The Tale of the Nightshirt: A Drabble Serial
Lights Out
by: Ladymage Samiko


Loud. Insistent. Irritating. Someone was banging on her door. At four in the morning. Who in the hell would be at her door at four in the damned morning?

Whoever it was would be very, very sorry.

Severus waited outside the chit's door, wand tapping in annoyance. What was taking the wench so long?

The door was suddenly yanked open. "What the hell do you want?" Hermione snapped.

Severus didn't answer. He was too busy gaping at the hem of her grey T-shirt, which was only just long enough to cover the essentials.

He never saw the right hook coming.


- - - - - - -

AN - This was written for the grangersnape100 'grey nightshirt' challenge: 100-word drabble(s) involving - you guessed it - a grey nightshirt. I hope you've enjoyed; please R&R either way.