MSN Chat

Note: This is just some of the Konoha ninjas who are on MSN talking together. It was just something that came to my mind fast, so I just wrote it done and fin!

It's summer vacation in Konoha. some of the Ninja's are on MSN chatting.

*Cherry Blossom logged on*

*Sexy Uchiha logged on*

*How Troublesome logged on*

*Ramen Lover logged on*

*Hinata Hyuga logged on*

Ramen Lover: Hello!

Hinata Hyuga: Hi Naruto-kun!

Sexy Uchiha: hey!

Cherry Blossom: SASUKE-KUN!

How Troublesome: ……

Ramen Lover: What are you all doing?

Cherry Blossom: on MSN BAKA!

Hinata Hyuga: looking at old pictures :D

Sexy Uchiha: do I have to answer that question?

Ramen Lover: yeah you have to!

Sexy Uchiha: thinking of you all the time

Cherry Blossom: iiii! Are you really thinking of me, Sasuke? How sweet I think of you too all the time!'3

Sexy Uchiha: Sakura; not you, you baka!

Cherry Blossom: how where you talkin' to then?

Sexy Uchiha: Naruto.

Cherry Blossom: EH!?

Cherry Blossom: NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sai logged on*

Hinata Hyuga: I guess he's not here anymore….. ^^''

Cherry Blossom: when I see him next time, he dead!

Sexy Uchiha: hn.

Sai: what's wrong?

How Troublesome: *sigh*

Hinata Hyuga: we think Naruto's gone missing xD

Sai: haha. Wait.

Sai: Naruto, you have a small penis!

Ramen Lover: Shut up!

Cherry Blossom: Oh? He was there!

*Icha Icha Paradise logged on*

Ramen Lover: Kakashi?

Icha Icha Paradise: Yo!

Cherry Blossom: Hello, Kakashi!

Sexy Uchiha: Dobe, can I come over?

Akatsuki: hoho xD my stupid little brother wants to go visit his lover?

Cherry Blossom: Lover? Who?

Hinata Hyuga: who are you? And how can it be we didn't see you log on?

Akatsuki: who do you think, Hottie?

Hinata Hyuga: Itachi!

Akatsuki: I'm gay and so is my little brother and the kyuubi boy xD

Icha icha Paradise: I knew it!

Akatsuki: you know all, Kakashi!

Icha Icha Paradise: ha.

Cherry Blossom: Sasuke, are you in love with Naruto?! O.o''

Sexy Uchiha: yeah. I gotta go now! See ya!

*Sexy Uchiha logged off*

Cherry Blossom: X__X

Hinata Hyuga: just you are happy Naruto then I'm happy! :D

Ramen Lover: I am happy Hinata. And thanks :D

How Troublesome: …How troublesome *sigh*

*Icha Icha Paradise logged off*

*How Troublesome logged off*

Sai: well, I'm gay too xD

Akatsuki: come to my place then xD

Sai: don't wanna! X3

Akatsuki: …

*Hinata Hyuga logged off*

*Cherry Blossom logged off*

Sai: later

*Sai logged off*

That was all xD