonna have to forget you're embarrassment hot stuff"

D'jok took a breath then dashed for his clothes then as quickly as he could shut himself in the bathroom, he groaned in horror as he listened to Kernor's deep throaty chuckle.

Micro-Ice is so doomed he thought to himself venomously.

D'jok turned the shower on and let the hot water wash over him, it wasn't till about halfway through that he remembered he only had two hands not three and he definitely wasn't made of metal.

"AARGH GET OUT OF HERE!" He yelped as Kernor rushed giggling from the bathroom.

An hour later D'jok and Kernor were standing on the landing pad of Unadar waiting for Micro-Ice to turn up –D'jok looking like he'd just been run over by a bulldozer and Kernor looking like a little girl whose dreams were coming true-.

"Hey lovers! Haws it hangin?"

D'jok and Kernor turned to see Micro-Ice as fresh as a daisy, skipping towards them.

"Hey D'jok you look terrible what happened?" Micro-Ice grinned before jumping out of the way of D'jok's fist.

"We had a wonderful time actually Micro-Ice" Kernor hissed.

"I'm sure you did" Micro-Ice agreed nodding and smiling.

D'jok, Micro-Ice and Kernor piled into the ship and made their way to planet Wamba.

Again almost straight away the footballers saw planet Wamba.

"Woah these two planets are close" D'jok whistled.

"Not as close as you two" Micro-Ice sniggered as he brought the ship to land.

"Ah I tought you'd be back"

D'jok, Micro-Ice and Kernor jumped off the ship and turned to see Woo-Wam-Boo armed with a rocket launcher.

Micro-Ice and D'jok screamed like little girls and clutched each other.

Kernor simply punched the rocket launcher, and it went flying away in two little pieces.

"Fuuuuck" Woo-Wam-Boo gasped then ran away.

D'jok and Micro-Ice sprung apart coughing slightly.

"Ah Micro-Ice I see you upheld you're end of the bargain!" Lune-Zeara said as she appeared next to their spaceship, the rest of the Wamba team with her.

"Micro-Ice had nothing to do with it" D'jok mumbled shooting a glare at his best friend.

"Well since you've brought Kernor I guess you better bring me to the Shadows Archipelago, I'll catch up on the moves later, see ya!" Lune-Zeara said as she hopped onto the spaceship.

Another hour passed and they reached the Shadows Archipelago.

"Here goes nothing" Lune-Zeara said as the gang made their way to reception.

"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" Yelped the receptionist ducking down behind the counter.

"D'jok, Micro-Ice…Lune-Zeara!"

They turned to see Sinedd staring at them a towel over his shoulders and wrapped around his waist.

"Well Sinedd hurry up and hand us over a shadow ball!" Micro-Ice said.

"Why so eager all of a sudden Micro-Ice?" D'jok enquired nudging him in the ribs.

"If we're gonna do this, we may as well do it fast" Micro-Ice hissed back.

But Sinedd just stared and suddenly his whole face went red.

"Buh…but I'm not even dressed!" He shrieked.

"No you're not" D'jok agreed sniggering.

"Sinedd just hand us a ball!" Micro-Ice yelled.

"I'm having second thoughts, wouldn't that hurt?" Sinedd said.

D'jok and Micro-Ice exchanged a confused glance, and then realisation dawned.

"Oh gross we don't want one of your…we want a football!" D'jok said wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"Oooh" Sinedd said. "K here" Sinedd grabbed something down his towel and retrieved a shadow football.

"I'm not even gonna bother asking why that was down there" Micro-Ice said shaking his head.

"K bye you guys, remember stay safe!" D'jok exclaimed, and then he and Micro-Ice were away on the ship.

"Now all we have to do is give this ball to the boss dude get your mum a promotion get her to go out with Mark then we'll get the super cool, awesome brilliant dude toy" D'jok declared.

"Good thing, we've only got to do all that" Micro-Ice agreed sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah it is" D'jok agreed unaware of the sarcasm.

The teens landed on planet Akillian and rushed into the bar planet Akillian (bear with me) and shoved the shadow ball at Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar.

"Ah you see, you've retrieved it" Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar laughed loudly and held the ball out at arms length grinning. "Smells a bit, but who cares" he guffawed.

D'jok and Micro-Ice exchanged a look.

"Well now who was it who was wanting a promotion, I've forgotten you see" said Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar as he shoved the ball down the back of his trousers.

"My mum, Mana-Ice" Micro-Ice said.

"Ah yeah, the old chick" Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar nodded thoughtfully. "Well c'mon then" he waved his hand at them to follow then made his way to Mana-Ice.

"Mana-Ice because of these two fine lads you see, you've been promoted you see?" Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar declared.

"Yey!" Mana-Ice jumped for joy. "Now straight away I'm going to ask for some time off, ok?"

"Yeah why not? I need some time with this ball anywho" Mr Boss of planet Akillian bar shrugged.

The three Akillians bundled into the spaceship and made their way to Genesis stadium.

"Now don't feel obligated to do anything with Mark ok? The date will last 1 minute, don't let him pull any moves ok mum?" Micro-Ice said as they made their way up the hallways of Genesis stadium's grandest hotel; to Mark's room.

"Oh honey I've been in the games for years, I know what to do" Mana-Ice laughed ruffling her sons hair.

"Mark? We've brought Mana-Ice now hand over the toy!" D'jok said knocking on Mark's door.

Mark opened the door with an expectant smile on his face only for it to be met with by Micro-Ice's fist. "If you try anything!" he warned him.

Mark pushed himself off the ground and made his way to Mana-Ice. "Hey" he said.

And suddenly Mana-Ice and Mark were kissing. "AARRRGHHHHHHH!" Micro-Ice screamed attempting to claw his eyes out.

"Gross this is nearly as bad as Kernor" D'jok said cringing.

He spied the toy on the floor and picked it up examining it as Micro-Ice fell to the floor screaming.

"Hey this isn't even cool! All it does is say: 'I'm better than you D'jok better than you!' all over again! That sucks!" He declared throwing it over his shoulder as he walked away from the Mark/ Mana-Ice orgy and his best friend having a mental breakdown.


"Hey Micro-Ice the toy sucks, get off the ground its ok"




Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, though I admit I found the end a bit crappy :s