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And since I can't leave you with nothing… here is a small teaser from the next chapter…

"Edward, would you drop it! He wasn't unprofessional. He wasn't flirting. He did his job. And he was only being nice!" Bella snapped.

I rolled my eyes at her gullibility.

Being nice, my ass!

"Who was flirting with you, Bella?" Dad asked, as he took her blood pressure.

"Edward thinks that Dr. bad-comb-over, who did the M.R.I. just now, was flirting with Bella," Alice tells Dad, with a disgusted look.

The fucker did have a bad-comb-over…

I think the poor comb is still stuck there somewhere.

"You mean the old guy with the bad-hair-day?" Em asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Actually he's a young guy… but a bad-hair-decade is more like his case." Dad murmured under his breath, earning giggles from the girls and chuckles from the guys.

"Carlisle! That's not nice!" Mom chastised him, trying her best to stifle her smile.

"Bad-ass, Dr. Cullen," Emmett hooted, earning a glare from Dad.

"That guy has taped to his head what looks like something that was pulled out of a shower drain." Rosalie said in a calm voice, not looking up from filing her nails.

A chorus of "Ewww," and "that's disgusting," filled the room, making Rose look up.

"It's true." She shrugged.

"Bella. He was flirting. You can ask Jazz since he was there with Alice and I in the control room. He heard him," I said in a dead-serious tone. Jazz nodded.

"Edward, I'll be out in a few days! What will you have me do? Yell at him? Pull a tantrum to get another doctor? What?" Bella asked exasperatedly.

"Wear my ring," I said, and the room went dead silent.