Hi everyone, hope I didn't have you waiting to long for this. Brittany is a real person, she is my other best friend who will also be attending St. John's in New York with me, we will be dorming together. My stories may not come up once everyday because my friend Kevin will be editing it for grammar mistakes, except this one becuase he won't pick up the phone so I can have him edit it. Hope you like this one as much as the first. This is elfish.

The Life of Past and Future

Chapter one: Back to Basics

A young woman of twenty walked into the dorm room, her black hair fell to the middle of her back, the layers and curls made it look shorter, her brown eyes shined with mirth as she smiled at her roommate who was currently arguing with her lover.

"I don't give a damn if you're a elf! If you keep coming into this room without permission, I'm going to kick you in your Adam's apple!" A mixed girl of white and black and a bit on the chubby side yelled at the elf, her black hair flopping around in a ponytail as she yelled while her brown eyes shown with anger.

"Brittany, stop yelling at Nuada. He means no harm." The two glared at her, neither smiling.

"I don't care Melissa. He's pissing me off with this popping out of nowhere."

Melissa walked over and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Brit Brit, I love you and appreciate you as a human being."

Her friend laughed at the childish face her friend put on. The tension in the room lessened, completely evaporating when Melissa's cell phone went off.

"I'm going to work now, Hunny. I want dinner on the table when I get back," Melissa joked to Brittany as she started changing for a mission.

"Don't forget the milk this time then, Sugar."

"I won't, Hunny."


Melissa and Nuada made their way through the crowds towards the rest of the group who were making preparations to enter the building. Ear piercing chatter could be heard from inside the building they were going to enter. Manning was talking to the press, trying to explain the situation.

"Sup guys."

"Almost ninety thousand dollars on your education and you greet us like a street rat?"

"I missed you too, Abe."

Dr. Krauss clicked his metal heels to get everyone's undivided attention.

"We are entering a building filled with nymphs," Hellboy scoffed at the thought. "These nymphs are known for controlling children and using them to commit grotesque murders. This school has become infested with a large colony of them. We are to enter and destroy, any questions, no, good, lets begin."

(Elementary School 3rd floor)

Splatters could be heard every few seconds confirming the deaths of nymphs. Nuada frowned from the murder of his own kind. His love gave him a small smile, knowing how much it pained him to kill fae to protect humans.

"Nuada, they are abusing children." The simple comment caused guilt to quickly flash in his eyes before it turned to anger.

"Children of the creatures that are wiping out my people."

Melissa became angry and turned her full attention to her love rather than the mission they were supposed to complete.

"Excuse me! You cannot accuse children for what their parents have done especially because we forgot about your existence!" her voice rose, "Children are children, no matter what race they are! So don't you dare think the scars these children are going to have for murdering adults is justified because you're racist!" With that Melissa turned and continued her job.


An hour after entering the building the team started exiting, upset because of the serious shower they were going to need to wash off all the nymph juices. Nuada's eyes followed his love as she tried to find a way through the crowd without being attacked by the media. He approached her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"I am sorry my love, please forgive me for my selfishness."

She relaxed in his arms. "I forgive you." She turned around to wrap her arms around his neck. "Must you always know what to say? Can't I just stay angry with you?" Melissa nuzzled into his chest, Nuada smiled before making a disgusted face.

"You smell disgusting, girl."

"Shut up. You're ruining our moment."


Melissa and Brittany laid in bed talking to Shakayia over the phone.

"Nuada would kill me if I had a deep cut."

"So, who gives a fuck what he thinks? He's not your keeper."

"Besides, it's my wedding I get what I want."

Melissa laughed at her two best friends. Shakayia was letting Brittany design her maid-of-honor dress and both wanted it with a deep v, something Nuada would not be happy about.

"Baby, I love you, but Nuada doesn't like anyone seeing skin that should be for his eyes only. And my breast count under his eyes only."

"Ain't like you giving him anything," Brittany bluntly stated.

"Thanks for yelling my business to the world, Love."

"Wait, I thought I was Love?"

"No Shakayia, you're Baby. I'm Love."

"What am I going to do with the two of you?"

"Bitch, what I told you about that elf shit?"

Shakayia laughed hysterically as she heard the two girls start wrestling. Brittany finally subdued Melissa by sitting on her.

"What you going to do know?" Brittany asked. Then Melissa pushed Brittany's arm with her foot to get an arm free forcing Brittany to jump off.

"I'm sorry, I love you."

Melissa clutched her side as she laughed.


Melissa woke up as someone shoved her to the floor.

"Damn it, Brittany." She looked up to see Nuada smiling at her before his eyes darkened a bit.

"Why must the two of you insist on sleeping in nothing but undergarments?"

"Because it's comfy. Now come back in an hour, I'll be done by then."

