Summery: Her parents' death had left her with her new born baby brother. Claiming him as hers, she heads to her father's; how is she going to cope, especially, with green-eyed jerk who already thinks so low of her… EXB, AH AU OOC, Canon-parings.

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You Don't Know Anything



"Hello…" I said smiling into the phone.

Nothing in life could have prepared me for what was I about to be told just then… I mean, I am a seventeen, about to be eighteen, year-old teenager in the epitome of my life, with straight 'A's and with a vast range of opportunities waiting for me... was just about to hear a bit of news that was going to change the course of my life.

Don't get me wrong, my life has been full of those life-changing events and you would never have described it as subtle. Still, I don't think any of those events did to me what this piece of news was pulling me into.

I still remember, at the age of nine, when my mom Renee had packed up our things telling my 'biological' father that she had enough of this miserable life he was leading; pulling me with her to get into the awaiting cab that had our luggage and heading to the airport. At the time, I didn't know what she meant by 'miserable', I mean, we were happy and dad always loved me and cared for me, even though I had rarely seen him. But as I grew old, going back and forth, having to spend the summers with him had showed me exactly what she had meant at the time.

Charlie has always been a quiet person. And if you haven't known him well enough, you would definitely be intimidated. I've come to know him to be always serious and full of decisions. There was never arguing with him, whatever he saw 'right' needed to take place and with the appropriate manner. No argument there.

Moving to Phoenix was definitely a big change in my life; moving to a new climate, a new school and surroundings had made everything change for me. Living with Renee had got my eyes opened on the world around us, being the 'child' that she was, never gave me the opportunity to live my childhood properly, having always to anticipate what she was up to. Even with her position as a school teacher, watching her at school and watching her at home was like watching two different people. She had always cared for people and children and I was like in that way… but seeing her at home striving to keep our home clean and with her disastrous cooking abilities didn't leave me much of an option, but to interfere. But thankfully, not long after we moved there, she got married to her colleague, the baseball coach.

Phil was a different type of man than Charlie, he was full of action. He was 'the man with the plan', the one who would encourage you to do anything to achieve your goals. His way of thinking had pulled me out of my box and allowed me to explore my potentials at so many levels; from being an average student to being a straight 'A' student and the leader of the mathletes team. Being the bookworm that I am, having read more books than any other student and a few teachers in some cases, had allowed me to work part-time at the school library.

The influence that Phil had left on me had pulled me out of my shyness and got me to date the hottest guy in school, Phil's protégé and work of art 'James'. Now, James was one of the sweetest guys I had ever met, he was always there 'swatting' other unwanted guys off my case, always saying the right words and even calling me 'beautiful', which was debatable to me.

Teachers had put so much hope and effort in me, hoping that I will be off to an Ivy-league someday, never doubting my capabilities of achieving; they had supported me in ever possible way.

So, you see now, my life can never be called 'subtle' by any means... neither could have the voice who had talked to me on the phone, could have foreseen what his words would be doing to me…

"Is this… um… Isabella uh… Swan?" A nervous man's voice stuttered through the speaker.

"Yes, this is she… who is speaking, please?" I asked uncertainly.

"Um… this is Officer Laurent Mathews. Are you the daughter of Renee and Phil Carter?" he asked.

"Yes, that is correct" I answered getting worried now.

"Miss Swan, um… there has been an accident…"

End Prologue