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Konan was not a very happy bunny.

In fact, Konan was a very angry bunny.

The reason/s for this were simple.

First of all, her so-called-boyfriend had the nerve to sell her off to the stupid alcoholic shark as a part of their bet. Secondly, the stupid alcoholic shark actually won the bet (even though he only won because Deidara blew up his precious sake before he could get to it.), which meant that he could boss her around and treat her like a maid for a whole, Pein-damned month. (Along with the rest of Akatsuki, but they're not important right now.)

From the moment Kisame became leader he had been bossing everybody around, giving them ridiculously easy/hard missions to do, making them do all the chores in the base (that usually get done by Sakura or some unlucky civilian who had happened to be nearby at the time that the Akatsuki wanted their laundry washed), and all sorts of other stupid little things that he could very well do himself. (eg. "You there! Get me the finest bottle of sake in the village, and bring it to me! …Oh and get me a gold bottle opener too, will you? – "...Fine, ya smarmy blue bastard.")

By the start of the forth week Konan, along with the rest of Akatsuki had had enough of being treated like a bunch of slaves, and so they were going to rebel and get their sweet, sweet revenge on the shark man as punishment. But then they remembered that he was the leader, and as leader, he could punish them however he wanted, which meant that beating him to a bloody pulp was probably not the best of ideas. So instead they decided to hide.

And what, might you ask, did they hide behind/under?

Why a giant, bright neon pink blanket of course!

"Oi, you fucking twat, why didn't we choose a red blanket instead? Or even better, black! Pink is such a pansy-ass colour!" Hidan half whispered half shouted at Kakuzu, who was glaring at the Jashinist with all his might.

"Shut up. I'm not going to the shop and buying you another blanket just because this one's pink."

"But it's too girly!"

"I don't care." Kakuzu ended the conversation by threatening to burn Hidan's necklace, and that was that…for those two.

"Ne, Ne, sempai, sempai! Why are we hiding?"

"Shut up, yeah." Looks like that fight was finished before it even begun.

Itachi watched his fellow criminals and silently shook his head in shame. Of course, Itachi Uchiha was far too bad-ass to hide under a bright pink blanket with the rest of them, and unlike them, he didn't even really need to hide at all seeing as Kisame had treated him as he usually did (with fearful respect of course.). And so Itachi was simply sitting on the sofa watching the others with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

Surely, specially trained ninjas with years of fighting experience such as them would know that hiding under a bright pink neon blanket in the middle of the lounge was most certainly not going to work.

If it were a battle field the group would be spotted from miles away.

Still trying to come to terms with how stupid his comrades could be, he decided to reach deep into the depths of heart and grab a small glowing shard of kindness and use it to help them out a little.

"You are trying to hide in the middle of the lounge."


"Damnit, yeah!"

"Stop shouting."

"Where's the closest sofa, Itachi?" Itachi gazed to the sofa right beside them, and then looked over to the one on the other side of the room and thought for a moment, and then, realising that his little glowing shard or kindness had been used up, he replied by saying-

"The other side of the room."

"Right then…we're going to have to move silently towards the other side of the room, got it?"

"Oi, what're you looking at me for huh? Shouldn't you be telling them that?"

"Whatever. On the count of three, everyone get on your hands and knees and start crawling." Itachi saw the blanket bob up and down as the group of ninjas nodded in union.

"1, 2, 3." And with that, the struggle began.

Kisame had been sitting on his spinny chair in his throne room (the throne room does have a throne, but the throne doesn't spin round and round, so the spinny chair would just have to do until he got Sasori to find him a spinny throne.) waiting for someone to answer the call of his bell for quite some time now…and no-one had come. Which meant that something was wrong.

Which meant that he had to find the others to tell them to find out what was wrong.

So off he went, marching down the long hallway and down the stairs three steps at a time until he came to the lounge.

And in the lounge he was met with quite the sight.

For in the lounge was a giant bright neon pink blanket, and under this bright neon pink blanket was a bunch of little hands and feet, bumping into each other and trying to walk forward, but failing and somehow walking slightly to the side instead.

Looking up at his partner Itachi, who was calmly watching the blanket on the sofa, Kisame took a quick and accurate guess of who was attempting to hide under the blanket and chuckled.

Itachi heard the chuckle, looked up and nodded his head at Kisame in acknowledgement, before going back to watching the show.

"So, I'm guessing that you guys have had enough of me, huh?" The blanket stopped in its tracks and slowly turned around to face him.

"Damn right we have!" Hidan threw off the blanket and pointed an accusing finger in Kisame's direction. "You've been bloody bossing us around like we're fucking dogs or something! Only Janshin can do that you freak! I swear I was just about ready to stoop to the point where I would've crawled around this place with a walky-talky saying "Jaws is on the move!" to Kakuzu and jumping out at you from behind and stabbing you in the back!" Kisame was just about to burst out laughing when Konan spoke up.

"If you think that what you had to do was bad, listen to this! He made me do the laundry! I've never seen so many blood-stained torn up clothes in my life! And I may be a ninja but I am still a girl, and torn, blood-stained clothes are exactly what makes a girl cry! He's a monster! I want my Pein back!" 'So that I can give him a good whack around the head…with a bat.'

And with that, Kisame burst out laughing and rolled around on the floor with tears in his eye.

"Oh God, seriously guys, I never thought you would last this long. I feel for ya', I really do, but that's what you get for separating me from my sake. Itachi got it, didn't ya'?"

"I simply thought you were being stupid." This made Kisame grin.

"Hehe Well, that was partly it. It's a lotta fun watching you all run around trying to find a golden bottle opener, you know? You should try it some time, being the boss that is."

"They will not."

"Pein!" Kisame laughed as Konan ran to Pein, grab his arm and glare daggers at him. He could just feel the 'I-am-so-going-to-hurt-you-when-I-find-my-bat' aura flying around her. Pein just coughed and looked at Kisame.

"I know that it was part of the bet but you have caused far too much chaos for me to allow you to continue being the Leader. I will send you on a solo mission later tomorrow as punishment." Kisame raised an eyebrow.

"A solo mission? I love solo missions, how is that a punishment?" Pein gave him his 'Don't push your luck' look. He may be Pein, the almighty God of the village hidden in the rain (hey look! A rhyme! :D), but that did not mean that he did not follow orders from other leaders. He too had fallen victim to a few of Kisame's orders. One of these orders were grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping! A God does not go shopping in public for vegetables! It is simply unacceptable! He did not care about the others, the punishment he was giving Kisame was for his own enjoyment.

"Your solo mission is to look after Sasuke and Naruto while Sakura is on a mission in Konoha. They have been very grumpy and protective of her lately. Most likely because she has been flirting with people on her missions to get more information on her targets."

OO…"…Crap. Fine. I'll do it."

"You didn't have a choice." Leader-sama smirked and looked down on his shark-like ninja soldier, then looked down on the rest of them who were trying to hide the pink blanket to get some dignity back.

He was God, the leader of Akatsuki, and he was finally back on top.

"Itachi, get me my banana."

"Yes Leader-sama."

Oh yes, it was good to be back.


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