"Wear one of the outfits I had made for you. We are going to the Troll Market."

(Troll Market)

Melissa's eyes sparkled as she spotted the shiny jewelry a vender was selling. She tried to walk towards it, but Nuada's grip on her arm stopped her. Melissa looked at her arm and then at their outfits before realizing that hers looked almost exactly like Nuada's silk clothes, but instead of blue, hers were red. Both had their spears strapped on their back, Melissa 's being smaller than her love's. Melissa smiled as she recalled the details of her spear: it was much like Nuada's except her handle was wrapped in a gold grip and the intricate design on hers represented the church in silver instead of gold.

"Nuada, is this the mutt we have heard of?"

The two stopped as an elf approached them. Melissa shrunk behind Nuada as she observed the creature. His skin was milk white, his hair darker than night, his body was more built than Nuada's. But his eyes were what really frightened Melissa. His eyes were pools of black surrounded by red. The drow peeked around Nuada to get a look at her.

"She is a tiny one, is she not?"

Nuada's face hardened as he addressed the dark elf, "Yes, but her power surpasses many. I'm sure her skills could even impress a Drow like you," sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"I have heard of her skills. Are you sure the elf in her is not Drow, rather than Grey?"

Nuada moved to block his view of her, "Why have you left your cave, Drow? You are infecting the area with your presence."

"I heard you would be coming. I wished to meet the fae who captured our former prince's heart."

Melissa walked around Nuada to look the drow in the eyes. "Hi, I'm Melissa. Now that you've met me, please leave." The Drow smiled ferally before he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"It was an honor, little one."

Nuada grabbed Melissa's shoulders and yanked her away from the drow before asking him, "Is there anything else you wish to say?"

"I was wondering about your former kingdom. I wonder, how long it will be before a new king comes to reign?" With that the drow left.

"Nuada, what is he talking about?"

"Nothing. Do not concern yourself with something that has nothing to do with you."


Nuada guided Melissa through the tunnels beneath the Troll Market. Small faes could be seen, but other than that the two were alone. The lack of light in the tunnel did nothing to hinder their progression as their elvish eyes were better than any human's. Melissa, however, was too busy clinging to Nuada to notice anything because the echo of a subway train passing in the distance and the ankle high water on the floor made her remember a scene from a horror movie she had seen.

To distract herself, Melissa asked, "Nuada, how many different types of elves are there?"

He turned his head slightly to look at her, "Why do you ask, girl?"

"Because there seem to be a lot of you. I've met a dryad elf, a whatever-Abraham-is elf, you and your sister, and then that Drow. I want to know how many other elf kinds there are."

Nuada looked forward and sighed before he explained. "There are six types, excluding half-breeds. My father was a High elf. High elves represent beauty and freedom. The elves you humans know the most of are the Sylvan and the Grey, though you portray them incorrectly: Sylvan are of the woods and Grey of the mountain. Avariel elves are of the sky, however, you humans often mistake them for angels. Athasian are of the desert, and the Srow are elves who have turned from the light."

"Oh, how do we portray sylvan and grey elves wrong?"

" You portray the grey elf in the habitat of the Sylvan, furthermore, Sylvan elves have slightly tan skin and yellow or copper-red hair, plus the eyes are the same color of humans: brown. These elves are known for their quick temper and slightly bigger build. Grey elves are known for thier silver hair and amber eyes or blonde hair and violet eyes. They are also the tallest and most slender of all the elves."

"You said your father was a high elf. What was your mother?"

"A Grey elf."

"With your attitude, I'd think Sylvan," Melissa whispered.

"What, girl?"

"Nothing. Umm, you said we mistake ava-something with angels?"

"Avariel. The angels that humans draw are portrayals of them: black wings and black hair or white wings with blonde or white hair. Those of the church are true angels, any others are avariel."

"And you never told me this in my lessons because...?"

"I never expect you to come across any of them. I only taught you of the faes you would meet and/or deal with."

"I hate you sometimes."

"I know little one, I know."


Golden leaves fell to the ground as ethereal creatures listened to the elders speak. They stood proud as they watched the elders discuss the problems occurring in their home. One of the beautiful creatures stood as he raised his voice.

"We cannot let ourselves fall prey to the dark ones! I refuse to leave what little light I have left fade away into the dark!"

"The seat is open and the line broken. We have no choice but to go to war until either they give up or we become slaves to a new king."

"If this is all the advice you can give our people, then I will do what I must to prevent our death on my own."

Hope everyone liked, I hope this story doesn't suck badly. The wrestling between Brittany and I was real, she called herself fat so I hit her, she hit me and we wrestled. I got the information of the elves from fantasy . realm of eidolon . Com, one word, they had seven but since the aquatic elf reminded me of Caitlyn I decided not to use it. R&R please.