The bright orange sun was rising steadily. The sky was red and the animals were waking up to the new day. In the background the lion king song could be heard...(sound of tape dying)

"TOBI! I'm gunna fuckin sacrifice you to Janshin-sama!"!

"Nooo don't hurt Tobi. Tobi is a good boy, Tobi can't die yet!"

"AAAARRRRG! So annoying! I'm gunna blow you up when we get out of this cave, yeah!"

"Fine with me, he stole ALL of my sake!"


"What do want for dinner? I'll buy anything as long as it's cheap."

"I WANT TO EAT YOU! You can't eat him, he's my friend!"

"Geez, boys are such idiots."

"If you don't shut up right now, I'll turn you into a puppet!"

"Like you could, yeah" (murmered)

"I heard that!"

"Bastards, aren't we meant to be killing someone? Janshin-samas gettin pissed."

"I have money to collect."

"Hm? Itachi, you look bored, wanna have some sake?"

"No, I am not an alcoholic."

"Tobi will have some sake! Tobi likes sake."

"Can we get another female member? It gets boring being the only girl."

"I'M GOING TO FIND SOME DINNER. what? But I'm not hungry!"

"So much for the meeting, Itachi make sure they don't kill eachother. Allright everyone dismissed!"

all: "YES!"


all:" Sorry leader-sama"

"I'm not sorry, bastard!"

The sun had finally risen above the clouds as the lion king song came to end... Until next time.