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I was 18 I had heart broken. I was 19 when my dad died, 20 when I lost my mom. Now I'm 22 and attending my fourth year of college here in Denali, Alaska. I've only made one friend over the past five years. The reason for that may lie in my appearance, which tends to intimidate most people so they leave me alone. Of course, it may just be what I have been reduced to after so many losses.

I've changed a lot since my 18th birthday.

It started with depression. I went to school, passed my classes, and came home. Nothing other than what was necessary. There are many periods of that time that I don't remember any thing. Just blank streaks in my memory. And then, when I was 19, Charlie died, and soon after, mom. I swear God was mocking me. My experience with vampires didn't kill me. The werewolves didn't do it either. So apparently, he was sending Hell after me, knocking out everyone I was close to. I ended up looking nothing like who I was. I had the whole gothic look. I straightened and dyed my hair black; occasionally I'd add a streak of color. I shopped at places like Hot Topic and never wore anything without a large amount of black.

Also, suicide frequently crossed my mind. The only reason I never followed through was Jacob. Jake is my only remaining friend from Forks. He calls me no less than three times a week and I visit him on long weekends and breaks. He says he'd be here with me if he could but he has to help Sam with the pack. I have a bracelet he gave me though and I never take it off.

Well, back to the present situation, like I said, I live here in Denali, Alaska. I work part time as an assistant nurse at the hospital. At four o'clock I head over to my second job at the Barns & Noble bookstore. That was where I first met Tanya.

She was hard to miss. Tanya was a true beauty. Her snow white skin, silky strawberry blonde hair, and her perfect figure would make any super model cry. And her gold eyes were hypnotizing pools. I knew at once she was no normal girl.


It was a normal day at the bookstore as I went around placing new literature on the numerous shelves.

I found a box of new releases that I found half comical, half painful. It was a new love series. You know the kind where the innocent girl falls in love with a supernatural creature. In this case, a vampire.

I looked at the cover. It portrayed a girl with long wavy hair in a long, white gown looking over a balcony with a pale man with messy, dark hair behind her. He was leaning over her shoulder, his bright, white fangs bared. His head angled toward the girl's exposed throat.

I smirked to myself as I continued placing the books on the shelf. I was about to put the last one up when a long, white arm reached over my shoulder and snatched one the books. I spun around quickly.

Before me stood a breathtaking woman in a non-to-short skirt and a not-to-tight t-shirt, despite the freezing temperature of the Alaskan day. Her shoulder length, strawberry hair shimmered in the lighting of the florescent bulbs of the store. Her topaz eyes were staring amusedly at the book's cover. I could tell she was holding in laughter. I could tell she was a vegetarian, so I found it safe to speak up and crack a joke.

"I know, right? Human artists have no clue of the truth, do they?" I asked looking up. She looked up at me startled.

"Ex-Excuse me?"

I pointed to the book in her hands. "The average human has no clue as to what vampires, werewolves, any of those creatures look like."

She looked at me strangely. "Oh really? Then might I ask you what vampires really look like?"

I smirked at her. "Well… Real vampires are inhumanly beautiful. They have no fangs, but simply razor sharp teeth. They have an icy white completion and sparkle in the sunlight. Their skin is ice cold and you can tell if they are thirsty or what they drink by their eyes. For example, ones who drink human blood have red irises and they turn burgundy when thirsty. As for the animal drinkers, you have gold eyes that grow darker when thirsty. Like you. One of the few 'vegetarians' of the vampire world."

She stared at me, mouth open. "How did you— What do you— How do you know that?!" she whispered to me.

I smiled to myself, "Let's just say I knew a vegetarian family once upon a time. I'm Izzy. Pleased to meet you."

"Tan-Tanya," she stuttered shaking my hand. "Wow… I never imagined a human would know about us."

I smiled. "Well I never have been the normal girl soooo…"

Now she smiled. "Would you like to come back to my place and meet my family?"

"Sure. Why not?" I shrugged.

"Great! Come on!" Tanya grasped my arm and with slightly too much force dragged me out the door. I got on my bike and followed her to meet a new family.

**End Flashback**

That was a few months ago. I smiled as I thought over the memory.

I sped up to 80 mph. Yes. I have changed a lot since I was a fool that believed in true love. I no longer was afraid of speed. I thank Jacob for fixing up this old Harley.

I made a couple of sharp turns and pulled into the drive way.

"IZZY!!!!!!! Hey! How are you?!" As soon as I had the kick-stand down and my leather coat off, Tanya's sister, Kate was at my side. Irena was standing in the doorway shaking her head at her. Tanya approached me at a more natural pace.

"Hey, Iz," she said hugging me gently.

"Hello Tanya, Kate, Irena. You said you had something to tell me? I got over here as fast as was legal."

"Izzy, you know very well you didn't go five miles over the speed limit!"

"Well okay," I caved shrugging. "I was raised by a police chief. Can you blame me?"

"I guess not," Kate laughed lightheartedly.

"Back to the problem at hand," Irena cut in.


"You see Iz, another coven of vampires is coming up for a visit. They are 'vegetarians,' like us, so you have nothing to worry about. We just wanted to let you know. You can meet them if you want. They are very nice. Especially one HANDSOME vampire…" Tanya sighed.

"Yes, yes we all know you like him," Kate put in, exasperatedly. She rolled her eyes at her sister.

"When is this new coven coming?" I asked curiously.

"Tomorrow, around five."

"Oh… I have work." I frowned. "Can I stop by after?"

"Of course!" Irena exclaimed. "They are staying at our place for a week or two so you can surly meet them."

"Great. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. I have to go get some supper. Bye guys!" I hopped back on my bike and sped off towards home.


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